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Madison 1d
I'm not her.

Don't tell me that's not what you want me to be.

Even if it's true, I still see things in your eyes

For a moment, strange and wistful

Years younger

Then, brightly pain-filled

Once you're reminded of this here-and-now land

Where I, as you know me

Am the one you hold in your arms

And try your damndest to love.

I'm not her

And that is something I'm trying not only to accept

But embrace.

If that's something you can't do

Well, --

Stop embracing me.
guess who's back? :)

this poem is directed at one person in particular: me, myself, and i.
Clearing our eyes of residue left from the lies we perceived as reality. We must move forward.

Internally destroyed.

Nothing of fact was real.
I feel betrayed and you should too.

The first breath free of the grasp of lies

Is utterly pure.

We must enjoy this for a brief moment.

Destiny awaits.

Reaching out to us. We all hear it's beckoning in a different form.

What I here is this:

You exhaust yourself on the past


It's inconceivable to think you can last

Empty of purpose and full of old hatred

Value you hold, is very little


Console, and become a tittle

A part of some collective release

Wander into the depths of your caverns

In search of peace

Unearth all you find there

For the world to have a Saturn

May they follow without tear

Or we perish

No set leader

Just all a merish

Reconcile yourself into selflessness

Be fearful of what you do not know

But brave in the endeavor of finding it.

Develop a thirst for learning that is unquenchable

Be ravenous for service to others








Now we're free

There are Seven lessons to achieve.
Picture this, at the base of a mountain,
looking up, in awe of the task at hand.
Do you give up and just sit there
or take the first step and conquer your fear.

Let me create a parallel here,
this mountain and the problem you fear.
Staring at it won't help you reach the pinnacle,
being still won't help you solve the obstacle.

Listen up, you are on a journey called existence,
a mountain stands in the path to your ambition.
I promise you all the ups and downs are worth it.
One step at a time, go conquer that summit.

Truth is, this life is a series of mountains,
take them on, one at a time and solve thousands.
You are stronger than your problems,
keep that chin up and go be awesome.
The boy said, her eyes were a sky full of stars,
oh he said, her smile stole a thousand hearts,
caught her eyes with mine, my heart stopped and looked too.
He really thought he had a chance, oh what a fool.

Created all these fantasies in your head,
**** son, you had lost your head.
Looking back, all the things you said and did,
makes me so embarrassed, it was so childish.

Wish I could go back in time and,
wish I stopped him hitting send.
Doesn't matter now, the past is set in stone,
you can't change it but you can atone.

Life is about growing and learning,
learning from mistakes and being discerning.
Boy, please don't repeat mistakes again,
grow up now, and learn to be a man.
Raj Agrawal Jan 24

the face in the reflection is unrecognizable
despite the seemingly crystal liquid,
all your mind can think is:


the apathy burns like a wildfire in his eyes
the anger casts a shadow,
encompassing the whole image like a cloak of darkness.


you want nothing more than to understand,
how could this have happened



can the image be cleaned?
shimmering happiness replace the apathy,
empathy shine through the eyes like moonlight.

you reach out to lift back the cloak,

How many parts? Transient…
Tearing apart? Permanent…

An angry one. Powerless…
It’s never done. Sorrowless…

The battle rages. Survival…
Till one prevails. Revival…

Is there a third? Unaware…
Has it been heard? Everywhere…

Forces at play. Unresolved…
Hear what they say. Unabsolved…

Fight for your soul. Unlivable…
Your self-control. Forgivable.
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Sunshine Jan 8
I see a whisper
I hear a touch
I touch a feeling
I feel to much
Sparkling wine and sparkling smile,
new fashion and new car,
a house and new gadgets to show,
a veneer that shines and glows,
underneath lies more,
unsettled and unknowing,
we show a reflection of not what is true,
a fabrication of our discomfort,
a fear of not belonging,
for the truth lies not in mankind,
but in the nature that surrounds us.
It is hard to be natural.
Lily Dec 2018
My past is too much of an influence on my present,
I know it's a problem.
But whenever I look in the bathroom mirror,
I see my 15 year old self,
A cigarette hanging out of her mouth
Just like the one that is currently in my mouth.  
Her hair is still dyed dark purple and out of control,
Spiking out of her head
Like she just stuck her finger in a light socket.  
She takes the cigarette out of her mouth
And smoke clouds up the mirror.  
I watch her hand reach up through the smoke
Into the real world and take my cigarette
Out of my mouth and toss it in the trash.  
I can't decide whether I've gone completely crazy
Or if that encounter was the
Best thing that ever happened to me.  
Why can't it be both?
I decided to try an exercise where I looked at a painting and then wrote a poem about it, and this is what came out of it.  Let me know what meaning you find in it. :)
Sunshine Dec 2018
I am strong but weak
I am brave but scared
I am confident but aware
I'm loved but always compared
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