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If you talk colonizer-o, shut your mouth teacher!
Don’t tell me nonsense History of “brave” white man.
If you talk hate-o, shut your mouth teacher!
Don’t tell me nonsense Biology of two ***.
If you talk religion-o, shut your mouth teacher!
Don’t tell me nonsense Physics of god.
Sky Feb 5
a function (of a function (of a function)⭠⭠⮪
   ↳ function (of a function (of a function))     ↑
                                                               ­               ↑
function (of a function (of a function))           ↑
⇅                                                              ­             ↑
function (of a function (of a function))→ → ⤴

a cute curvy carbon contraption
that salivates at the ringing of a bell
that clamps shut when its hairs are touched
that flies south for the winter

is the earthworm that eats dirt and ***** soil
the lichen that makes barren rock habitable
the bees that pollinate so many plants
the euglena

i seem to breathe, yet am none of these. this makes me
a broken Bigbelly blinking in the dark
a traffic light saying wait, wait, wait to an empty sidewalk
3 is a backwards E
But V is the prettiest letter to me
I guess I'm a sucker for triangles
And the item on my wish list
That best bedazzles
And primps with such grace
I swear she winks
When right up in my face
Still going! Another in response to a poem challenge from Elizabeth Leone Laird. See her poem "Clarity" and take the challenge!
Maria Etre Nov 2019
I heard a song
and it made me want to fall in love
to jump into
the unknown
where my lover and I
are poisoned
with chemicals
that dilate our pupils
increase our heart rate
paint the world a better hue
reach ultimate euphoria
and ****** to a mental state
out of this world

It could be for a minute, a day, a year
maybe forever
It could be a passing thing,
a misunderstood stare,
a "I wanted to tell you but I never did" moment
It could be now, him, her? You?
It could be in 20 years, or - 10 years?
It could be waiting for you, just when you leave work today?
across the street, waiting for the elevator, tomorrow morning,
It could be in a different country?
It could be...
but a heart misses a feeling
just like the body misses a touch
and the mind a soulmate
Dawn Apr 16
Catch a glimpse under the microscope,
perspectives skewed
lens unhinged
liquid light reveals its pathetic placid form.
Madeline Hatter Sep 2019
My truth has stretch marks.
It expands and contracts to accommodate your fragile ego.

Bandaging, covering the wounds you incurred, when something far more serious is needed for triage.
The words you need to hear.
"It's fine."
"I'm okay."
Am I?
I cannot be certain anymore.

Retreating within the depths of myself to compartmentalize and to please you.
An inner monologue of comfort.
"It's fine."
"I'm okay."
Am I?
I cannot be certain anymore.

What has become of the truth when it can be twisted and turned, expanded and contracted, stretched and warped?
Is it still viable?
Is it okay?
Is it fine?
I cannot be certain anymore.
Johannah Jeanty Nov 2018
1, 2, 4, 8...
Chromosomes and cells of mine,
They duplicate.

My personality divides
Any and every time.

Meiosis -
My rapid mutations,
I find that they
Fuel my psychosis

High expectations
I let me rip me apart
I divide and split
Over and over again

This is the alien
That I've become
I'm never enough
It's never the same
Gaps of DNA through

Meiosis -
I know this,
I know that I'm not good enough
As a single, a one,
Tear myself in half to
Give them two
When I'm done.
Was doing biology in school and learnt what meiosis is... so I did the most 'Asominate' thing to do... write a poem about it.
Pulse Apr 2019
in my bones lives a wretched creature,
one who has settled into the hollows of all i am
and ****** all of the emotion from my bones.
the insatiable thing that has drained the bone marrow of feeling from the skeleton that attempts to keep me upright.

in the place where my heart should be there is instead;
a dreadful, calming, horrid, peaceful, numbness.
and the ghost of my heart beats and allows my circulatory system to spread the tainted poison throughout my body—
following the paths my veins leave and imbuing the bitterness and hurt and regret into the longing and want and pain in a twisted version of the blood that i bleed.

and we do not speak of my mind my love, for while this twisted science may bring you to falsely believe you are prepared for it—
my mind is a dangerous and dreadful and horrid place, my dear.

i fear it and it will be the end of me.

until then, i'll let you in just enough to grow accustomed to my tainted and horrifying anatomy.

any more than that and you will leave me, my beloved.
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