We all gifted by a
Treat (him)
Like a
Keep training him

And always be ready to take a
Any chance
As you increased your trainings
You will be surprised by
The chances that you might
The music at the party is pumping.
All the teenagers are     jumping.
But I only hear  my  heart  thumping.
Alone   on the sofa and   slumping.
Stewing in   solitude,   a dumpling.
Starting to   disintegrate,   crumbling.
I feel a disturbance,   a rumbling.
I reach for my phone, I'm   fumbling,
For a text, a call,        something,
Anything to enhance   the    numbing.
I rise from my perch,  stumbling  .
I  collidewithsomepeople, they're grumbling.
Now I'm    falling  out  the  door,   tumbling.

People are laughing, tutting frowning.
They see me on the ground, but I'm
                                                             ­   drowning.
I sing to my captor through the bars,
But all he does is mock me, mimic my song,
Trapped, ensnared, fortified.
I have not yet learned to fly
But I have not yet yearned to die:
There is still time to hope, to dream, to fail.
Time has allowed me to realise many a thing,
Like the key that I clasp and the lock that it fits
Just. Out. Of. Reach.
Time has allowed me to reflect,
Like the mirror that shows me my captor,
Previously a window, now a truth.
Just. Out. Of. Time.
One day I'm a knight,
and the next,
I'm a princess

Transition, Transition

One night I'm a queen,
and the next,
I'm a king

Transition, Transition

Or perhaps a dragon
at dawn,
and a fairy
at dusk

Why is it like this?
Why must my brain change?
Transition, transition,
that is all I can say
Laura Friloux Jan 10
What the hell is wrong with me?

I pretend everything is OK.

I want everything to be perfect.

But instead, I always mess it all up.

I'm so done with pretending.
I have entered into your world and walked inside your shoes. Your life is bitter and full of hope in choices you don't choose. You waste away from day to day and intake death for nourishment. You pray to god and Beg politicians to control your president. You watch the news, you pick and choose to notice certain issues. You bite the dust, you do not trust that anyone will miss you. What have you did while you have lived that aids in separating, the millions more, I must implore, that are doing the same thing?
Fucking Americans
My mental health
Has always been a see saw,
That likes to tip me up.

But now I’m slowly starting
To even that see saw out.

The rocking contraption has always
Pushed me to the floor,
Held it’s legs extended,
Then bounced me to the air.

My see saw mind has struggled
Creaking and teetering side by side,
But slowly, my tipping mind

Has begun to

No longer are there these rushes,
That make me scream and cling

But both pairs of my feet,
Have found the ground.
And I’ve let this quiet bobbing begin.
Neo Nov 2017
"Anything" we said
For you,
& in undying infatuation
I hold my word

Your promised "Anythings" turn to "nothings" lately
Your kisses, rushed to end
Your talks, short & everywhere
What ever happened to anywhere?
Perhaps I am overthinking!
I'm aware they often tend to take what's good for me & make it out bad

These Thoughts.

But aren't you the one that wanted one?
My carnal mind,
Locked up for fear of repeating past sins
I hid this side for a reason.
You told me you wanted this freed
Well now, darling, he tortures me with "anything"
& I can't seem
To tame this wild beast, see?
With more of my love ever-growing,
He wants you.
So why did you want him free
Muddling up my mind with unsweet "anythings". Was I
Reefing him out of my darkest seas
So he can blame you while he crushes me?

I never liked this side
But I give you "Anything"
& I always figured I'd give you my pain
I guess I also partly assumed you'd notice it.
Unreciprocated? Over-thought? Or am I simply going insane?

I heave them: Silence
But unlike the others
He does not work at hurting me through me,
Through things that I have done & have let made me. No.
He, villainous,
Hurts me through you
What you don't do.

Well unlike him, I am very patient for you darling
So I will leave him free for your pleasure.
Yet, in the meantime, I have to ask of you this. Please.
Because now, be that as it may be temporary,
our infections have to slumber in separate rooms
& textbooks conclude we meet on separate moons
So darling, will you talk to me soon?
Before he brings my fear come true
& finds a way for me, to use
to lose you.
"These Thoughts" = Intrusive thoughts
"He / carnal mind" = a darker, more sexually obsessive personality
"Infections..." = Both partners are ill & can not sleep together or in a shared space
Seema Nov 2017
Who is black?
Who is white?
Rip apart each skin
And find the buried sin
Everyone is  same
Regardless of name
With no skin
Stands one color only
Now who is holy
Mix them up
See from above
No black
No white
No brown
No light
Just unified red
May be God was color blind
A monochrome shield lined
Shades of black, grey and white
One of the reasons why, humans fight
Our physics is same
Yet, color biased shades shame
Literate are we, which part of mentality
Its a total opposite, grieves to insanity...

Love  and Fear became closely identified from the start.
I don't think I've had an activity Without Fear
That didn't involve some form of learning.........
Something Intellectual
I guess that's the Jewish Curse?
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