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Christopher Oct 21
I fell off and got up.
I ran away and found more junk.
Nothing's ever fixed and corrected because there's always more problems than what you expected.
But will you understand?
Will you cope?
Or will the chains of past have the last laugh when you made a promise to say no more?

Can these patterns continue or will there be a change?
It seems to me you have an understanding,  yet you act so deranged and estranged.
It's worse than our lockdown,
Yet that gave me more answers then than now.
It's like finding the rhyme to orange and then more and more words begin to pour and overflow, overload, self implode
Then no more...

There's an understanding to our problems and it's like a conspiracy,
We fear it in theory but really is it worth believing?
It's not complex as you think,
But it's not as easy as turning off the sink.
We find ourselves fighting more with our thoughts than the ******* government on what we can and what we cannot.

Understandings cannot be prevented, so fly with it and seek more truth. Otherwise you'll be nothing more than a buffoon. And that's on you...
Covid seems bad, but has shown us our ugly.
Christopher Oct 21
They say self care is a main
To prevent you from becoming insane.
So let me lie back and figure it out.

Might take a smoke to or two,
Just to help the view.
Let's dive in deep and think of the sneak leek we seek like in a Disney channel movie.
There's a party and we're down barely floor one.
Let's check it out.

These Sirens are blaring yet we all dance along.
It's something they're all used to dancing around.
Call it my song or call it my calling,
It's a ******* Siren Party.

Where or where have you gone?
It's been 3 months long enough.
It's time to be more than alone.
I'm not alone I got and him and I.
We party like nothing's gonna change.
Grab a cup, kick back, have a drink of the extinct.

There's so much banging at the door yet I dont bother to answer.
It's a party in here where nothing ever changes.
Not even the moves we make or the things we faced.
We're just more laced.

These Sirens are blaring yet we all dance along.
It's somethings they're all used to dancing around.
Call it my song or call it my calling,
It's a ******* Siren Party.
We are aware of your precense yet we treat it like covid...
Don’t you get it?
I can’t stop
I can’t stop running it through my mind
Replaying moments every time
I’ve tried once, I’ve tried a thousand times
I can’t just stop

Don’t you think I’ve tried?
Every piece of advice is just adding salt to my wound
Cheer up, snap out of it, relax
Like I’ve never tried giving myself the chance

So understand,
My mind isn’t like yours
No matter how hard I try
The thoughts just seem to multiply

I can’t stop
I can’t snap out of it
All I ask is for you to understand it
Our mind, our world.
They all have a funny way of getting to us.
Pride, karma, unfair.
What do they have over us?
Words, actions, thoughts.
Come from humans so, are we the problem?
Or is our mental state?
Depression is just in our head.
Huh. Thought it would be better to say what’s going on in our mind.
People don’t know.
People don’t see.
Is it really our job to tell them what they already think?
They only see what they want.
The lone kid at school is weird.
The smart girl is a know it all.
“Maybe they have a bad mental state!”
How in the world does that make sense?
But wait it gets better...
Trust, commitment, communication
I Guaranteed one out of five people got a rush of anxiety reading that last line.
But for what?
Two words.
Their past.
But hey,
The funny thing is it’s all in our mind.
This was low key just a rant but I feel meaning behind it.
My mind's a jungle
With wonders beyond belief
Beware the tigers.
Sometimes, I live in the mind so long that I can't get out of it. I overthink things until it becomes a big ball of anxiety. For what? No idea. I don't know if it's an anxiety disorder causing it or genetics, but it's something.
Moving Mountains Long, No Wrong
Through the Death Valley, Storms of Sands
Through the Death Valley, Shadows of Death
Through the Death Valley, Songs of Trouble

Moving Mountains Long, No Right
Through the Death Valley, Fighting Temptation
Through the Death Valley, A suicidal trip
Through the Death Valley, Fear till Conquered

Moving Mountains Long, No More Tears
Through the Death Valley, Breaking Bricks
Through the Death Valley, Plastering Staff
Through the Death Valley, Obligation of Stomp

Moving Mountains Long, No More Bruises
Through the Death Valley, Scared for Life
Through the Death Valley, Dagger for Vice
Through the Death Valley, Feast for Rice

Bands in Width, Distractions in Length
Lands of Fire, In the Hands of the Broken Waters
Fear of Heights, Bravery of Fights
A Beast's Demise, No Savoury in My Steak

Season Transition, Flu's & Coughs
Summer, Sunny & Lazy, yet Energetic
Winter, Grey & Cold, how sad
Autumn & Spring, so neutral tempo, Silly as Boom Bap, they Claim
Chilly as Cold, Hot as Chilli
Silly as Bold, Bold as Wil-LY
Filled, yet ******
empty, yet tasty.

Creepy as Smart, Crazy as Lazy
I'm Insane, the QUESTION is,
are you?
The pain and sorrow we all go though is the Emotion,the physical is just a Minor, like pleasure.
The Major deal is, do you have soul for the path you choose to walk?
Some people have a jungle mentality.
They say if we lived in the jungle
the strong would dominate the weak.
But this isn’t a jungle
it’s so far from the jungle it’s impossible to say
exactly who the strong and the weak are
when there are so many variables
and the society we live in
dictates the skills and attributes we acquire.
Yet some people try to turn society into the jungle
because they think they’d thrive there
but their jungle doesn’t have trees
it has chimpanzees cut off at the knees
nor does it have a sustainable ecosystem
it has concrete walls and steel bars
where they beat the small and leach the large.
The ape beating its chest the hardest
hoards all the bananas
while its shrewdness starves.
The only jungle it resembles is Upton Sinclair’s
but before that jungle can be realized
they have to plant the jungle mentality in our minds.
I want an inception,
Where a dreamlike state,
Will cross several layers.

I want to be confused,
A confusion which will,
Take me back to the birth of the earth..
Plank wall,gravity,no time.
A few bubble...
I want to hold one of them,
And let it be large enough,
To accommodate a man.

I want to leave the world,
To live in a single world.
I want to be alone...
Tizzop Apr 13
fellowship of doom
rivers loaded with the dead
memories of being fed with a spoon
mental illnesses to be spread

his name is rainbow goon
you find him in levels of twisters
within the thoughts of his sisters
within the fear of his brothers

shattered memories friendships
nobody knows when his end is
right now rainbow goon is writing
on his black arms with white ink

rainbow goon rainbow goon
greed in the eyes of the noon
his face looks like a cartoon
multicolored iris and speed

mentality of hate and rage
fate of a mutant heavy body
every being has a story
rainbow goon rainbow goon
Today is a good day.
When the volcano erupts
they blame the gods,
it's a common theme.

Blood thirst is contagious
as one and all turn to
homicidal maniacs.

Witches, thieves,
philosophers, princesses.
Burn, stab, bludgeon, maim.

See here! The winds
of change bear arms.
Fear and loathing have no friends.

A prima facie they call an act of war.
But cold-blooded ******
is the criminal de facto.

Heathens in chaos
can offer no justification
for unsacred slaughter.

It's methodical
and evil as the Tempter.

A flag to hatred
when they'd given allegiance
upon the heads of their children.

And so, the sins pass from father
to son, mother to daughter.

The acquired taste for blood
will one day claim them too.

These very same kids
will smoke mom and dad
with the same zeal and spite
they butchered the collective royalty.

Barbarism begins at home.
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