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GrumpyTurtle Dec 2020
you sat me at the table and screamed up in my face...
and you made me feel guilty for all of your mistakes.
it was 11:39, and i just wanted to be alone...
but you insisted i sit down and i wish that i had known,
it'd end up like last time, my eyes puffy and light red...
i should have just ignored you and just had gone to bed.
you were losing to me at first but you knew a working trick...
so you asked about my dad, and you threw that in the mix.
the tears were flowing heavy now and you kept pushing in...
what a stepdad you are doing this, is this just discipline?
i tried to speak my side but you just never let me talk...
so i yell at you to say my part but you just brushed me off.
i thought you'd try to listen, but you chose to be abusive...
because you told me im a kid and that my problems are always stupid.
talking to you is hard enough cause you don't know your place...
and you think cause im a teenager, you'll always win debates.
the thing you don't understand is that i have feelings too...
you treat me like an animal that lives inside a zoo.
and sometimes i have to get away, so i just go on walks...
and wait for the apology from that hurtful late night "talk"
is it really a talk if i cant say my part?
GrumpyTurtle Nov 2020
once im older..
you'll understand why i grew to hate him.
he puts on the fake face of Mr. Perfect.
I'LL be the new director,
instructing that everyone is free to feel how they feel,
because i'll be older.

once im older..
i wont be scared. he wont hold me like a guitar,
and pluck at the sensitive strings attached to my heart.
I'LL be the new musician,
playing symphony after symphony of Serotonin feels,
because i'll be older.

once im older..
his screams wont be as loud, and wont hurt as much.
he makes the booming voice of an echo down a long narrow street.
I'LL be the new speaker,
telling the stories of love and loyalty
because i'll be older.

once im older..
the cries of my mother will be no more.
you've lost you're job of "Man of the House"
so the new job will be mine,
so no brother or sister will be hurt.
not even by you..
because i'll be older.

once im older..
no excuses for you will be valid.
you're broken, but what about us?
I'LL be the new doctor,
putting the family you broke, back together..
because i'll be older

i'll be older.
and when im older.
no man will ever even think treating my mother like you do.
a broken man and a selfless woman.
a math equation for disaster.

your daughter.. MY SISTER- will suffer with trust and love.

your son.. MY BROTHER- will suffer with opening up.

my "father's" daughter.. MY SISTER- will suffer from emotional heart-ache.

my mother.

you're lucky enough to call her your wife.
oh, how much she loves you, but you are too blinded by your own EGO that you don't care enough to try and see.

you're slowly breaking her little by little..

but soon you'll be the one in pieces,


because i'll be older

**** step-parents
Thorns Feb 2019
Hope you feel better than i do
Todays my moms birthday...
i feel so nervous
im tired
my stepdad called me a *** and goth over me being emo
and almost killed me for the 3rd time
i feel like the cover of a fricking Nirvana album
I don't kno any more
Chris Dec 2018
It happens to
It will affect
A set of dolls
A child's life
Your car's
A marriage

You've caused
You've been
Family can
Laws are
This is for all the scumbags.
Allison Wonder Nov 2018
The lights dim and a curtain's drawn,
A quiet theater as the show begins.
It's the same reel playing on repeat,
A shattered heart broken from sin.

He lies next to her as he'd always done,
Reliving his day through adventurous stories.
But something about him had changed that night,
The girl became something he had to seize.

A kiss of the lips catches her off guard,
"I'm sorry" escapes from under his breath.
Her chest so tight no response can form,
What comes next will surely be her death.

One hand on her side and he pulls her close,
Another kiss as he poisons her lips.
She can feel his excitement begin to rise,
He slide his leg up to part her hips.

Interlocked now she's trapped beneath him,
The weight crashing down on her soul.
A rhythm forms while his body presses in,
Her own feelings are now out of control.

The heat grows and a pulsing begins,
Something she had never felt before.
A feeling one should be allowed to enjoy,
Instead she feels like a ***** *****.

He leaves her lying there confused,
An evil grin creeps upon his face.
Where once before a bulge began,
A wet spot had formed to take its place.

No apologies now as he shuts the door,
Alone in her bed she begins to shake.
The man she thought she could look up to,
Had become the one to make her break.

And on this scene she now feels stuck,
Burning a hole through her mind like tape.
A scene no one will choose to believe,
Because it was never actually ****.
Allison Wonder Β© 2018
Michael Sep 2018
Being a stepparent is a fate worse than life.
I spend my time feeding into relationships that will not stand the test of time.
I am here as support, no matter what you need.
But no matter what I do I’ll never be he.

He who made you,
He who abandoned you.
He who caused you pain.

No matter what he does, you love him all the same.
Whatever I do I am looked on with disdain.

Being a stepdad is the hardest of all work,
Using me and running to him,
It makes my feelings hurt.

Yeah he may have made you but he never put in the work.
I don’t want to take his place,
I just want peace.

For you to love me will make me forever pleased.
How it feels to be a stepdad.
Cjf Jul 2018
You were the epitome of cliche jokes and the feeling of a warm fire after being in the cold.
You were the glue to keep the 1000 piece puzzle together.
You were forgiveness in hardships
You were hammer and nails on the tool belt that a worker wore with pride each early morning and every sweltering day and all the long nights
You were dancing to commercial jingles
You were waking up excited Christmas morning to pancakes
You were trust
You were more than 2 family gatherings on holidays and having time stretched thin between the different 5 ones we had to go and choosing which one we wanted to attend
You were a secret holder
You were making weekends an hour long trip every weekend
You were holding hands with my mom while you drove and talked and laughed so
You were taking the role of "dad" when the one who fathered three kids didn't want to be
You were love in its best form
Until you weren't
Cjf Jul 2018
Life comes and goes
The person you are now could be someone that everyone back then would walk right past and never even know
You could take your compass heart north and let it lead you for the better
Or you could go down south and let it tear your very name up, letter by letter

You could choose the love of your life
or the love of the night
That would be gone by the next day
And you woke up alone wondering why you just didn't stay
You keep walking, hoping that your family is still where you left them that day
But you forgot that the letters that made up your name aren't what they used to say

And maybe they would take you back with open arms
Maybe they would give you the love you forgot in the midst of your own ocean storms
Maybe they would tell you the jokes you missed out on while you were shipwrecked and your compass broke
Maybe they would remember your name and help you rebuild it even though the last letter is barely hanging on, like a tattered edge of a rope

Life always gives you a choice, it's not just one or two.
There's numerous paths to go on, what're you going to choose?
Are you going to let a town beat you down until you aren't you?
Or are you going to overcome the obstacles and make it out alive and see this battle on through?

And your
Name was always known
Though, who's to say the letters make any sense
How can we fix the way you willingly let your ship get
No, our hearts are passed being punched and kicked
You can't Unscramble this
Bent over the painted lines of her road.
Stood a black feathered crow
peeling back a tendon of flesh,
Like a strand of red twizzler candy,
from the tannish white fur
of a dead bunny.

she thought this was cute.


Her daddy did not correct her.

This memory, he revisits every time she brings a new boy home.
Debates internally,
the tipping scales that balance ignorance and optimism.
If maybe he should have explained the beauty in death, rather than let her beleive her illusions.
The beauty in nature, the circle of life.

Like a cat, she brings home dead animals

Like the owner of a cat,
He is unimpressed.

Maybe if he told her the bunny was dead, she would stop offering herself to the crows.
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