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Blue 4d
o' to look back                  
upon this particular highway, marred

and battered                    
but picturesque with all of its genuine

roadside charms                    
of girls lost with their dancing flowers

within ruffian arms... or all those places

that change your character's wages
..... yeah... you know the ones...                    

we've all been there,                    
driving along to that particular song

letting the breeze                    
tickle those baby hairs just so,  

that ******* cool flow                  

ya, know?...yeah, you definitely know.

'highway hypnosis'                    
is what we all called it whenever the

the haze                    
grew and it Grew and it GREW    
The calming night skies              
together we'd ride                    
it permeates,                
dissolving all those year's pains          
         ...  finally          
at last,          
it's now but an echo          
from my weirdly wandering        
.... a long drive of attempted absolution
Kitten Yvad Oct 17
There are words
trapped in the honey
ugh so sticky if you feel

and im sure you'd find it funny
as a reason that the quiet,
so loud, is audible and so sweet

Kitten Yvad Oct 17
where i have no time
where i am nothing but
feelings and my eyes closed

feeling inefficient for feeling
but feeling oh feeling
yes burning

i go there and i tell you
so that you will not think
i have left you, i have not.

I go, I go
I just want you to know
I come back again

i go. and I come back for you..
over and over.
when I come back.
Its for you. Ya Habibi
over and over.
Kitten Yvad Oct 8
and so i dream of filling my life
all the spaces her laugh
points to

so i dream of self affection
(all the hazy heat of a
milkywildflowered oatmeal bath)

all the attention i would wish
the capacity to shower her with

i dream up warmth and strength;
things her laugh points to
when i go inwards
and do the work,

in my mind
in the fields,

I have to do alone.
when I dream
she is the archangel Jeremiel
about a motherfigure or what I'd wish for in a motherfigure or what I would wish to give of myself as a motherfigure.
Kitten Yvad Sep 28
"You melt away (from cold)
            yes, you

             like sweet raw honey;

      a whole jar of you I'd like placed
              in warm water

            by morning."
repost of this poem from May;

thoughts about feelings about things I let myself feel so deeply half way into the second month of quarantine. 06.15
Adi N Sep 3
Everyday, I see myself in you,
But not a single day you do anything new,
Aren't you sick of the same poses too?

Sometimes I wish you were a different mirror,
Showing me my true inner, for me to consider.
Aimed at the mirror on your wall and/or the people who truly matter to you and aren't doing a good job of showing you who you truly are.
Sungmoo Bae Aug 24
Woe to the being
in its brilliance ever illuminating,
ever since it was brought out to this world

full of wonders
- you might’ve thought as such, at first -
to your initial senses
just born into the earth.
Stellar you are, and they regarded you such at first,

but considered as a constellation baffling,
soon after, thus celestial, irritating
    to their perception  
    - belonging to none
    of the earth; heathen you’ve been,

    and so that’s why, I see,
    you’re deemed a heretic.

Looking around,
you walk on the heaven’s arc
painted in all its auroral glory,

    ever yearning
    for the only answer they might give you someday:

    to which stars
    the people of the earth
    give their praises so pristine.
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(C) Copyright: Saul Bae
Kitten Yvad Aug 16
         your intimacy is to me
     sweet   s h y       s  t  r  o  n  g
like lemongrass
        chamomile tea

Loving myself
             I won't change
              the way I treat you
Not out of fear or
               self doubt
Not out of jealousy
                       or regret
Not out of the pain that
               rips me apart
               when you don't see

Not because of tears I cry
        frightened I don't see you
      as you are

     None of it thrills me
as does my bravery
and the breaking ice
when I choose  to love you

    choose to love you
     when I don't know

I feel brave when
   I choose to love you
    though I don't know how

And have to sit quietly
                 and love myself
                sit quietly and burn
                until I present myself

with love that I accept
until I hand her somerhing
         that sticks

May 28, 2020 may was wildly rough for me for no reason at all. May was all curveballs and no chill and im such a serious person. And so emotional that this came of it.
Kitten Yvad Aug 11
dark settles
night comes warmly
no difference between
my skin and the fresh air true

and well you know ...

        I arrive there, too
I'm so happy that I've written over 200 poems since the beginning of quarantine. I started writing again around March 4th and its been a constant thing. This summer is for editing poems, working on this  library, and loving my voice as it stands. I wish I had edited more poems but I really appretiate my heart's more recent willingness to spill itself into all the words in my brain. I've had over 200 instances of intentional self love whether I knew it as I wrote or not. I love all the beautiful poetry I find here especially from queer poetxs. Grateful that HePo community members let me into their poetry streams.🌱 I appretiate HePo so much T.T
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