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Tichozpytec Dec 2021
Hear the Greek gods laugh
On the top of Olympus
Watching life below
Sombro Oct 2021
What's the point of the stars if they only fly to mock us
To tell of a world beyond that thick blanket of night
A moon victory above them all tells of coliseums of the cosmos
A giant in a game we were never asked to play

The sun burns itself to nothing
And we catch the ashes, plant fields with its offcuts
Never tasting banquet, never knowing super nova
Alone in the dirt beneath life

Currents blow overhead, pushing ice and rock
As balloons let adrift, finding freedom in emptiness
While our feet only know tracks and fields, grass and mud
Life with food and sleep, not soul or poetry.

Crooked grow our limbs and we think ourselves mighty
Gangly forms dancing tiny
While great domes of landscapes given face
Smile at each other and speak

Venus, Apollo, Mercury, Hades
All principles in the sky, too graceful to be understood
And not wanting our foul tentacles of knowledge
To grip them, happy to keep away from

Us oily things.
No, I don't like being human
I don't like being
Persephone Sep 2021
She knew it was an apple
But she longed for a pomegranate
For then she could stay with him
And not feel ashamed
Jay M Aug 2021
It's strange
How the myths
Tell of reality in such parallel
Speaking, preaching of a greater force
When in fact that force is found within
When we truly realize the simple
Yet utterly complex truths

Nothing is set in stone, but in mind
We are in control of our own actions
Our choices domino, and affect others
Even in ways we could not possibly imagine

Life is the ultimate gift;
The fact of not knowing what comes
After we have passed on and our soul departs
Makes our lives all the more meaningful

The meaning of life
Is as simple and complex as that;
To breathe, to move, to learn,
To listen, to grow, and to know

Face the hardships,
Endure the pain,
Learn from failure
Learn from the pain
To become stronger
To become better
Than those before you

To create a better world
Or perhaps see what lies before you
Heal the damage that has been done
Heal the broken bones of the world
To regrow, to be stronger than before
For life to once again thrive
Just the way it should

- Jay M
August 27th, 2021
That is the truth of life that I have realized over time. Though I am young, I have learned much more about life than I realized.
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
Never to speak your words again (again, again, again...)
Punished for transgressions of Hera's man (man, man, man...)
So cruel is the heaven's queen (queen, queen, queen...)
jealous wife sure can be mean (mean, mean, mean...)

Poor Echo sentenced without jury (jury, jury, jury...)
An innocent victim of divine fury (fury, fury, fury...)
Deprived of voice, cruel price to pay (pay, pay, pay...)
Tortured by things that she cannot say (say, say, say…)
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
Oh, how strongly I am missing
Those simpler times when everybody would have listened
Oh, how tired am I
Of being ignored when the end is nigh
Oh, how much did I pay
For choosing chastity over Apollo's dark rays
Oh, how much will I suffer
From those evil hands that will treat me rougher
Oh, how evil gods can be
When mortals hurt their vanity
Oh, oh, oh
I wish I didn't know
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
**, **, hey sailor, quickly turn your boat
Come, come, come closer, so you can our hand hold
Yo, yo, love's waiting for you dear
Go, go, go forward or we will disappear
Row, row, row your boat, we want to take you home
Don't, don't, don't leave us, or our heart will turn to stone
Here, here, our lovely, you'll get everything you want
Oh, oh, our sailor, follow our lovely song
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
What have I done...
I curse thee, Nessus, for your evil wits!
Your wicked whispers deprived me of my Sun
His soul departed from the pyre Philoctetes lit
And I am the assassin that is to blame

I cannot live with this burden of my ******!
My body will soon, too, be engulfed by the purifying flame!
Thanatos, come, I won't delay our meeting any further
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
Weave and weave and weave
You shall never leave

We can start! here, behold my artistry!
Isn't that a beautiful tapestry?
Oh, I love me a captive audience!
Won't you agree that Athena never stood a chance?
Well? Don't you think?
Okay, okay, enough dilly-dallying!

Final rating! Five? Oh, how thoughtful!
I wonder why others think I'm awful
Must be those jealous songs that some bards sing
I know, times up! Now you'll feel a sting
Have to make you rest!
Hope you'll enjoy the visit of my nest!

Weave and weave and weave
You shall never leave
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
Shhh. Can you hear it?
People are cheering for my sacrifice
Well, okay, so be it
I absolve my parents of the upcoming filicide

Gods cursed me with my looks
They cursed my mother with sinful pride
Ignoring punishment for hubris described in books
She sentenced me to die

My youth won't save me
Gods won't be appeased by regret
It is, as it should be
The Fates have cut my thread

So, I'm going with my head held high
I give my life for that of my people
The sand has run out, the hour is nigh
I am not a goddess' equal
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