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Bass and bourbon notes
Flutter down through my system
And I taste the sound.
Guillaume David has a new soundtrack out. Code 4 bourbon is delicious. What else is there to say.
FiguringItOut Jul 2021
Sunshiny autumn

Then a singular tree waves

Leaves reach for the ground
Just a Haiku that's short and sweet, maybe even neat?
a new day has dawned
as we are kissed by the sun
night is forgotten.
the days grow shorter
the nights bring the need for these
artificial lights
Lane O Aug 2020
Embers of autumn
Swept away by frigid wind
Winter's arrival
JCabanilla Jun 2020
Wolves stay with their packs.
Penguins travel together.
Humans give their love.
Day 12! June 29, 2020
Animals is just like humans 😊 I love him, I want to travel beside him and I want to stay with him.
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