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Luiz Sep 4
the sun shines at noon
at destination midnight
luna glows on time
Donna Jul 9
Fly like a bird
Don’t let judgmental people
Take away your wings
Stay strong stay happy rise above negativity people x I’ve come to the conclusion that some people just don’t like to see you happy!
My motto is sod them , live life , enjoy laugh and relish in being happy as long as u can , even on stressful days finish your day off on a postive note **
In a silken stream
soaked in sweat and sadist sun
wearied women wane.
saffronne May 28
it is 12 a.m.
why are you still on my mind?
i just want to sleep.
let me sleep.
You have me by your
Side, when they pull your limits
And you lose your sight.
there's a thin white line
between "glad because of it"
and "sad without it"
i lack that courage
to watch a drop of liquid
fall into my eye
where drunken souls use
the line "I wanna *******."
as a compliment
just came home past twelve
felt my tired feet and thick eyes
the "fruits of labor"
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