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Feb 10 · 496
Use caution
Mrs Timetable Feb 10
As I sit here
Tears cry
I wonder why
My eyes burn so much
It’s because of the thought
It’s because of the why
I put Capsaicin on my sore back
And then touched my eye
Tip: DON’T do that

Use caution and gloves while using Capsaicin🥵 yes it works !!😅
Feb 7 · 540
I declare...
Declared myself missing
Posted a reward for my return
Found myself
Collected the reward
And ....
The check bounced
Some days are easier if you skip them all together😂
Jan 30 · 433
Mrs Timetable Jan 30
Like a broken
Empty dollhouse
Fully exposed for everyone see
Walls down
I peer inside...
And there is nothing
But sad loneliness
A giant 200 year old tree fell on a beautiful two story home I admired for years and now they are tearing it down. It was very eerie seeing inside the empty home. All the front walls were gone.  It looked helpless.
Nov 2020 · 151
Can’t look away
Mrs Timetable Nov 2020
Is this “show”
A reality?
Or is this “reality“
A show?
So much to absorb
Oct 2020 · 565
Only a tree
Mrs Timetable Oct 2020
To see hundreds of years
Uprooted and thrown
To the ground
A wicked wind
So violent
It took out the young
Newly rooted
The ancient
The massive
Weak from drought
Majestic and still
Laying on their sides
Looking imposing
Root history exposed
For all to see
For me
An honor
To witness
Laying there
Respecting more now
Than when you were born
You did make a name
Appreciating now
You weren't only a tree
96 MPH winds took out an incredible amount of trees this past week. I've never looked at these trees like I did this week.  Not to mention the power of the wind.  Massive trees uprooted and knocked down. It was death. And it was heartbreaking.
Oct 2020 · 242
Mrs Timetable Oct 2020
By the power of suggestion
Vested in me
I now pronounce you
Commercial advertisement
First U.S. commercial July 1, 1941 for Bulova Watch  co. $9 for the 10 sec ad and from what I could tell $29 for the watch.
Oct 2020 · 687
Mrs Timetable Oct 2020
Screaming out
From the inside
Roaring as a train whistle
Only the restless can hear
And then...
Fades away
It doesn't last long but it catches your attention and takes over
Sep 2020 · 209
Excuse the excuse
Mrs Timetable Sep 2020
Fashioning a new crutch
For one’s old crutch

Might never heal
One’s achilles heel
Said the Psychiatrist Orthopedic Podiatrist Therapist
Sep 2020 · 130
A love letter to letters
Mrs Timetable Sep 2020
My dear Phantonym
I love how you say one thing
And mean another

I was truly affected
By the effect you had
On me

From now on
I accept
What you except

And what’s in the past
Is now
(Please don’t grade this paper)
Aug 2020 · 596
One Rose
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
Don't bring me petals
Plucked to perish
Leave the flowers
In the ground to thrive
I would rather have
Your words to cherish
Planted in me grounded
Always blooming
With surprise
It only took one rose and one poem for "us" to be.  I requested "no more flowers please",  but many many many more poems. I got my wish.
Aug 2020 · 789
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
I want to get away
Get away to that place
That place with the balcony, the umbrella
And the cold sand

What if  I can’t
What if I can’t escape
Escape to that space
That place in another land

Would you please just
Just give me that touch
The escaping sensation  
Of your healing hands
Your writing hand needs a vacation anyways
Aug 2020 · 360
Motion picture
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
I was conceived
At a drive-in movie

Maybe that’s why
I get motion picture sick
Both are actually true...I forgot to ask what the movie was
Aug 2020 · 713
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
Lend me your eyes
And I will lend you my ears

For you
I can shed your tears

For me
You can whisper away my fears
For better or worse
Aug 2020 · 786
Love aroma
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
I love that
Aromatic field
We run in
Coming back

Scented like
Each other
Aug 2020 · 742
Price Less
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
Some days you feel like that best seller
Up front, all glorious on display

Some days you feel like you’re in the the 90% off bin...
(Only needed to prop a door open)
Ups and downs... but you’re  still priceless
Aug 2020 · 348
A triumphant collapse
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
How much
Do you need to win
Before you realize
How much you’ve lost

The gamble of fame
Years of building
Bets and wagers
Pay up
The hard fall of internet influencers.
Aug 2020 · 574
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
The scent I miss
Not for reasons of bliss
But simply this

The scent of old paper
To read a new caper
Or of the candlestick maker

So many worlds to explore
You even had a second floor
I miss you old bookstore
Online shopping stinks when you can’t smell the paper
Jul 2020 · 154
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
My way:

Bread face up
Peanut butter
Jelly on top of peanut butter
Bread face down on top is the closer

Someone else’s way:

Both breads face up
Peanut butter on one bread
Jelly on the other bread
Put together like prayer hands

Your way is wrong!

