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c 19h
This is me deciding that I am with it
My arms are the ocean
Am the sea of troubles
Biding my time at your feet
You crush sand dollars but
Currency lies in unopened love letters and notes made of sand
This love falls apart in my hand
But I am birthing Venus
And this sea foam curls with my lips
I have snarled
And produced Beauty
My palms forgot how to smooth glass
And the water is glittering with fragments of you
But do you dare dive deep enough to see that you haven’t touched me?
I will not return whats left of you to the shore
I have taken whats mine and like I did with the foam like I did with the glass I will do to you
Turn something **** into poetry
The ocean isn’t forgiving so thank god I am not that.
more of a spoken word poem
Yaryna 2d

This winter I think about you, not about how it snows.

Not about which sweater is warmer to wear.

As a moonlight, you appeared on my threshold.

And why my life before you wasn't fair?

Read me as cards, spreading them on the bed.

Interpret my kisses as Venus's message.

You know, my name don't exist in those books that unread.

With you, there's lack of the air of a seamless atmosphere.

At night, the stars die away, falling over your shoulders.

From my skin, I wash away all the curses of others' hands.

Coin your name on my lips and do whisper,

That is me, your favorite of all pseudosciences.

Do not tell about me anyone except the Moon.

It's too intimate so that I live in someone else's head.

I am passionate and free in your heart, as Sagittarius constellation.

You're on my neck, like the chains of comets that are raspberries.

Promise, if I'm lost, you will be looking for me in your dreams.

In the labyrinths of the milky ways and thousands of solar years.

I will keep this magic in black and white pictures.

And once I will give it to universe forward for hundreds of centuries.
PoserPersona Feb 7
How sad the trees be
when winter comes as fall leaves
and the flowers die

What consolation
is Venus’s forsaken
yielding spring to rise?

For once staring death,
summer fastens by a breath
and the flowers die

Yet made to know doom,
trees tither the chance to bloom
yielding spring to rise
Tonight we touch the stars
Trail our fingers over mars
Yellow moon smiling
As we skid along
The highways of the mind
Wide eyed and blinking
Under light of Venus and
Spell of Night
The sounds of tiny footsteps patter the roof of the car.
We sit inside protected from the winter elements.
The frosty rain comes down more extreme
as time goes on.
I feel comfortable.
Safe while you’re in control.
You dazzle me,
Venus in the flesh.
The dove of my life.
The serenity of our drive collapses
With your screams.
The man in the window
Wrenches on the door handle.
Panic rushes through our bones.
Movement not at all possible.
I want to protect you, but what can I do.
The word drive is the only thing I can cry.
The man in the window.
The man in the window.
A Poem about something that happened that made me scared and feel weak.
EJ Lee Jan 9
Wondering though
Street by street
From plaza to plaza
All looking the same
But more beautiful than the last
Trying not to get lost
In the unending place
From here to there we go
Looking and looking
Until we find
What we are looking for
We jump and cheer
Thanking god
We did not get lost
Now all that is left
Is finding our way back
Arianna Dec 2018
"... gazing upon the Morning Star,
wondering whether you see it too,
although we are so very far

Imagining how bright my Morning Star
must shine there
as your Evening Star,
radiant at dawn
and luminous at dusk

⸺ Heralding day and night at once! ⸺

Does our Star know what it means to us?

And it's in these moments:
My mind wanders into thoughts of you,
Yet farther into dreams of you.

And I wonder: Are you dreaming too?..."
How fitting this star should be Venus in disguise. ;)
katie Nov 2018
oh, saturn
won’t you loosen up
and let your worries go?

how he thrives,
on the pain and power
of those weaker

the balance lost,
and the love was gone
like a bittersweet symphony

i swore it was love,
but the pure agony
was sorrowful poetry

still he said, “venus,
won’t you give me all
and every piece of you?”

but i refused,
because who would i be
if i forgot the essence of me?
venus and saturn; how she loved him unconditionally
she remains anon Nov 2018
An astronaut,
sad and alone.
Came from below;
land of unbeknown.
To take a chance
ask Venus to dance.
Man tends to forget
about what they once loved
especially because they never look up above.
With all her glory and lavender light,
distracted he was
from his infamous flight.
And blissful as ever,
down he fell
bid her farewell.
The universe, it works oddly
a man in love
falls with his whole body.
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