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Lacey Clark May 18
On a bright and sunny day
On the 18th of May
An earthquake resulted in a landslide
That unleashed a massive force brewing inside

The eruption removed the upper 1,300 feet
The magma chamber burst, rock and gas blown at supersonic speed
Within 8 miles, all was instantly wrecked
With a shockwave so big, what could one expect?

As the north sl0pe collapsed down
Life forms began to drown
Every tree in sight swept away
19 miles outward; a ruinous ashtray

Silence breaks as ash falls like snow
The once mature landscape now just an embryo
What had become a lifeless terrain,
Now shows us what 35 years can attain.

After the volcanic cataclysm
Biological legacies determine the pace of new ecosystems
The following colonizers proceed:
Lupines, pearly everlasting, alder shrubs, and fireweed.

The coniferous forest was replaced
The deciduous Alder trees won the race
The new forest attracts grasshoppers, birds, and ants
Larks, gophers, sparrows and deer mice take a chance

Out of 256 species alive prior to the eruption,
86 are now in production
20% of the surface is covered with grass and legumes
Struggling young trees that endeavor to bloom

Ecological gaps begin to fill
Strong ecosystems form, production is uphill.
Elk arrives to munch on grass and bark
The thick forests attract birds, like larks.

Fallen logs create nutrients and feed biofilm to the lake
Floating ecosystems now have plenty resources to take
Elevation affects the rate of recovery reports.
The higher the colder, which means the growing season is short.

The loss of trees means more room for sun
As the lake warms up, there’s increased production
More insects and bigger fish, like rainbow trout
Salamanders are scarce now, not many about.

Lupines deserve their own stanza, those purple legumes.
They help make a pumice landscape suitable for others to bloom.
Lupines create essential nutrients the pumice is low on
Other plants are thankful for the rare space to grow on.

All this information hopefully to inspire,
Life pulls through in situations most dire.
Mount Saint Helens’ destructive wake is seen clearly today,
The eruption that obliterated had also paved a way.
ScaryGary Mar 16
I think it was 5th grade...I told a teacher that if you give me more time to think of an answer, on a test, I will give the right answer. Giving time limits is the way to make a dumber people. Patience and understanding always leads to the best outcomes. Right? It shows in everything. Hostage situation? Go in and get the hostages never works. Not negotiating never works. Period. Never. So, going against truth is the downfall of all things
Tired of truth about me being so important, and the lies about me are more important to some. I'm all good love you
ConnectHook Oct 2021
In spite of all that has been done
There is nothing new under the sun.
Call it a woman; it's still a man . . .
Though you throw out what's left in the garbage can.
ScaryGary Oct 2021
I wish I had a big ol' chunk of Covid. So creamy and buttery. I know that only my mind can unlock the gate to let covid through, and lock my cells in a cell. Have you ever been vaccinated? Have you ever been vaccinated while eating a big ol' chunk of covid? HEAVEN

It truly is heaven knowing that the vaccination can't hurt me. It's 2nd heaven to know that Covid can't hurt me either. How in the HELL do i get to 7th heaven?

I swear i would eat a chunk. I bet the AMA would charge an arm and a leg for that goodness! Or will they say there's a shortage? **** AMA
i still accept you...please don't accept me
ScaryGary Sep 2021
Only a signal from the brain makes you sick or heals you. They want you to believe otherwise, but meds just try to make the brain signal wellness to cells. Sickness is only there if you believe it is. If you believe in your own brain and body, you will never fall ill for long.
Covid can only make you sick if you think it will. Dare I say it makes people sick who have weak minds, closed minds, or to the innocent who are told over and over that they will get sick. The same goes with cancer and infections. If you keep watching television or Facebook you will surely be brainwashed further. Please don't project your beliefs into innocent people. Study
ScaryGary Sep 2021
i'm not giving up, i'm just giving in
like a ghost in the world you're just living in
i'm not taking out, i'm just taking in
all those words you're just breaking in

i'm not standing in, i'm just standing on
that soil that you're just not landing on
i'm not sitting out, i'm just sitting in
that train that you're just not getting in

