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Isaac 3d
we bloomed then died soon after
I just needed someone to spoon, a catcher
as I was falling for another who found their lover
which was not me and you were my only sensible option
to numb my pain like nova cane
it was Leo season and I was vain
knew it was never going to truly work but in the present, I stayed
now you tell me you got a special someone
and I got the same
divisive silence as you realize I was playing game
I want to paint myself in cool hues and tell you how I am the victim
but while you were all in I was just skinny dipping
having fun under the sheets living my Piscean vision
Raven Feels Jul 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, inspiration: favorite book---Invisible Life In A Miserable Age version two :>

met her at the library
rasped the portrait in ancient poetry
booked her love in print of coffee calligraphy
vanished curses of September from the entire history
remembered eyes bared and fell at feet so complementary
one-eighty degrees the fine line supplementary
deviled angelic
marveled hurdled
seven freckles and stashed in memory
celebrates venus and mercury

                                                       ­                                     -----ravenfeels
I climbed up the third nearest hill
to watch the sun set,
on the day that you said
you love me..
Alone before sundown with time to spare.

I hoped to catch it amber and full,
on a hungry mid-cycle race all the way up there -
where exactly, I did not seem to care.
You disarmed me.
And on trial I were.

Alas my time wasn't worth it.
The sun hid behind thick layers of cloud,
the wind picked up and I could sense the rain coming.
It kissed me.
A bypassing train covered all other sound.

And to think I quite longed to hear this,
as if I didn't already know.
The forces of nature felt like an omen.
A warning,
against a tempting last straw.

Not sure how long I ended up sat there,
but Venus rose up to wish me goodnight.
If this is a test,
I’m determined to pass it.
An omen at half-light always means no.
Giant golden orb, primed,
the Scorpions tail delivers her blow
And I, in futile preparedness,
crushed between her barb and the centaurs insecure rage.
Unabashed love the second casualty
as Mars raised his sword 3 times and struck with Aries force,
a tsunami into gentle waters.
Later the fish, the fish in the whirlpool,
he chewed mercilessly,
he was not hungry for flesh but for innocence
and he feasted to corruption.
And I, with bitter hopefulness,
purged the fish through one way inverse fury.
Adrift at sea, the second god of war,
carried to lucent quartz shores,
captured the tsunami for his salvation, dragging her to the desert.
And I, all watery doggedness, laboured for her a thorny oasis
from which the second god of war was banished.
Whence fair daughter of Gaia in refined tenderness,
delivered the gift between life and language,
Blushing song of refuge.
Lake-wet and found forgiving,
patch-work body and pasture-raised pleasure,
rolling in the grass and basking in
bare-skinned clarity.
They were right, you are a fairy.

Water filled to the brim, may I drink from your fountain,
may I toss my pennies in,
and is a wish like a prayer,
or should I save my change for rain?
Filling puddles like copper lakes,
putting a snake in for Heaven's sake,
splitting my own rib and calling it mate.

When I first saw you it was just your reflection,
you caught my attention, doubling your beauty with your liquid presence.
I asked if I could come in and take a dip in your drip,
you nymphaeum of bliss,
and you said "Yes, yes but not yet.",
like the breath we share before a kiss,
like the moment before sunset,
like the bed unmade around our shapes,
like the ripples our forms in this pool radiate.

I must grow gills because you took the breath right out of my lungs.

Love me, Pisces, Venus smiles for us.
for my girlfriend
Raven Feels Apr 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, why does it seem like we abandon the other planets?:)

threatened on the nights

on the skeptic luxuries they ignite

other insecurities come to highlight

abandoning wants of dark carries that were once in hindsight

not sure if marvelous from the precious of the might hopes tied

clouds of mutual Venuses or Mercurys to collide

on backgrounds of relate of lonely to define

styling a vintage glass of polished wines

not a drink but the dime

not a dime but the inside

Mother of women
Locked in eternal sun gaze
Clouds raining acid
Wheel of wisdom spinning wildly
Will we win with Venus by our side?
Can the flow of mind start treating us kindly?
Oh, Neptune, change the river's tide
keni Apr 7
Monrise and sunrise
Their ubiquitous presence
in war  
in festivals
It's rage and it's freedom
to control and be controlled
no place to hide
a place to look
and you are in love with venus
across your heart and though your mind
but tell the god
you are the god.
Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never and I mean ever skip a song because of a childish intro!!!LISTEN TILL THE END:>

blame me for my blind eye

hesitant on the hearing not the see it dies

blame me on the reason

my last years gone depressed season

began so dull so dumb a childish try

turns out to be so **** hard to deny

drunk on the chorus that switches its motives

its so called focus

pleasant for the ear

a fancy for the crescent defeater

one with a furious raged demeanor

on the mind a wild falling pleader

thief of previous cherry symphonious instrumental feeder

to be a runaway to the arrogant feels a betrayal

when it absolutely sways the Venuses to the ultimate portrayal

to be so precious a part in the hallway gone crazy gone jealous

to be so malefic in the addicting becoming a bit waste of the Chellos

to be so lonely on the glared faults

on the failed dreams of filling constant thoughts

repressed upon charmed up lingering past fonts

plastered on the admit

flustered on the submit

a fine line between


savior a haven an unknown felon


killer a torturer soured up lemon

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