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Maria Nieves Jun 6
Slowly breaking its spine
Looking at that new front
Seeing the beauty within the title
The cover can give you an idea of the adventure you are about to take
Be ready to get attached to either the protagonist or the antagonist
You could even get attached to one of the secondary character
Holding that new book
You could smell the pages are still in that fresh new book
Once you start the book, you know you can’t put it down
One more page
One more chapter
Until you realize that you just finished your book
This adventure takes you to different universes
Different countries
Teaches you new languages
Don’t know how to speak Spanish, well I guess it’s time to learn for this chapter
Falling in love with the relationships within the book
Using the characteristics to finding your next person
Teachers used to tell us “reading is fundamental”
I will give them that
Reading became fun for me
The adventures I have gone on from reading has been the best
I got a letter to Hogwarts from reading Harry Potter series
Became a shadowhunter thanks to the Mortal Instruments series
I fought in the hunger games with Katniss
Stayed on team Jacob in the Twilight saga
Went to Camp Half-Blood with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
And many more to add to that list
Reading has helped me escape that scary thing called
chitragupta Jun 4
There it lay forgotten,
in the shelf gathering dust -
A chapter that had once been opened,
and halfway through shut.

Maybe some day,
in the future near or far
Another may wipe the cover
and with love pick it up

They might turn the pages,
might even read to the end
So don't expect your bookmark
to stay on the same page.
Just another idea of masking thoughts behind realities.
faeri May 2
If we got that far what happens next?
Does our story continue or end right there?
Do we go back to our favorite page and start again?
Or do we turn the cover and start a new book?
Wordsmith Apr 15
And if stories are what our lives are
To live is to dance to the narrator’s tune

Some stories go hand in hand
Some stories go thither in pursuit of another

Sometimes we narrate our chapters
Sometimes our chapters narrate themselves

In stories we seek reason
In reason we seek conclusion

But if the narrator’s narration does not make sense
The actors cope thru a different lens
Perspective is everything.
What is it, that I need to read
Haven’t I read it all, that I ever wanted to know
What is it that’s missing
Haven’t I written it all
Do I need to read more
To finally know
What’s left unread
The chapters that went missing
Unfinished portion of life
Partly inspired by Hindi movie, Zubaan(2015)

Listen to your inner voice
Don’t quieten  it to the din of sorrow
Our story isn't a poem,
nor a novel to be written.
We can not rewrite the chapters,
we can not rewrite our story.
Only if I could,
I'd write a happy ending.
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
Maybe I do, hope for you to one day read this.

And if you do, know that I did think about our could have been's. The conversations that would have created, deep-rooted storms inside of me. Intrigued by the glimmer in your eyes and the way your bones seemed to be pages full of stories. How I would have loved to read them, explore the meaning of words with my wildfire touch. Fingertips trailing down, tracing lines, writing songs along the curve of your spine.

And if you do, too, maybe one day we shall find a way to write them down. These will be's, as they are now. Crafting a universe, just us, you and I.

And if you never do. I hope you are well. Speaking in chapters with people worth your time. I am glad you found magic in their minds and a challenge in their smiles.
And I still hope you will.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Understand and know me
not just by reading
the summary and the prologue.
Read all the chapters
until the last period
where I bared my heart.
We've been judged by other people but they haven't read everything. All they know are the things being passed on from one mouth to one ear. It would really help if they will take the time to read everything before they make judgments.
Isaac Aug 2018
Just as God created a world,
he also created a story.
It unfolds every day,
patient to reveal his glory.
The chapters of our lives
seem nonsensical from inside.
But time will reveal
a story that will heal
Every hurt and pain,
showing no suffering was in vain.
Set your hope on the promised day
when all evil will be washed away.
And all things will be made new,
including me and you!
Written 5 August 2018
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