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Eleni May 7
It drains me
to drain myself
And train my body
to be someone else.

Smiling through
watery eyes
Concealing hues
with cosmetic lies.

It chains me
to chain myself
And pains my body
because I am not myself.

Laughing at
my successful mistakes
Sexing away
the heavy stakes.

It strains me
to strain myself
And search for my body
within myself.
Emrullah Mar 26
Teachers have too much power.
Hour after hour telling us to give in
to society.
Not creating leaders.
Not teaching us to save humanity.
Simply, slowly, silently killing our sanity.
No variety.
Personality and mentality should be the top priority.
Allen James Mar 12
I have been offered the position of a Poet,
In the office high above the fields
where my ripe and ***** heart
has labored carelessly,
And the daily quotas of insecurity
were nowhere to be met.

I've worked hard for this promotion,
And even harder to decline it.
I'm trying to act like a normal person.
I'm trying to act like my mentality is stable.
I'm trying to act like I am happy.
I'm trying to push away depression.
I'm trying.
I'm getting nowhere.
Is my trying good enough?
Our am I not trying hard enough?
awknight Feb 4
Fear lingers the air
A rush of emotions
my guard was down
safety in the plush maroon
blanket shrouding my tear-filled face.

I have begun to escape the bliss
I have seen the bad in myself
I have seen that you see them too

I am no longer the epitome of your
perfection, you scrape across me
with your saddened eyes

You see the flaws I let seep from my shell
The labyrinth of my mind invited you in
but you got lost
slamming against the walls
an anger is misunderstanding
an angst in the unknown

I wish I could calm the tempest
that has found home in your temples
veins arise in anger and lack of oxygen

my dear, I used to be your breath of fresh air
now I am toxic waste
flooding your system
only to drown you in the short comings of
Suicide is not an option
Everything has to be done with caution
Be it wrong accusation or depression
Taking your life will reduce our population
Believe me, all you need is affection
Speak to someone who'll relieve you of your oppression
Who'll give you nothing but compassion
You may need trust and care in addition
When facing life challenges and tribulation
Take not suicide for a compensation
Try to have a little comprehension
Of the afterlife using your discretion
And also have a little conversation
Involving you and your intuition
Considering suicide may be as a result of impression
Or thought in abstraction
Or even to punish a relation
No matter the condition
It doesn't worth your life as a rendition
If you do plan of taking this action
I beg you take this into consideration
And do a bit of cogitation
That suicide is not an option
Though, it's taking it toll on the nation
Leading many to quick expiration
My fella, suicide is not an option
Try to do some reconciliation
And make sure to somebody you mention
To get your mind in a good position
Or perhaps it might change your situation
And set you in a new direction
Again I say suicide is not an option
Take this into admonition
That your afterlife may as well be in inversion
That live each day with vision
Devote smile to your face a portion
Do activities in admiration and jubilation
And in you life begins a resurrection
Thereby killing the ulterior notion
And also averting a possible perdition
Because suicide is never an option.
MNDFL Jan 20
I thought it'd be fun.
Then as time marched,
And the minutes evolved into hours,
You became more and more unraveled.
With each accusation,
Each ******, and broken finger point,
Each hesitant choice,
You untie the knot
You've so carefully spent
Your entire life
Trying to tie.
Maybe if you stopped hanging about
Like a broken string tied to a ceiling fan
We could band together and become the rope
You can use to drop this terrible anchor
Forcing you under.
Dani Jan 2
This is not a request
It is a demand for the best
Sent on a quest
To find the passion between my *******

Do not quit
Nor throw a fit
My desires remain unsplit
Here I am with all my wit

There I go
With passion in tow
Running like I did years ago
Here I go quickly, although

Awoken by reality’s lewdness
What a serious crudeness
Why does reality have such rudeness
Leaving me with nothing, but nudeness

***** and confused by reality
The truly cruel world of fatality
Designed to live to die, another mortality
We live without living, Is this really our mentality?

Something needs to budge
So don’t look back holding a grudge
Put our world on trial with a ruthless judge
We need reconstruction here to rid the sludge

Let it out, all that is wrong
Speak it loudly, this may be long
A trial of the world just chugging along
Not noticing we lost all that is strong
Eat, sleep, work, repeat..... WE AREN'T "LIVING"
Syra-rose Dec 2018
He was strong…

He was more of a soul than a mind
For that, most people thought he was always behind
Little did they know, that without compassion
All success in life would burn then ashen

He believed in strength: of heart, body and soul
“That of the mind would come on its own”
They thought all that mattered were a set of grades
And the millions of degrees set on walls for decades

“Such a silly game,” he often reflected,
“Chasing after fogs and lost dreams – dejected.
Though how much would they give to feel any emotion
Anything to evade, to escape, the commotion?”
Does anyone else feel like people now are so focused on getting degrees to the point where the best years of life just fly past them?
Shie Dec 2018
Understanding can never be easy
even in the simplest things
It never was

When you thought you already do
It can turn out that you don't, not even to the slightest

When a person laughs
Sometimes, it doesn't necessarily mean they're okay
Inside, there is still this never ending battle they can't win
A daily grueling that keeps creeping in
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