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Adam said to Eve
I got a little something
Up my sleeve
Very funny honey
Do you think me naive?
Replied Eve
You don’t even wear sleeves
You can make me some
Then I can say
I have something up my leaves

I’m sure you would
Very funny
You’re the moon
To my earth
You illuminate me
Make my waves move
Our synchronous behavior
Prove we were
Made for each other
Waking to detachment
Dressed in fragments
Sorted feet of clay
A step away from heaven

Rather obtuse
A weighted word
Under the tongue
A syllable away from heaven

People that came before
Places that came after
Things we labelled ordinary
And missed a chance at heaven
Can't be sodium-free, baby
Not when life is in hyperdrive
And microwave is king
Sweet date night my love
Hope the melons were ripe
The stolen kisses are in my pocket
For sneaks later to consume
Our smiling eyes above our masks
Told each other
What we needed to hear
From here to all the way over there
There's never a shortage of
Love moods
Holding you close
In the baked goods
If I get sick
You get sick
Our vows cover this
I will disinfect
And push the cart
Instead of pushing the
Envelope of risk
Protecting us from doom
Our grocery date nights
Will now be via Zoom
Responding to Carlo's poem same title “Grocery Store Date Night”
Tonight, let's take a respite from the kids, get all dressed up, and head for the local grocery store.

We can even wear matching masks, take turns pushing the cart, and steal Kisses from the candy aisle.

You're on top of my shopping list, little lady, along with the melons and a case of toilet paper.

It may not be dinner or a movie, but it has its own romantic aura of about six feet in diameter.

Take my gloved hand & let's dance away at the checkout line, mask-to-mask. It's love in the time of COVID-19.
See Mrs. Timetable's "Grocery Store Date Night Morning After" poem.
choose any color
or any combination
of colors

I don’t care if I match
or if I make sense

slap it on thick
make me drip

and don’t wait
until I dry

to slap on more

use a brush or
your hands

I don’t care if
I’m not finished

I would rather be
the canvas you
experiment with

than the one you sell
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