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Kids wear you
as a Halloween mask

The only thing you've ever
been invited to do is leave

You've known the term
'social distancing' all your life

Even Covid-19 crosses the street
when it sees you coming
They lie dead
scuttled ships
marauders no more
merely firewood
for the pitch black flames

They lie prone
paralyzed senses
forces no longer
only drops
from puddles of ****** mutiny

Captains of real estate
they settled on new worlds
from old buildings
three arks on a maiden voyage:
the NiƱa
the Pinta
and the Sandinista

Release the collective animal
ruling in symphony
with those heavy waters
now a graveyard

Cleansed mind
falling reign
their kingdom come and go
Pay dirt
Pay phones
Pay the sitter for her time in hell
with the twins
You'll never earn enough
to call long distance
Unless you move to Italy
and live the dream
of making heart-shaped pizzas
Another in response to a poem challenge from Elizabeth Leone Laird. See her poem "Clarity" and take the challenge!
Why so inquisitive little guy?
You threw your own feces at Miley Cyrus.
Ate a whole bar of soap.
Even carried Ebola virus.

While nosing around you got
zapped by a high voltage fence.
Stole a bunch of bananas from the dollar store.
But got probation cause it was your first offense.

You once smoked a pack of cigarettes
with Salvador Dali.
Then twice stated he spoke English
like a dumb tamale.

You ran your rental car off a cliff
in Malibu just for kicks.
Bought a case of Gorilla glue just to sniff.

Hanging out with Maury Povich
you copped a feel on Connie Chung.
Spent a complete summer strung out
in North Korea with Kim Jong-un.

You got caught peeking through the hole
in the wall of the girls' locker room.
Pleaded no contest when
the monkey business hit the courtroom.
Then told all in your sorted
memoirs, nom de plume.

You're a lazy abstinent chimp
who's too curious for his own good.
I'd say a future trip to the vet to get neutered
is a sure likelihood.
The human mind
and the human heart
and the scent of a woman
Omaha Beach
and the poisoned sky
and the rhythm method
Morse Code
and one too many icebergs
Mighty dollar
and what is never laid to rest
The human mind
and the human heart
Out of touch with the ground
I walk a thin line

I am in lonely equilibrium
A broken umbrella

Swinging to-and-fro
On this trapeze

Coming untethered
From these elapsing heart strings

New love's dividing line
Depends upon its precise timing

Port de bras
The illusion of imponderable lightness

Take a leap of faith
Reach out for me
If the icebergs are melting away
How come my mother-in-law
Is still intact?
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