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Anais Vionet Jul 29
Someone broke my best friend’s heart.
They’d been together throughout the entire lock-down.
And even though it looks like we’re entering a freer time,
he said it felt like she’d become part of the claustrophobia.

Explanations can snag on nerves like fishhooks.
Some explanations are just barely better than nothing.
Payton Feb 24
I've had a hole
growing in
my stomach for
Butterflies are
wrapped up
in the ribbon
in your
tapes, and
they come inside
and tie
little knots around
my bones.
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This poem was written in 2016
Payton Feb 24
Every breath, a weight
on my chest, reluctantly
comes, being chased
only by my
quickening pulse.
A knife slips between
my ribs and with
every word that passes over my lips, it
A silent scream is trapped
behind my teeth.
Butterflies with knives
are cutting up
my insides.

Found poem from Automatic Loveletter's song "Butterflies"
Check out the other poems in the "Butterflies" series.
This is a found poem. The lyrics at the bottom are not my concept.
This poem was written in 2016.
Strying Jan 22
"DOubT ME AgaiN I DaRe YoU!"
she yelled
at the man
who said
she couldn't do it.
he really said i dont do anything in school when i try so hard and got all As but a B+ last semester IM SO DONE
Silver R Jones Oct 2020
I'm too much in my head,
I lie too much in this bed.

Thinking about what hasn't
been said, it's all in my head.
I’m running out of time.
This heart is cold, it’s midnight.
Waiting for everything to be alright.

  I can’t get out of my head.
  I can’t get out of my bed.

My brain is tired, it has been wired.
I can’t count on anyone around.
Im stuck in my head, losing friends.

  Why can’t I be fine.

This underlying disease, I can’t feel my knees, I beg them please.
I feel the sun creeping in.
Don’t sleep bow my friend, it’s awakening again.

  I can’t get out of my head.
  I cant get out of this bed.

We don’t get any peace, even when we sleep, we still dream.
Fluttering Insides
Dizzy Head
Take a step
Do not fall
Right there it is
That which you seek
But my mind
Is playing with me
Feet of lead
Loss of words
I cannot do this
Collapse without words
nerves or love?
Amanda Hawk Jun 2020
These days, anxiety pools around feet
And I drown, which means
I wake up randomly gasping
Pulling at the air, searching for a ladder
Flailing in early morning
As if I am trying to fly
I want to fly away or pull the moon down
So I can build sandcastles on its surface
Then move in, taking residency up in the stars
Fear comes in waves, ebbing and flowing
Over my nerves, breaking down sandcastles
Anxiety, a fountain, always overflowing
Seeping into the corners of my eyes
And I cry for a raft in this tumultuous sea
ava Dec 2019
from nerves, I cannibalise my fingers
my blood clots, and dries out
crusty and painful
yet I keep on pressing, biting
because it gives me focus
a sick type of satisfaction,
a sense of control.

I whine tears leak out, my eyelids stuttering,
my fingers bit, bone exposed and ******
my fingernails and fingerprints
all gone,
remains lay in my stomach
acid consuming the scraps of skin
this is what I call my very own cannibalism.
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