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Eleni Oct 6
What reassurance did you plant in my mind?
The Garden was not as green as my eyes did justice.

Each time I looked at you- I was astounded.
When our bodies were one- I was grounded.

I would have happily sunk then and there
And became a bejewelled ship wreckage;
Topaz and emerald jewels for poor ghouls,
The shape of us become fossilised;
To be discovered by adventuring romantics.
Eleni Oct 6
Head on the ground.
Not much to see within
this hollowed body,
Swerving around
in the passage of a vacuous aorta.

One look of you-
and my stomach is upside down.
Loud retinas processing
a radioactive image of
heat and danger.

To this Hell, I am bound
if I continue speak and stare.
Hiding in silence is unnervingly peaceful;
until I touch one thread
of your reckless web-

and begin playing
a mind cassette
of the many times
I washed his feet with my hair.

Only to find that
the saviour was a fragrant sinner.
Eleni Aug 30
Some escape, I could pleasure-
For having grieved my obedient self;
A girl to be moulded to have a mind
As narrow as her waist and
Regret not having tasted the sweet fruits
Nature does grant by human rite.

In my weary hours of death
I find myself, petrified, through slow glass-
Shifting and shaking through cruelty.
Heaving and hurling through naivety.
The frozen image of terrified marionette
Who's stare pierces me with a frosty vignette.
Eleni Jul 31
I could be wrong
to assume a nymph
lies sub rosa; her *******
Folding over the sharpness
of ribs, flesh waiting to
be kissed and ravished.

My stomach a
green enveloped almanac,
to the pursuits and ends
of truth. A truth that
comes from an unreliable
narrator seeking anguish.

But to punish himself
is to carve hollows
in my skull and chest
And feed my decrepit organs
with jealous ghouls
and conspiring goblins.
Eleni May 20
My strawberry kiss
stains your lips so scarlet
But brace your touch
to the thorns of the blackberry bush.

Excitingly simple it seems
when the fuchsia's pollen is filling
The air with cherubs, holding
a scent that pierces the senses.

Nature grants its deuteronomy
sprouting freedom to masses of
Timid children who misunderstand
the fangs of a snake's bite.
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