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Isaac Ward Sep 14
Atop the tower
          A mage
     With storm in hand

And inside their mind
          Glass, sand
     An empty sky

A clap of thunder
          Hot light
     With no remorse
My teacher asks for the theme,
But I don’t know how to answer
I know and I know that
A theme is or is not one word,
A common thing, a binding spell
A theme is or is not an instruction,
Told by the character’s actions,
Shown in carefully crafted consequences.
A theme is or is not a quality,
Something which defines a character,
Which determines the course of the story
It is or is not more than one sentence.
It is or is not subjective to the reader.
It is or is not, so I don’t know the answer.

But I could tell you about the Little Chinese Seamstress
About blind obsession,
About jealousy, about wonder
Would that be enough? Would that be enough?
I could tell you about how reading is so personal,
Its effect on one
Can not be understood by another
Would that be enough? Would that be enough?
Or how skill is developed by tragic experience
How learning comes from failing to learn
Would that be enough? Would that be enough?
Or if I told you that the quality of a book
is only as good as its final passage,
If I told you that
a story shouldn’t be told until its last word,
Bound by something so profound,
The book must be reread, reanalyzed
Delving into the intricate mind of the author,
With full control over life and reality,
With the power to make one word thousands,
A detail into a novel,
Anything into anything without writing it down,
Because if you can understand what the author was thinking,
Then the author was not thinking at all
Would that be enough?
Could knowing be enough?

If you asked an author
To name to you one of their themes,
Do you think they’d know the answer?
Do you think they’d care what you mean?

Is it more valuable to the student
To understand or to define?
Is it more telling of the mind
To describe an impact,
Or to save time?
Zack Ripley Oct 2019
When will you give your heart a chance to soar?
What's it gonna take for you to believe you deserve more?
I know this is a theme I've explored before
That when people push you down, you don't have to stay on the floor.
But you still don't believe me, so I'll keep saying it until you feel it in your core.
You are not a product of your environment
You can change the score
The first step is to find happiness.
Then, it's time to start opening doors.
It'll take some time.
So make sure to bring a friend.
Don't give up, I'll see you at the end.
Jenna Mar 2019
Mysterious person in my dream
your appearance is quite extreme

You feel like a dark, wretched theme
its enough to make me wanna scream
Can you hear me
Can you see me
Far from the daylight
Stuck in this fight
Can you hear me
Can you see me
I am lost here
Waiting for you my dear

The skies keep falling
Hell keeps rising
I can't keep going
This battle is too much

Heaven's armies scrambling
Father's wishes dying
Demons always trembling

The hordes of lost souls
Screaming in the night
For the lives they stole
From the light
Prayers are never answered
As God left this world
To let creation take its time
Free itself, from grasps of cancered
Loosened from the crime

Can you hear me
Can you see me
Far from the daylight
Stuck in this fight
Can you hear me
Can you see me
I am lost here
Waiting for you my dear
AW Gray Aug 2018
Skin sizzling, sun;
bright blinding
blasting through blinds -
I am the dog chasing the ball;
bliss yet determined mind.

A perilous journey in this heat,
crossing this solitude street
portrayal of the world and its foes
and demonic villainous woes.

The buzz of death overheard
carriages slowly shuffle ahead
as the sweat scent overcomes your mind
your day begins with leaving on time.

Smoke lingers,
the precious angels lay as a rock
in the room next door.
Raucous laughter ,
daft banter and a moment
that makes you think:
"one more".
Mazen Edlibi Apr 2018
Fears find its voices before the sleeping Child inside me!!!

The faint voice of hope Still breathing heavily to let me feeL its presence....

The unseen but felt hope, touches my strayed soul to get me back to right path...

Peace was my theme!
Loneliness was my rule!
Mystery was unknown touch!

And still looking for answers, and tired of searching for logic of each question!

Mind is screaming for a sleep!
asleep that it won't think further of the unknown!
still That music is haunting that spirit inside me, begging me to play that craziest Chapter in my life that still to beplayed.....
That chapter that I didn't write with fear... ... with Measures...... with known Results......
AM I considering my options with "Chances"!
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