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Rich Oct 25
I need you in my life, baby

The only productive addiction in my future is to your proximity

A decade of scattered sorrows is but an aching blink when I’m with you

You manifest what I could never say or feel without the fear of exile

Rom-Coms hold no candle or wick to our story

Proposals would only seem like trivial when it comes to you and I

We’re closer than nostalgia and episodic memory
closer than gods and their devotees
closer than the dawn and dusk
when nine to fives carry you through a day

Yet despite our bond
only I can hear you, see you, feel you, think you

So with baited breath I speak your name, or at least what you are known as:

Shadow Dec 2021
Rivers surge throughout the valley
The grey of the clouds engulfs any light
But in a moment all is clear
And has calmed
Until again
The storm takes hold of the valley
An endless cycle of chaosity
stillhuman Sep 2021
I lay
as the colours of the world
spin around
This state of mind is poison that you ingest on your own
Kamila Aug 2021
Sometimes you change
And so does your mentality.
You ain't recognize your taste,
Unfollow pages, cause now they bring anxiety.

Sometimes you change
And not only location,
But also people that you place
Around yourself, it's called prioritization.

Sometimes you change
And ain't making same decision.
New choices you now make
Do set new course and clear your vision.
Pseudonymous S Jun 2021
I forget to breathe.

At all times,
My mind is a cesspool of
Whirling thoughts
Intrusive desires
Violent emotions

When it all becomes
Too much
Too little

I stop.

That is.

If I’m suffocating
Dying of oxygen depletion
Writhing in decaying misery
As my brain shuts down,

I find silence.


But then,
Comes the time when I must
breathe again.

Refocus my eyes,
Halt my blind stare into the void.

Resume my breath.

And smile.

For I know,
That if I’m gone too long
If I fall into the nothing

Then I might dissociate forever.

And there are far
Too many beautiful things
To sacrifice
For peace of mind
And an
Empty head.
Ces Mar 2021
The desire for belonging,
The need to run away from isolation
The origins of insensitivity

This is the mentality of the bully

What is normal is confused with
Desirability, goodness
Herein is the soul
Of the tyrant.
Jonny blaze Jan 2021
I miss it I miss who I use to be
I am not the monster depicted to be
This world is sinister but there are good people out there I like to imagine one of those people out there are me
Adopted to these trenches this is my habitat
We cannot control our lives as children and where we are forced to grow up at
All we can do it adapt to our surroundings as it molds up into who we are made out to be
The demons in my closet I try to keep locked away sometimes are able to gain control and get the best of me
Majority of you couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes let alone half a mile in my slippers
Strong willed but a lone wolf the wrong decision would get most of you in a world of pain if not killed
Crazy thing though I like the pain I like the animal I have become how do you explain pain to an monster like me who has become completely numb?
Chaos is my destiny
To bring hurt brings me joy
How to you make a peace keeper out of someone who only has one objective and that’s to destroy?
Abigail H Jan 2021
What might I do
help me

My head is spinning
Isn’t this sinning
Why am I grinning
If it’s wrong
I’m plagued
Moral confusion
obsessive delusion
mental exclusion
From the truth

my moral compass
should always point north
But I fear the magnets broken
My thoughts have been invaded
With a brand new mindset

It’s the new vs the old

Both sides fighting for superiority
In this brain
They’ve reached a stalemate
The decision is mine

I don’t know what to do anymore
What to think
What to feel
How much of it was ever real
Have I been lying to myself
This whole time
The line in my mind of right and wrong
muddled in a puddle of grey
How far is going too far
I can’t see
I’m scared to go forward

The unknown has an allure
Should I delve into it
Go despite my better judgement
take a step that’s
Closer to my destination
And farther from where I should be
What about the consequences?
My family who leads me in the right direction?
I’m confused
Help me

Make a decision
Question it

It goes on and on and on
Why won’t it stop

insert maniacal laugh/mental breakdown

It seems I still don’t know what to do
Isn’t it just hilarious
I amuse myself
My head is aching
I feel as if i’m splitting in two
I’m falling apart
If I just ignore it
It’ll go away

I want to cry but I’m not weak
I’ll be strong minded until I break
I’ll never let anyone know
That I want to break down sometimes
But not for long
I’ll be strong enough eventually
I’ll go numb

Then I’ll laugh as I step on everyone
Then they’ll cry
How pathetic

bleed from the inside out
Die 10 times over
Be ripped apart in every direction
I’ll keep laughing
For it’s all I will be able do
I’ll be numb
I can’t wait
Hooray for a failing moral compass am I right? No? **** it.f
Rezium Oct 2020
I fell off and got up.
I ran away and found more junk.
Nothing's ever fixed and corrected because there's always more problems than what you expected.
But will you understand?
Will you cope?
Or will the chains of past have the last laugh when you made a promise to say no more?

Can these patterns continue or will there be a change?
It seems to me you have an understanding,  yet you act so deranged and estranged.
It's worse than our lockdown,
Yet that gave me more answers then than now.
It's like finding the rhyme to orange and then more and more words begin to pour and overflow, overload, self implode
Then no more...

There's an understanding to our problems and it's like a conspiracy,
We fear it in theory but really is it worth believing?
It's not complex as you think,
But it's not as easy as turning off the sink.
We find ourselves fighting more with our thoughts than the ******* government on what we can and what we cannot.

Understandings cannot be prevented, so fly with it and seek more truth. Otherwise you'll be nothing more than a buffoon. And that's on you...
Covid seems bad, but has shown us our ugly.
Rezium Oct 2020
They say self care is a main
To prevent you from becoming insane.
So let me lie back and figure it out.

Might take a smoke to or two,
Just to help the view.
Let's dive in deep and think of the sneak leek we seek like in a Disney channel movie.
There's a party and we're down barely floor one.
Let's check it out.

These Sirens are blaring yet we all dance along.
It's something they're all used to dancing around.
Call it my song or call it my calling,
It's a ******* Siren Party.

Where or where have you gone?
It's been 3 months long enough.
It's time to be more than alone.
I'm not alone I got and him and I.
We party like nothing's gonna change.
Grab a cup, kick back, have a drink of the extinct.

There's so much banging at the door yet I dont bother to answer.
It's a party in here where nothing ever changes.
Not even the moves we make or the things we faced.
We're just more laced.

These Sirens are blaring yet we all dance along.
It's somethings they're all used to dancing around.
Call it my song or call it my calling,
It's a ******* Siren Party.
We are aware of your precense yet we treat it like covid...
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