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Jude Quinn Apr 2019
As time slowly moves along
It seems so strange
Memories are the only thing we've got.
I've been missing your skin ever since you left,
But I've forgotten how it feels.

Now the night rolls around
And brings with her
Mysteriously familiar sensations.
It makes you wish the moon never fell down.

Another day of sun, another day apart,
But in the dark we are impervious to time.
Lily Madden Apr 2019
words from a conversation we had days ago echo in my mind turning into a lullaby, softly coaxing my eyelids shut. welcoming deep sleep to my weary heart.
each part of our souls intertwine to create a perfect panoply facilitated by the moon.
you and i under the same sky, all of a sudden the displeasures from the day before slowly melt away into the dark nighttime.
in the syzygy of our cosmic hearts we bask in the ethereal glow encompassed comfortably by the stars and moons.
involved in a state of a constant somnambulism so i never have leave the blissful reality conceived in my subconscious.
dreamers indulgence, walking hand in hand, free and filled with halcyon in the safety of sleep.
Anonymous Mar 2018
The night settles in
The dark crawls on my skin
The sleepiness never comes
My heart sounds like a drum

The silence drives me crazy
My vision never gets hazy
I wish for the moon to go down
So I could hear at least one sound

The old house creaks
It feels like it's been weeks
The clock seems unmoving
My sleepiness is not improving

My eyes feel glued open
My mind feels so broken
The minutes turn to hours
My tongue is feeling sour

At 2am insanity bites
I need to turn on the lights
Where the hell is the sun?
I'll only sleep if I use the gun

The fear draws near
My vision is still crystal clear
I pray to god for sleep
I start to shake and weep

4am is when I decide
I want to tear out my eyes
The dark is my blanket
But I just want to yank it

7am. The sun is here
The sounds are back, I can finally hear
The light is now my best friend
And the night has finally come to an end
kellie scranton May 2017
When you can't go outside in the cold
Cause it hurts your bones;
And you've caused self inflicted mayhem
On every surface of your skin
When the night is your only cherished friend
It comforts your deceiving soul
And sings you a fast tempo lullaby

-Kellie A Scranton
Diary of a night owl
Emm Mar 2017
Why are you more enchanting than The Day?
As my thoughts are more pronounced,
When I can hear them clearly,
Lure me into your darkness,
Sooth, blanket my mind...
Let's laugh in our own secret little joy...
Let's dance and twirl 'til the sun rises...!
then we'll drift away quietly...
to another land where nobody finds us...
Steve D'Beard Apr 2016
She stands tall and proud, her elegant architecture that even on winter mornings warms an icy breath and sates an empty belly.

In the burst of sunlight, beyond and through the trees, she is a muffle of loud voices, calling out a name, I can't quite catch it, in the rush of a westerly wind and the swirl of Autumn leaves.

The echoes bounce off the bark, and in her resonance heralds the death knell of the light and the coming of the children of the dark.

The moon wrestles in a patchwork cloudy sky, and I the Watcher can do nothing to halt time or the tide.

Left to watch as the Belle Tower fades from sight, silently she hides in the long shadow, and like the moonlight between the trees, flickers as she slowly passes me by.
Graff1980 Jan 2016
The night consumes
And from this room
I see no light

I’m so sleep deprived
Ready to cry
But tired eyes
Forgot how

The night retreated
Shadows shrink and receded
The light returns slowly

And with blues, and orange hues
The moist morning dew
The birds chirping to
My dark moods
Lessen, no lesson required
Just naturally inspired
Till I hit the pillow
Jacqueline P Jan 2016
A waitress takes the late night bus home,
Counts all the people on the bus but there are none.
She gets off five stops early to walk,
She hears nothing.

On the avenue a black cat chases a moth
But does not catch it.
A man throws a shoe at the cat,
Yells obscenities across the alley,
Then falls back asleep.
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