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the days grow shorter
the nights bring the need for these
artificial lights
Luiz Sep 21
diamonds luminisce
a silicone web apart
weepers I can't reach
Lane O Aug 8
Embers of autumn
Swept away by frigid wind
Winter's arrival
JCabanilla Jun 29
Wolves stay with their packs.
Penguins travel together.
Humans give their love.
Day 12! June 29, 2020
Animals is just like humans 😊 I love him, I want to travel beside him and I want to stay with him.
JCabanilla Jun 28
Dreams will make us fly.
It's nice we could reach the sky
We will soar so high.
Day10!! June 27, 2020.
It's about how our lives will be on track on having dreams and goals. Never stop dreaming, never stop reaching your goals. If someone said it's imposible for you then prove them all wrong 😊
annh Jun 24
Stick girl embering,
Lollipop meandering,
Molten toffee trail.

'We discovered that one of the strongest links among us was questions about the morality
of what we do: when do
you press the shutter release
and when do you cease
being a photographer?'
- Greg Marinovich, The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War
JCabanilla Jun 21
You're not in heaven
My wish every eleven. (11:00)
Will always in vain.
The protagonist doesn't believe that her mom is already in heaven because every little piece of her wish doesn't come true all he/she ever wanted was her mom to be back or to see her one last time.
JCabanilla Jun 21
You promised to stay,
Woke up not feeling okay.
You left far away.
It's a promise between lovers. The protagonist cannot forget the promise they made tho the promise is already broken and he/she was already left alone.
MP Martinez May 21
moon teardrops falling
casting cloud shadows above
the snow weeps tonight
Gara May 13
clouds above my head
drape themselves around the moon
cover him with warmth
i wish i could be them sometimes
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