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Nikolas Jul 2020
The clock revealed 4 am.
Glorious blue tones overtook the darkness;
The chirping melody was blurring into the scene of this vital composition of the dawn.

The buildings remained quiet.
The nearly vacant streets welcomed a few hard-working men;
I sensed the smell of the syrupy pastries from the old, dear bakery.

I pulled the sheets off of myself.
Let the chill early breeze settle on my chest;
The entirely opened windows left the walls glazed with the gold tinted sunrays.

I close my eyes again.
Perhaps I woke up by accident, though this rare occurrence was delightful;
For now, I'll just let my mind continue it's journey through my dreams...the deepest corners of my visions, the endless floating through the seas.
Kylee Dec 2019
I am filled with flour
And I am filled with dough
Sometimes I think I matter
and then I really don’t

Come now
Pitter patter
Away with me I say
Or down the hall of laughter
Away from me today

Here or there or never
I really still don’t know

I try to think it over
And end up just as filled with dough

-the bakery of my thoughts
E.E Cummings inspired
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2019
A baker on our street could not bake,
He could only fish in the nearby rivers and lake,
Mum bought his bakery,
He bought our old fish factory,
Both are happy for God's sake.
kim Aug 2018
Walked to the bakery
bought some sweets
started to walk
back home
and noticed
blue and yellow markings
on the ground.
blue is for water
yellow is for what?
why do they spray paint
on the ground?
because it’s to mark the location
of pipes and other things down there
just something that happened earlier today. it’s been a while and I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe summer!
Zero Nine Apr 2017
CDC was basically closed. Their OLCC application is stuck in processing somewhere between here and wherever. I went to the other one, instead. The taco place out front still isn't open. I have to imagine that a taco shop is going to do pretty well next to a dispensary. It was T2 something. Counter guy too cute, fast talker. It's a good smoke, but I ate a tray of brownies. I wish I could throw up, but if I'm gonna have love handles, I'd rather they be diabetes sweet, rather than the alternative.

— The End —