No....your way is wrong!

My way is right! way is right!

Does it really matter?

I was surprised at learning not everyone makes a peanut butter and jelly the exact same way. My co worker and I got in a funny argument over it.
Jul 2020 · 419
I do
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
When I ask you if you love me
You say “I do”!
When I ask you if you think I’m pretty
You say “I do”!
When I ask if you think Im a hard worker
You say “I do”!

Then I sometimes wonder why you put up with all my complaints and questions about life and do you really need to hear it over and over and over again,
I remember  25 years ago you said ....,

    “I do”!
Thank you for listening to all my needs for reassurance and hope
Mr Timetable
Jul 2020 · 828
Just peachy
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
Life can sometimes
Be the pits
But it’s the pits
That protect the seeds
That make
Things grow
Into the sweet and tender
Now I want peaches
Jul 2020 · 303
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
Wrapped up

In a variety of
Beautiful colors

The gift is ours...
Jul 2020 · 624
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
Its too deep
Right now

No diving
No laps
No splashing

For a while

Maybe the
Won't see me
Stay quiet pain
Jul 2020 · 338
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
It dawns...

She ponders...

It wanders...

Goes yonder...

Back it saunters...

Her thought process...

Sometimes is...
Beyond her
The poem writing process point of view. I don't know why, it just is.
Jul 2020 · 493
Mrs Timetable Jul 2020
The she-shell
On your He-shore
Comes from
An oyster with a pearl
Or a giant crab
Depends on the kind of wave
That washed her in
Inspired by Cloudydaze style of poem
Jun 2020 · 340
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
You learned
How to touch
Without a finger
By whispering
Into my ear

It kind of
Baby cat
Jun 2020 · 213
Just a moment
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
Every day
We become part of
Someone's memory
In a short moment

A glimmer in an eye
Just for a passing moment

Hearing kind words
Just for a quick moment

Reading encouraging script
Just for a thought provoking  moment

Everyday try to
Become a pleasant part of someone's
Lifelong memory
In a short moment
Jun 2020 · 463
As is
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
The only piece
You let anyone see
Is the broken one....

It is beautiful
As is
Sometimez  "as is" is good enough. Some things can't be fixed
Jun 2020 · 160
Hard to do
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
Silk flowers
Plastic candy
Your own words

Smell them
Eat them
Swallow them
Jun 2020 · 406
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
The sun is going away
Peeking a little light through trees
Giving brilliance to the simple leaves
Twinkling waving goodbye
When your done visiting the other side
Waking them with shine
While we all have one sleep
Warm us all again tomorrow please
Don’t really need to ask
It will happen regardless of me
Something you can always count on
Jun 2020 · 262
Warm fuzzy blurs
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
In the daydream
This nostalgia of
The present
Reminds me of
I haven't been
With someone
I haven't
Met yet
Jun 2020 · 872
Love like stretchy pants
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
The first time
You told me
I love you
I believed it

I put the
I love you
In my

I love you’s
Everyday since
I still

Just enough room
For the next
I love you’s

Because it’s
Seriously silly
Jun 2020 · 222
Metaphor monsters
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
If I write it forward
Will you read it backward

If I write it in code
Could you figure it out

If I skipped a chapter*
How would you even know it

Would the metaphor monsters
Keep you awake at night

If I erased them too hard
Would you still see the scars
*Line inspired by a comment by a fellow poet (Diya) on another poets poem.
May 2020 · 276
Closet wall artist
Mrs Timetable May 2020
My first canvas
Wasn't paper
Or my face
It was my closet walls
In crayon
Behind the clothes
And shoe boxes
My hidden away space
For so long
Until it was time
To repaint
True story. I also used to love drawing on my skin with ballpoint pen which I stopped doing because my mom would almost scrub my skin off.
May 2020 · 475
Mrs Timetable May 2020
I must say
I faintly recall
The telling of your
Intensely sensed
I paid no mind
How very rude
As drool came out
Of my mouth
A cat nap
You left me in my slumber
I now understand
My blunder...
“Listening” really is
A skill
Chalk this up
To empirical research
I will
HP poet BLT’s word of the day “Empirical”
May 2020 · 263
Mrs Timetable May 2020
The broken pieces
Of the clear puzzle
Were made
When she was eight
The lines are hard to see
Smoothed out by hands
That put the broken pieces
Back together first
Adding his own broken
To repair hers
Then the puzzle
Pieced all together
Clearly seen
Reflecting what
It should be
May 2020 · 344
Semi-longueur photoshoot
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Vacation wear: for photo shoot

