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Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
strange time
I must of overslept in another dimension
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Adam said to Eve
I got a little something
Up my sleeve
Very funny honey
Do you think me naive?
Replied Eve
You don’t even wear sleeves
You can make me some
Then I can say
I have something up my leaves

I’m sure you would
Very funny
Mrs Timetable May 2020
I reached inside myself and found
My friend there to ease the
Pressure of my ever worrying mind*

Lyrics from : “The Sun Always Shines on TV”
Written by Pal Waaktaar
*Correct lyric-  I reached inside myself and found
“Nothing” there to ease the
Pressure of my ever worrying mind...

I misheard it for years and like the “my friend” lyric better. No offense to the brilliant Pal Waaktaar.  One of my very favorite songs and bands
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
I love you only on
Mrs Timetable Sep 2020
My dear Phantonym
I love how you say one thing
And mean another

I was truly affected
By the effect you had
On me

From now on
I accept
What you except

And what’s in the past
Is now
(Please don’t grade this paper)
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
"Days may not be fair
But that's when I'll be there
Not for just an hour
No, no, not for just a day
Not for just a year
But always"

Phil Collins " Always " Live in Berlin 1990

Lyrics by Irving Berlin
One of my favorite set of lines from a song that always makes me cry.
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
Would you stop writing because all the best words have already been said?

Would you stop reading because all the deepest poetic things have already been read?

Would you stop enjoying food because all the best recipes have already been created?

Would you stop painting because all the best masterpieces have already been painted?

Would you stop giving because there’s nothing left to give?

Share all the words, thoughts, visions and beautiful things that give you a reason to live.
Endurance can be difficult. We need each other. I’m enjoying what I read here on HP.
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
The only piece
You let anyone see
Is the broken one....

It is beautiful
As is
Sometimez  "as is" is good enough. Some things can't be fixed
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
How much
Do you need to win
Before you realize
How much you’ve lost

The gamble of fame
Years of building
Bets and wagers
Pay up
The hard fall of internet influencers.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Baby new cat
I love your little tummy
Full of mama cat milk
Your little round belly
I try to tickle
To make you giggle
And lightly mew
“bew bew bew”
It sounds like “bew” to me. In response to Mark S To my fellow poets.
Mrs Timetable May 2020




Meaningful expressions

Everything to some

It did for me
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Insecure wandering
Lost in the day

Even the trees seemed
To walk away

I talked to the sky
It was blue too

These kind of days
I’d rather be you
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Some words
The four lettered kind you know
Seem to be so overused
That their primary meaning
Has lost its use
It doesn’t make sense
To hear a youth
Or on a show
Or at the desk next to you
Over salting it between
Regular words ruined
I know you think your cool
To the rest of the school
But really it’s just sad
That you talk so bad
I can’t understand this language
You claim is human
It’s made up of a few tacky letters
So don’t talk to me anymore Mr. F
Nothing’s getting thru
You are now a word whisker
It even hurts my ...blank
It needs no explanation.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
“After an orchid stops blooming
Take it gently from its ***
Shake off the old bark
And cut off any dead roots with a Sterile razor blade or scissors

Don’t make the mistake of putting
It into a bigger ***
Because orchids don’t like that
They like to have their roots
Crowded in a small space

So *** it into a same size ***
Holding its leaves so the roots
Dangle into the ***
Add bark and gently mix the pieces
Around its roots to hold them

(I thought this “how to make a orchid bloom again” was like rekindling love using words like gentle and snugly, caring for the roots and taking great care of this most precious delicate thing)
Gardenista: Ask the Expert: How to Make An Orchid Bloom Again
Written by  
Michelle Slatalla
Published Nov 22, 2019
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
You make me laugh
We crack ourselves up
Over the silly things we say

It’s so much more than a smile
It’s so much more than a touch
You need me and I need you

Rewind 28 years plus:

You were so serious I thought
When I used to look at your picture
How old is this guy anyway?

Your serious ‘stache,  your serious poems
I saw those books at your grandmas home
They seemed so deep to me

Little did I know
You had lots more to show
First thing you said to me “read this poem”

Is this the guy with the blue notebooks?
The guy who seems too old for me
He seems very genuine, guess we will see.