i'm not living up, i'm just living down
thankful to the gods for just giving ground
i'm not dying out, i'm just dying in
a world that i should be just flying in

i thought about joining the crowd and writing about poets, poems, and poetry...then my muse cut off my hands and typed this
i try to write things that dead poets might read, but Poe said he hates poetry, and the rest agreed
ScaryGary Aug 2021
the best present is the gift of presence

if you only knew all you can do
then your god might kneel to you
it's not love that can see us through
how does that love feel to you

love is faith without understanding
which i guess is less demanding
nature is the only thing unconditional
every thought that is non traditional

plastic seats for plastic *****
teaching anti-knowledge in those classes
saying learning is fundamental
turning your mind into a rental

from the infector to effector
sent to **** your only protector
your mind is your future's projection
it's a computer until they upload infection

if you only knew all you can do
then your god might kneel to you
it's not love that can see us through
how does that love feel to you

effector - an ***** or cell that acts in response to a stimulus
there's reason why schooling and science are controlled by governments and big business. There is also a reason that the usa government paid all college tuition. Fear is how to brainwash. Scared children have always broke my heart. This isn't conspiracy, as i only study the proven best scientists. By best, i mean the ones who realize that matter inly matters to prove something.  This cover up is deeper than your soul. They are literally changing the meanings of words. That offends the hell out of the poet in me. I am trying to start non profit organization that can help the poor learn reality.
Daivik Apr 2021
They call me Mr.Cadaver
Dead,yet living in hospitals
And schools where they teach how to become doctors
Oh!Doctors My only true lover

I died of a natural disease
You know,the one where you constantly sneeze
Too poor to be buried
Too poor to be burned
So I was embalmed
In certain chemicals
Formaldehyde,then frozen
And in this form turned

It wasn't easy at first
Young eyes looking at me suspiciously
The weak-hearted watching disgustedly
But as time(I have much of it)
Went by I got used to it

I was dissected by stainless steel
So that they could learn how to heal
These various tissues,body parts well
I knew my worth when departed

I was a precise model
Of a living person
With my help
So many learnt

Basic human anatomy
Which vein goes where
Where lies the spleen
So whenever you are on the hospital bed
My death gave another life to thee

They sell me for many a dollar
To the blue-eyed scholar
And I will become his loyal friend
I may look creepy
But that's just because I'm dead

The teacher points to various places
On me , sometimes I feel a little ticklish
But I a satisfied by the curious eyes
Who are learning about me for your benefit

And when the session expires
My second life,it must retire
But they extract my bones
Put the skeletal frame in a museum
Or break it into pieces
And give it to students of various fields
The dentists want the cranium
I'm bloodless
Anatomy's life bood

So bow down to me
Ye first year students
I taught Da Vinci how to draw a man
Taught Michaelangelo how to sculpt
From Ancient Greece to modern medicine
My death has given life to many humans
My dentist brother asked me to write this
Nylee Feb 2021
Your gravity hit me hard and fast
But mine didn't even touch you
It just repelled out of your axis
And you still keep pulling my strings
I keep falling over my feet
The physic's law won't work for me
The biology and chemistry both
are working against me
affecting just me.
Michael T Chase Feb 2021
What is it that I'm "in my head"?
The shape of my brain and skull act as a maze through which frequencies are played by the thought constructs which I employ.
It is like every attribute has a string or key which can be played, and every time it is played, it conjures all the processes which that key has encountered before.
Eyes half closed places me in my head, and body sometimes too.
Looking up is paying homage to the sky.
The ability to walk on two legs places humans between earth and heaven, two limbs can reach up, and two limbs touch bottom.
I have no visible tail, only a remnant of one, which makes my movement dependent on just these four limbs.
The head and spine being shared by all vertebrates, means that its sign is more diverse in nature.
Humans have the largest brains compared to the rest of the body.
However, an extra-terrestrial skeleton proved to have a brain/skull even larger than humans.

