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I thought it'd be fun.
Then as time marched,
And the minutes evolved into hours,
You became more and more unraveled.
With each accusation,
Each ******, and broken finger point,
Each hesitant choice,
You untie the knot
You've so carefully spent
Your entire life
Trying to tie.
Maybe if you stopped hanging about
Like a broken string tied to a ceiling fan
We could band together and become the rope
You can use to drop this terrible anchor
Forcing you under.
Dani Jan 2
This is not a request
It is a demand for the best
Sent on a quest
To find the passion between my *******

Do not quit
Nor throw a fit
My desires remain unsplit
Here I am with all my wit

There I go
With passion in tow
Running like I did years ago
Here I go quickly, although

Awoken by reality’s lewdness
What a serious crudeness
Why does reality have such rudeness
Leaving me with nothing, but nudeness

***** and confused by reality
The truly cruel world of fatality
Designed to live to die, another mortality
We live without living, Is this really our mentality?

Something needs to budge
So don’t look back holding a grudge
Put our world on trial with a ruthless judge
We need reconstruction here to rid the sludge

Let it out, all that is wrong
Speak it loudly, this may be long
A trial of the world just chugging along
Not noticing we lost all that is strong
Eat, sleep, work, repeat..... WE AREN'T "LIVING"
Syra-rose Dec 2018
He was strong…

He was more of a soul than a mind
For that, most people thought he was always behind
Little did they know, that without compassion
All success in life would burn then ashen

He believed in strength: of heart, body and soul
“That of the mind would come on its own”
They thought all that mattered were a set of grades
And the millions of degrees set on walls for decades

“Such a silly game,” he often reflected,
“Chasing after fogs and lost dreams – dejected.
Though how much would they give to feel any emotion
Anything to evade, to escape, the commotion?”
Does anyone else feel like people now are so focused on getting degrees to the point where the best years of life just fly past them?
Shie Dec 2018
Understanding can never be easy
even in the simplest things
It never was

When you thought you already do
It can turn out that you don't, not even to the slightest

When a person laughs
Sometimes, it doesn't necessarily mean they're okay
Inside, there is still this never ending battle they can't win
A daily grueling that keeps creeping in
An autoimmune of a nation,
why are you letting your wrath
stemmed from crisis
burst open like lysosomes?
Why do you digest
yourself and one of your own?
Don't you take pride
when the one who has the same
nation weaved on his skin
uplifts the wavering flag of your land?

Why would you mute
and suppress them
rather than water them,
like the beautiful nature that
blooms from your own ground?
Why would you steal
and harm your brothers and sisters,
letting your mentality succumb
to toxic-narrow confinements?
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
I have two faces, but I'm not two-faced.. just wait and I'll explain. Bipolar is my mental state.. in which I try to maintain. I'm either up or down, no in-between.. I have the highs and lows. Stressful situations weigh heavy on me.. my mind in need of repose. Black or white, no grey in sight.. not a happy medium to find. It's severe depression, or manic aggression.. or possibly both combined..

Kayla M
Stereo Joy Nov 2018
You’d think that when your life flashes right in front of your eyes
That it would be just that

A flash

But no, it goes on longer
Longer that the flash of the headlights that had almost hit you
Longer than the short life you’ve lived thus far
Long enough to teach you that you haven’t taken life in your direction

“Choose the ones you love”
“Choose your future”
“Choose life”

The ******’s monologue in its theatrical delivery pulled you out of the anxiety
So you drive home
Physically unharmed
Emotionally rewired

Choose life
Suppose I’ll have to change it?
I was almost hit this night by a drunk driver. Thank **** a collision was avoided.
Strawberry Oct 2018
It must be beautiful to not be jealous
To just feel happiness
And joy for others
Not that small pain
In your stomach
The little shocks
In your brain
The ache
In your heart
Help me please
Or I'll have to leave
My brain won't ease
I don't know what to believe
dessa Oct 2018
my father told me not to date black boys
one day while eating supper
and i couldn't help it, i had to ask why
he looked at me with seriousness in his eyes

he told me that the black boys he knew
did everything they wanted to
and if that meant they wanted to hurt me
then that's just what they'll do

i was confused so i asked my mom
if what he said was right
she sighed and said that it would be better
if the man i wed was white

i shook my head and told myself
that, after all, we were an asian family
running through our veins and out through our acts
the culprit, colonial mentality

i huffed and went in my room
as agitated as ever
for the information i held back
was that my current crush was black
Yes, this really happened to me. My parents aren't the best models of equal treatment, but I understand their good intentions of wanting to keep me away from harm.
Stark Oct 2018
Wealth drips from the fingertips of the rich
They languish in the materialism of the good life
Living out heaven on earth

The rumble of an empty stomach echoes through an alley
***** and homeless, people crawl to their tents
living to starve another day

Flashing lights brighten their already made faces
As they step carefully out of the limousine
Greeting the crowd with a wave, they enter through double doors
Ready to make a dramatic entrance

They sneak a sandwich through their ratty sleeve
As they wander through the convenience store
Desiring the things they cannot purchase
Alarms ring in their arrest

Bubbling champagne fills them with giddiness
Socializing with the friends that stick around for the money
The wealth that you have
And that they want

Waiting for your release
From this empty, pitiful cell
They stare at the wall,
Marked with the days until release into a life worse than before

As they head home, you realize
Is this a life worth living?
With fake friendships
And worthless objects surrounding you

As they uncuff you, you realize
Is this a life worth living?
With poverty at every open door
And no future to look forward to?

They both rush to the brooklyn bridge
Poised for the rush of bone-chilling water to fill their lungs
But as they look out at the city
The bright lights spell out:
The system is broken
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