You wanted to know what I thought
No one cared before
I was too quiet for my own good

Flattered you asked
It was a subject I knew
It let me know you were deep as a welllll... let’s see were this goes

Fast forward 28 years plus:

I sit here laughing
Because you made me
I know what your thinking

You sit there laughing
Because I made you
You know what I’m thinking

Me and you, you and me
Who knew from day one
You hooked me with a read

Deep down I think you knew
I was the girl for you
You needed me to hear you

Deep down I think I knew
You were the boy for me
I needed to hear you too

It’s almost unspoken
To know someone this way
You needed me and I needed you
Remembering our first serious encounter. It was over a poem he penned. For Carlo Gomez my forever boy
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
I found out you had acquired
A photo of me

I gave it to your grandma
But it was in your possession

It resulted in
The stealing of my heart

You still have the picture
And you still have my heart
I loved that you had my picture.
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
The scent I miss
Not for reasons of bliss
But simply this

The scent of old paper
To read a new caper
Or of the candlestick maker

So many worlds to explore
You even had a second floor
I miss you old bookstore
Online shopping stinks when you can’t smell the paper
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Your physical heart
Needs your figurative heart
Your figurative heart
Needs your physical heart
Take good care of both
One cannot live
Without the other
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Barney I didn't love purple tress
Shimmering metallic loud dress

Giant white clip silky hair bow
Cake top decor I shoulda said no

It was leftover 80’s -1993
The resentment set in quickly

My groom mate
Was difficult to take

For my affections he made a play
At my betrothed mans dismay

A crooked headed doll on display
Why did it have to be this way

Only redeeming thing was snaps
Of me looking right at my sweet

Going forward I said never again
No bridesmaid for family or friend

But Im glad she chose me for that
Big day with her Mister

She is after all
My big sister
I begged her to change the purple tone of the dress. But it was her wedding. The things we do for our family.
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Like a chip
A crayon and
A bad habit

Never apologize
For being broken
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Little bug
in a cold steel
bowl of sadness
you are always there
to tip it
and let me out
Only you know
Mrs Timetable Nov 2020
Is this “show”
A reality?
Or is this “reality“
A show?
So much to absorb
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Two ply or one
Rough or pillow soft
Squeeze or don’t squeeze
Just don’t sneeze
Someone said stock up
Now everyone needs
To be locked up
Everyone else is getting in on the toilet paper obsession I might as well.
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Hold it so gently
So tightly
Tapping it so lightly
Always giving it
Constant attention
Don’t drop it
Don’t break it
Give it power
With you constantly
Cell phones are like marriage mates
Get a new one
Because this one is old
Ok just kidding....bad example
Bad analogy
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
If you could
Change your birth certificate
Would you?

If you could
Change your death certificate
Would you?

Are these questions certifiable?
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Collected while awake
Mostly unawares
Safe keeping for
My brain bottle
Mind tipped over asleep
Images spilling out
Interwove and mixed
Creating the unwelcome
Smells of body ashes
Organized as decor
Blue pool builtins
Into lush mountainsides
Friends and enemies attended
Gathered together 
Hiding and cowering
From this nightmare
All I can say is I need a new sleep to erase this one. I really shouldn’t eat chocolate before bed.
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Do you name your newborn before you see them
Or after you see them
Do you name your poem before you write it
Or after you write it
It’s yours
you choose
Whatever moves you
Mrs Timetable May 2020
My first canvas
Wasn't paper
Or my face
It was my closet walls
In crayon
Behind the clothes
And shoe boxes
My hidden away space
For so long
Until it was time
To repaint
True story. I also used to love drawing on my skin with ballpoint pen which I stopped doing because my mom would almost scrub my skin off.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Commonsense was likely
The first victim
Of Covid19

Quote by Dr. Sara Khan
Medical Staff President SARH
I think she’s right
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
Some people enjoy complaining
It makes them happy to gripe

But who complains about the complainers?

I’m even going to complain about the word complain, complain, complain, complain. It’s annoying.

Do we feel better now? Sure do.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Cotton candy words
Sticky and sweet
For purposes of amusingly
Capturing your palate
In desire mode
Targeting your attention
As a cheap attraction
Dissolve so quickly
Into a meaningless ***
Of gooey indigestible
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
"What do you look like without your makeup?"

Like a grown child.


