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Caitlin Mar 12
This song mixed with that scent,
the final blow.
What was already cracked,
is now destroyed.
Pyrrha Feb 19
He often smelled like freshly brewed coffee
Sometimes like cinnamon, sometimes like lavender
But he always, always
Smelled like lies
Marii Jan 27
She used to flaunt around with whispers of whiffs of **** and cigarette smoke sunken into her sweaters and wavy locks.

When she left, he longed for the smell of what he once had, so he started hanging around the potheads and chainsmokers of the campus

But soon, he realized that it was not just the smell of scorched planty fibers that he longed for,

It was the smell of her without and before the addictions,
How sweet and sticky it was in the late summer nights,
How her breath toyed with the hairs of his neck.

But he mostly just missed the presence of another being that could make him realize he is

still here.
Still alive.
Still able to be.
You smell of moonlight,
Gentle words
And the type of rebellion I have yet to taste.
The lightest hints of honey
A rich muggy scent of dew
Scents of the east
As the sun slowly rises
Brilliantly orange and shockingly sweet
And the lightest hints of honey
Stirs your mahogany cup of brew
And the rich drops of dew
It's that which I breath
Your skin a perfume
My favorite perfume
Crystal Freda Aug 2018
she opens the door

  and inhales the smells

of the soft, salty air

a gust of wind

beckons gently

on her soft skin...
Jo Barber Jun 2018
Home is Homer.
Lovely summer aromas
of fish and salt;
visions of eagles and otters;
people who create and re-create,
forever giving more than they receive.
A city of art and style -
you'll go the extra mile
to stay in happy, hearty Homer.
Little Lady May 2018
The fire fills the wood
It's orange embers glowing-
summer smells so good.
Writing a haiku daily
Panda Feb 2018
Sometimes, I need wine to think.
Not the taste, the smell of the drink
Makes my heart race
And old memories pace
Till I pour out the sap in the sink.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
My favorite is the one by Jovan
The pervasive scent , nothing tops a musk
Why not Drakkar Noir or Ralph's Polo,Ivan ?
It's the appeal and aroma I love the most !

Musk is my favorite cologne.
That aromatic substance,the smell ,
The way it absorbs like a sponge
The mesmerizing and addictive spell .

The power and confidence when worn ,
the longevity and its staying power
That permeates the soul,deep as a ship's horn
Unique scent that lasts for hours .

The power of its undeniable presence
That lasts from dawn to dusk
Nothing compares to the fragrance
Of the distinct and classic scent of the musk.
The smell of a woman's fragrance is everything.
...I therefore match with Musk,to seek her attention.
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