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You place your chin
    in the crook of my neck,
      sending shivers down my spine
                and I know it's time to unwind
The weekend floats in softly,
            mesmerized by time fading away
                    Stops me in my tracks
The week seems to drag on
          But you got my back
                 at the end of it all
             Racing through
the endless weekly marathon
     Our eyes and thoughts align
                    to this lovely phenomenon
        Cause it's not love
              without you and me
       This isn't just history
                                    in the making
        It's cartoons,
                   kush and coffee
    You're my Saturday morning, baby
             I'll love you through
                 all the days and weeks to come
     But lucky for us
        This weekends only just begun
icelar Jan 2021
for what it's worth,
all this work will be forgotten by sunday.
for what it's worth,
my accomplishments will be forgotten by sunday.
for what it's worth,
all my ambition and drive will be forgotten by sunday.
for what it's worth,
i hope they will remember on monday.

my ambition and drive might burn itself out,
but i'll just blow on it and stoke the flame
it'll set the entire world on fire
taking it by storm, hurricane after hurricane,
until the ash settles and the water recedes,
and a single snowflake settles on the tip of my nose.
(and then melts immediately afterward)
that snowflake'll turn into a raging blizzard
screaming my name until the cold snap is over
and the world is covered with the glaciate, bruised feathers
of birds once in flight

i'll kick up my feet on my frozen desk, blow the smoke
from the crumbling shell that once was my determination
and smile ruefully and the world i first took over and then destroyed
yes i know i used glaciate as an adjective when it's actually a verb forget it okay sometimes i need to make up some word uses just for the sake of the poem
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
You called me "temperamental."
You said I’m “taciturn and I'm spoiled.”

We were in the crowded cafeteria,
so I refused to become embroiled.

I wanted to say you’re conceited -
a know-it all , with stupid hair and
between your ears there’s nothing there.

But what you said stuck in my head.
No more texts! I'm ignoring your thread.

I have things to tell you - to your face -
and that would be Monday (I'll have to wait).

You think you’re hot - but NO, your NOT
- and I'm done helping you study.
Your jokes are lame
your kisses tame
and by the way - your dog is ugly.
turns out, he doesn't know me at ALL
Anshara Dec 2018
They say all good things come to an end.
I believe it.
Like, how every time you come to the end of a book, but you don’t want it to end,
But you also don’t want to stop reading it.
Like how beautiful, warm mornings end in cold, dark nights you’re scared of,
But you can’t change the way of nature.
The invincible, blazing flames, burning anyone that’s too close,
Also eventually turns to dust.
Or even the part of a song that, you so want to jam to, comes on just as you’re about to park into the garage,
And you have to bring it to an abrupt stop.
The fun weekends, which you’ve waited for the whole week, ends in just a blink of the eyes,
And you’re still counting the things you didn’t get to do this time too.
Even, how you always whine about your ice-cream playing tricks on you,
Because every time you eat a spoonful, it vanishes in thin air.
Like how your first kiss, young, innocent and pure, made your heart go thump-thump against your chest,
That even I could hear.
Or your steady breathing on my neck as you lie close to me, and gentle mumbling against my skin,
But, you will eventually wake up and it’ll end.
Even the sweet morning kisses all over me, that I love so much, have to stop.
Like how this ****** beautiful 'us' have to.
The you, the me, the us.
The quarrels, the promises, the love.
But, they say all good things come to end.
I believe it. Still.
So. we have to, too.
Because all ends have new beginnings, and not all beginnings are bad, right?
I wish you find your bad, and I mine, so that it wouldn’t end this way.
So now, before you say goodbye, I want you to let go.
Because sometimes, somethings come to an end,
And it’s okay.
David J Feb 2018
I am not a fan of breakfast
I'm just never in the mood
Because every thing we have
It just looks like tasteless food
Although I get out some milk
And get out some bland cereal
Yeah trust me I am aware
That its not nutritional
Yet I get out civil-ware
And continue to prepare
Although something just feels off
Oh No, it's my greatest fear
6 a.m. on a weekend
Wait why am I here!
I went through this last Saturday, I wanted to write a poem, so I choose to write about that unfortunate event. Haha!
Jacob Jun 2017
They always say time's not wasted when you're wasted, but well
How can I find the girl I wanna be with
When you're not yourself?
Hope you feel what I have felt,
And though it's you I'm still all about
It's still hard to tell you that
When half the nights you're passing out.
But go on, party on until you drop
As you raise up your glass, yelling "Give me one more shot,"
Hoping that'll hit the spot, won't you please just stop?
Because I don't think this is right
I can't just watch you make mistakes
While you think that you're living life
You got me over-thinking
But I know I'll still be there whenever
Looking past your wrong decisions
And underneath I know you're better
I'm no knight in shining armor you were dreaming
I'm just a boy willing to take a chance on someone I believe in
I always fall for you.
Amber Bowen Mar 2015
I remember when I used to wish for weekends
It was time for us
Nobody came between our plans
Not even ourselves
We’d vent and release
Letting go of all worries
We’d joke and laugh
About anything and everything
We’d hug and kiss
Cuddling until our heart’s content
It was just us
But something changed one day
I’m not sure what it was
Now it’s as if I have to
Pull teeth and nag constantly
Only to spend a few hours together
On a Sunday night
Where you leave early
Because of life the next day
I know I shouldn’t complain
Every moment with you is a moment well spent
Though, I can’t shake this feeling
That you want to spend less and less time
By my side
Maybe I’m losing my mind
I always tend to wonder
If I annoy or bother you
I only want to hear your voice
To talk to you and be noticed
I just want to be loved
And it feels like you don’t even want to do that
Let alone spend time with me on a Saturday night
Choking on my own words.
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