What do you look like without your mask?
Sometimes it’s ok to hide. Cover me.
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Would this puzzle be
Easier to solve
If the pieces were
Crystal clear?
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Grainy images
From the
Darkroom of
Your psyche
Develop quickly
Fade slowly
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
These are the days of blue
Days of sadness
Of the torn away days
That last too long
I wish I could hold them for you
In a big paper sack
Recycle them into new
Instead all I can try to do
Is hold onto your pain
While you go away and hide
From these days of blue
I know he would tell you too
The son the brother
The husband the father
Most of all the friend
Grief he understood
He knew sadness and pain
He held the losses for many
If he could
He would change the color
For you
From blue to a new hue
For my dear sis and her daughters -the anniversary time of the death of husband and father.    He was the best of men. A very Best friend.
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
And I ran with
The ribbon cutting
Ceremonial scissors
Celebrating my brave
Resolution to not
Make bad decisions
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
No one gets you
Your not useful
In a crisis
Poor box of donuts
I will buy you
And you’re on sale?
I will buy two
There was no paper supplies so I got donuts. They looked sad. I didn’t really buy 2. That was for a dramatic affect.
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
She looks good without it too,
but she's like 25, so...

She doesn't work at Target anymore:
She goes thru jobs like hairdos.

Her kids are trying to find her a husband.
I caught myself making a 'why?' face
and I had to auto correct it
because I was actually talking to her.

She said the only men her age who want marriage
really only want a cook or caregiver.

Now we know why you're single.
Mrs Timetable Oct 2020
Screaming out
From the inside
Roaring as a train whistle
Only the restless can hear
And then...
Fades away
It doesn't last long but it catches your attention and takes over
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
The butterfly lay on the ground
Fluttering and screaming
Someone had hit it
With their big machines
Knocking it to the ground
With her babies nearby
Someone with no heart
Someone who took no pride in life
She couldn’t tell me her pleas
I couldn’t understand her agony
She was in pain I could see
Distressed little one
Delicate we had to be
Got her wings straight
She will fly again
Hope she repairs fully
She looks worn but still pretty
How could anyone just leave it
Still alive or not
From here or not
Rich or not
Speaking the same tongue or not
Is the conscience dead
Or are some just not born with one?
Hit and run drivers have no conscience We witnessed one last night of a car hitting a woman and speeding off.
Mrs Timetable Jan 30
Like a broken
Empty dollhouse
Fully exposed for everyone see
Walls down
I peer inside...
And there is nothing
But sad loneliness
A giant 200 year old tree fell on a beautiful two story home I admired for years and now they are tearing it down. It was very eerie seeing inside the empty home. All the front walls were gone.  It looked helpless.
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
What’s  a healthier choice?
The drive thru coffee?
Or the get out of the car
walk several steps
to standing in line
working your brain to choose carrying a big pink box exercising your muscles
all the way back several steps again to your car donut shop?

I think it’s obvious
I guess it depends on where you live. Rationalizing bad but yummy choices
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Invent the money
Blood for the down

I need some air
That’s gonna cost you a pretty fare

Water I can’t live without
Costs you to drink from the spout

Do you want my life I say?
No- not really
it’s not worth much
these days
I can’t believe the things we have to pay for
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Dr Metaphor
Why do I feel like garbage?
Should I just take myself out?
Kick myself to the curb

Of course not
Maybe you should try recycling
There are still good things in you
That can become priceless treasures
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Dr. Metaphor
I’m so burned out
Like overdone toast
I feel useless

You need a good buttering up
If that doesn’t work
Then feed the birds
They love crumbs
Taking care of others needs helps us fill ours
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Sounds like
Fun play
What if they all
Showed up
On the same day
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
10 word. Accidental
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
I want to get away
Get away to that place
That place with the balcony, the umbrella
And the cold sand

What if  I can’t
What if I can’t escape
Escape to that space
That place in another land

Would you please just
Just give me that touch
The escaping sensation  
Of your healing hands
Your writing hand needs a vacation anyways
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
It fell so hard
It rolled on the floor
I just stared
Was it my heart?
It almost broke
Oreo cookie double stuffed
I ate it anyways
My inner rebel said it was ok
It was intact thanks to “the stuff”
So is my happy heart
By Alter ego: Evil Snarf and The ****** Poet. A little bit of the ridiculous
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
The Jar Jar hot pocket
Unicorn on the cob
Chile verde beak plate
Pickled innards sensation
Most of it recalled
Or no returns accepted
Last dinners of choice
During the panic invasion
Finding your usual go to items during panic shopping is not easy. I’m seeing weird items I didn’t know existed. These were Evil Snarfs choices and ****** the Poet wrote them down. Never sending him again. (“Unicorn on the cob” courtesy of a poem by Mr Carlo Gomez)
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