**** sundress
Cute underwear
**** *******
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Moo moo dress
Polka dot bikini
String bikini
Silky robe

No offense to The moo moo dress. BLT word of the day longueur
May 2020 · 450
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Why plant
A fragile heart
In the wrong place
Setting it up
To suffocate
Like a tulip
In a xeriscape
BLT word of the day “xeriscape”
May 2020 · 253
Preen queen
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Your brows
If you over preen
Will have to lean
On the likings of
A sharpie pen
In the color coffee bean
Then you will be
A vampire queen
Looking ever so mean
Don’t over-pluck! BLT word of the day preen.
May 2020 · 184
Placebo friend
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Would you like the generic
Or brand name

Just believe it, you need it
Both can make you happy

Perceived as real
Or not

Generic will cost you less
Brand name will do it better
True real friends
May 2020 · 269
Side effects
Mrs Timetable May 2020
There's an esoteric drug
Called Ciretose
It cures lack of
Neoteric qualities
For side effects
Take Ciretoen
It will reverse them
Don't mix them up
Just kidding they don't exist. BLT challenge causes these weird silly reversable side affects.
May 2020 · 551
Our son’s blue eyes
Mrs Timetable May 2020
I wished to paint
The brown birds
The color
Of our son’s blue eyes
To my amuse
Which part did
I disabuse
The part were you can
Colors on birds
Or that we have
A son
And his eyes are
BLT challenge word of the day “disabuse”.  Sorry it’s so exiguous
May 2020 · 204
Mrs Timetable May 2020




Meaningful expressions

Everything to some

It did for me
May 2020 · 263
Poorly rich
Mrs Timetable May 2020
A macaroni house
Broken shell pieces
Covered in powdered cheese
Making the best of uncertainty
Would there be any
For tomorrow?
If we can find change

Running away every week
The park out back
Behind the rickety fence
  The escape!
Strange lands to explore
Pine cone treats to eat
Mud pies and sticks
Fresh air and itchy grass

Playing restaurant
Imagining something
To give
Serving up macaroni
And cheese
Our pretending away
From our broke
In so many ways...home
Growing up we were poor financially but rich in other ways.

Inspired from reading “Missing May” by Sarita Aditya Verma
May 2020 · 233
Long sleeves
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Sorry,  not much to see
Not much to read
My heart is under my long sleeves
Coaxing just won’t leave
May 2020 · 203
A-ha my friend
Mrs Timetable May 2020
I reached inside myself and found
My friend there to ease the
Pressure of my ever worrying mind*

Lyrics from : “The Sun Always Shines on TV”
Written by Pal Waaktaar
*Correct lyric-  I reached inside myself and found
“Nothing” there to ease the
Pressure of my ever worrying mind...

I misheard it for years and like the “my friend” lyric better. No offense to the brilliant Pal Waaktaar.  One of my very favorite songs and bands
May 2020 · 288
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Feeling lovesick
For the air outside
The sun is a setting kiss
The moon is a rising stare
Stars are watching
Soft warm wind is
That handsome voice
May 2020 · 154
Gift basket case
Mrs Timetable May 2020
My gift-basket case
Was a basket of regifted
Shrink wrapped
Coupons for social time
With distant people
Who wants one?
The rules are getting to me
May 2020 · 101
Writers cell block
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Thoughts jailed
Pen is penned
The only bars here
Are chocolate
Apr 2020 · 462
My cheesy love poem
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Looking for love
    Is it me?
Seeds of love
    Is it you?
Falling in love
    It takes two
Landing in love
    This much is true
Grounded in love
    Can it be me?
Rooted deep in love
    Can it be with you?
Unbreakable love
     Forever please
Our common food love
     It could be cheese
I love cheesy stuff
Apr 2020 · 267
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
You do the printing
I will do the cursive
Let's get entangled
And generate our own
Fancy script
Creating fonts.
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