Consciousness is held much like using all the controls while driving a car: the eyes adjust, pressure in the skull and body is adjusted with muscles, the position of the body, neck, and head is adjusted.
Sounds are drown out or given attention.
The body can be divorced from emotion, virtue, and the universe.
The Self can be divorced from virtue, organization, emotion, and the universe.
Everything in such a state is local.
When things are local, I can only observe the scattering amplitudes.
If the scattering is very low, then the gross or macro-level world is all I see.
But what is different from a chair or sofa and a star or moon?
Both are made from the same universe.
The difference is that one was formed by humans, the other a part of nature.
What makes nature a better object of focus than man-made objects?
The man-made object tends to already have a use while the natural are base elements.
They signify the lowest grade of complexity.
Thus, my body is the lowest grade, the simplest, structure in the local home.
Being simple, it is like a canvas that can be painted, or a quarry from which a rock can be sculpted.

Now I switch to morning mode, which is about waking up and making progress.
But meditation is just as hard waking up as it is staying up sometimes.
I must once again ask the same questions in a new day.
What is consciousness?
Can it really be defined as a particular mechanism?
Wouldn't DNA be the best candidate, and it is made of compounds, which are found with the elements.
Yes, it seems science must switch from a "finding a particle" mode to a global life-form mode.
One which knows that life is a web of different things without any one of which the whole planet would fail.
"Finding a particle" mode has proven to be at the end of its run for finding them, as to find a graviton would prove impossible due to the amount of energy needed that would then create a minature black hole.
It seems like I'm a couch scientist, or a science critic not contributing to the picture.
The "finding a particle" mode is so hard to give up because it has been a part of science for over 100 years, which has shaped what a scientist does, how one thinks too.
However, the "web of life" mode gives a harder picture to deal with: one of thinking about social relationships between and within species and kingdoms.
It means that insight will no longer come from a "gold rush" type mentality of a find, but rather insight gleaned from a cooperative consultative stream of thought.
It takes the center away from the individual and places it on the community and the biosphere.
The biosphere or world civilization perspective takes away a lot of physics needed and instead offers a simpler picture, far simpler.
Now, I ask: how can social groups become more enlightened?
How will personal growth, science, the humanities, and social justice play a role?
How will spirituality, which so often is "other worldly" actually weaken this social structure if it is not focused on the simple practical matters in the "web of life" outlook?
I now see that asking "what is consciousness?", if asked too much, will prove to individualize and hamper people's worldview by placing its concern on minutia.
This "find a particle" view could even be seen as an illness which keeps people from having a more social outlook.
It means giving up the personal glory of the scientist, for the practical glory of the community, of the whole.
Instead, what will cause love to grow and hatred to end?
What will make conversations and interactions become more mature?

Now I turn to the element of virtues, which can be divorced from the human body if its goals are not aligned with them.
Addressing trama and how to cope, or simply depression and anxiety too.
The goal of course being a utopia where all can flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
We must come to some shared understanding of how society best operates, or else we will keep contending with each other for a millennia.
I feel these shifts occur form injustice and the rally for justice in its wake.
It really comes down to the people in power making decisions today.
To how we treat those who share different beliefs, and how we distinguish from mere differences of opinion from a difference between knowledge and ignorance.
I can see both sides of abortion having good points.
I can see good all the way from a flat tax (like religion) to very high taxes on the wealthy.
I can see the difference from helping poeple survive to helping them thrive and knowing the good sides of both issues.
Moreover, I can see why too much nationalism and too much globalism could both be unjust due to the particular opinions of a mother nation, and the need for global unity.
I can see why adherence to one religion will only work if it is based on love and freedom, for love without freedom is not unconditional.
Meanwhile freedom without love leads to destruction.
However, erasing safety and protection from love and freedom would also lead to disaster.

Where is the balance?
That is what the "web of life" mode needs to deliberate.
This is a slow process.
The willingness of one can only affect others through wisdom not fanaticism in any degree.
What is consciousness?
The highest consciousness is deciding public affairs and interacting with others about public affairs.
Therefore, read, write, interact, and work.
Then reflect again and see how far we have come.
4 hours of journaling
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