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alexis Jul 26
if i disappeared
would i become like echo?
the words on my tongue
fading into the wind,
my spoken words echoing around me
as i’m hallowed out by the silence.

if i disappeared
would i become like eurydice?
my ghost lingering behind my husband
who reaches the light with me not far behind;
only to turn and **** me.

if i disappeared
would i be come like icarus?
too stubborn and
in love with the sun-  
only to meet my fate into a watery grave.

—— if i disappeared would i too become a story? // a.
26. julliet 2020
9:40 am
Aer Jul 23
with ebony feathers being ruffled with the wind,
he perched on his little ledge, a morning routine.
silently, observing moments of the day
sitting unnoticed to the beings crossing below.
with their busy tones and headphones,
their feet making quick steps, never stopping to think,

he wondered.

do they enjoy missing moments like these?
as he pitied the humans who never even noticed
the little shadows leading, dancing at their feet
and the disappearance of the crow,
leaving only three tracks on the wall.
inspired by the mythological creature I encountered in a story, short and sweet to the ears.
Luna Jun 8
Crimson Carnations teetering in the porch
Along with the humid air of summertime.

Melodious tweet of cuckoo's at dawn
Stomach filled with hibernated butterflies.

I never believed in love at first sight
Cross my heart and hope to die.

But looking at you for the first time
Your mysterious eyes made me believe all the myths.

And all my hibernated butterflies
You make them wonder
"How it feels to fly!".
Path Humble Sep 2017
I believe in myths.

Every naturel blonde was first someone else.  By that I mean, she was known as Norma Jean, maybe Katy, in high school (see reincarnation below).

My teenage glory days, when I was the king of cool,
will revisit when I am 75 years old, the man-in-demand (wink), wearing his lucky wide cord corduroys and letting my man-bun,
all the way down, at the prom in the senior citizen home, getting lucky, say once a month...

God, yup, after all, he/she cometh to me regular-like,
when he needs a poet~father to take his confession,
and pays me most excellently for refusing him forgiveness,
with the most excellent poem suggestions or lesser valuable things.

Love at first sight, of course, happens to me all the time,
twenty, thirty times when I am walking home.  I tell ya, it's exhausting, the stress of living in the big city

Not only will I win the lottery someday,
will take down both,  Powerball and MegaMillions,
in the very same week the odds for which
there ain't enough zeroes in HP's servers. (See God, above).

Reincarnation. One time they Hale(d) and then hanged me (my "namesake") and I said: " I only regret, that I have but one life to lose for my country."  Well, the selfies all show oh-boy-o-boy, was I ever grinning and winking.

Only boys are bullies, girls get off easy, by getting called
just mean.

One day my city's teams will win the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals and the Superbowl all in the same year but only after I die and me, well, only after they will have buried me in Wyoming or France, just for spite, and nobody will hear me screaming.

My children will speak fondly of me even after they find out I died broke, well maybe not fondly, but they will most definitely call out my name, regularly.

After my demise, all the typoes in my poems will magically disappear.

All these good things will come to fruition, because I am a believer, and walked the humble path. The autopsy will also show that my tongue was permanently stuck to my cheek.
Moth Mar 23
Like hermes on a road
dusty sandals and robes
waving hello to travelers
they make their way home

Like athena in the library
nose in a book reading aloud
young children gather round
for knowledge to share

Like poseidon by the seashore
collecting shells and bobs
waving to the waves
as they wash on shores

Like apollo riding the sky
bringing light and joy
smiling like sunshine
and warmth like a hug

Like artemis in the woods
hunting in the forest
with little girls and curls
and flowers in their hair
Shannon Feb 28
devour the garden and the
sunshine and the rain, too,
with open-armed and tight-
jawed glory. my mirror is
cracked more each time i
look into it; my mirror is
slithering, silver liquid pouring
down my throat, thorny bird
of paradise curled across my
shoulders. your shoes don’t
fit me right. your scene isn’t
mine and i don’t have a scene
anymore and sometimes i regret
it. is the self-assured smugness
worth its weight in gold? am i
better now that i’ve stripped
myself of bracelets and ink and
leather? or i have i sacrificed the
essential for the sake of your
comfort, for you and your dignity,
for the neighbors and their
mouths? my mouth is inverted and
my smile is crooked and my teeth
aren’t quite together, but i’m tired
of straightening myself out for you.
Euphrosyne Feb 23
I'll be your hades
And you'll be my persephone
I'll love you unconditionally
In a world full of Zeus like mentality.

I Hades left my underworld domain
I rose to the surface after being restrained
And Persephone there in a field of flowers
So lovely was she I watched for hours
Her beauty there was none to compare
I hid as she picked flowers with care

I had to have her then I could not wait
Told my brother Zeus my love was great
We hatched a plan to trap my new love
Opened the earth beneath she fell from above
I rose in my chariot took her into my arms
She frightened told her I would not harm

I took her home with me underground
My horse’s hooves did fly and pound
I gave her jewels and pricely precious stones
Taking her hand begged to share my throne
I wooed her with words from my heart
But her being such a rare work of art

How could she love such a beast as me
Banished from above by the gods decree
Somehow her heart softened toward myself
I gained her love kept it high on a shelf
Married I made love to that alabaster skin
I took her sweet body from way within.

Her lips I did taste as much as I dared
She kissed me back she had come to care
But as happy as I tried to make her be
Her sadness resurfaced she longed to be free
I kept her underground in my palace dome
All the while saddened she wanted to go home

Demeter my sister did beg and cry
Her daughter she wept to see by and by
It broke my heart to see my lady love
Wanting so much to visit above
So I hatched a plan with Zeus my brother
I played a trick so she could love no other

I gave her a ripe pomegranate to eat
A deal I made and did so complete
I would allow her to visit the earthly realm
Even as it broke my heart I fed her whelm
But she could only stay for months of spring
In winter she would come back to her king.
Just like hades I'll love you unconditionally diane.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
We need to measure the diametrics
Of your ****** and body structure
The radius of your smile
The appearance of your eyes
The height of your forehead
The size of your nose
The straightness of your shoulders
The firmness of each breast
The contours of your stomach
The circumference of your waist
The curvature of your ****
Your thigh gap
Hip width
Knee symmetry
Leg taper
Hair growth
Navel shape
****** color
***** length
So we can
Make you
No thank you!
"Images of what the media believes are “ideal” women are everywhere—on TV, in movies, online, in magazines, in ads, and in video games. You may begin to believe that these images show what is normal. But the weights and body types of women you see in the media are not normal. Only about 5% of American women have the genetics to make it possible to look like these images. For most people, trying to look like these images can be unhealthy. It can cause depression, eating disorders, and low self-esteem." -- American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
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