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KJ Reed Aug 29
When there is a snake
stuck upon your roses,
hiding under strawberries,
hissing tales of thorns and rot,
cast out the snake
before burning your Eden
to the ground.
A reminder for times when people put down your work. Don't let them take what makes you happy. Get rid of their ability to affect you.
albatross Aug 20
You never act like a boy,
or a girl,
You act neither,
let me give you some reminders:

You walk neither,
sway your hands in ambiguity,
don’t carry with you a briefcase or a feather duster –

Talk neither,
the tone of your voice must be the interim of everything,
if it would have colors it must be colorless,
not dark navy nor shallow pink.

Think neither,
meaning you think without personality.
you don’t scatter petals prior the arguments,
nor you hide stringencies behind moon blasts –

You become neither –
you call no one man, nor woman woman,
you call every one neither –

So smile neither,
meaning you don’t smirk,
or coyly carve a canopy on your face,

it’s offending.

You don’t want to offend anyone, do you?
Neither do I.
Lovely Nobody Jul 22
crazy as it may sound
but I can still feel you around.

pineapples still remind me of your smell
making me wonder whether you went to heaven or hell...
it must be hell.
for we've been partners in crime
and love criminals don't deserve to die prime.

oceans still mind me of your eyes
which were the same color as the morning skies,
the skies we used to stare at for hours,
the skies you live in now as one of the zillion stars,

and now there are just memories I hold on to
and a void in my life that can be filled by only you.
you left this world,
you left me behind,
and now I have one less friend
who was one of a kind.
a friend lost is no less than losing a piece of one's soul
Dré Jul 5
We love each other broken,
and maybe that’s our curse.
I catch my reflection in glassy shards of you,
scattered across countless hotel room floors.

relentless reminders
of the things we love
and can’t stand.

Everything and nothing.
Together and alone.
Here and there.
I can’t be in this body;

Exit stage left when bloodied soles
remind me of my inability to make you whole.
Imminent failure lingers over me;
a wet blanket putting out a fire
that was never meant for fighting.
rebecca yong Jun 2
it's okay, i understand. i understand how it feels to have ideas filling your head to the brim until you're bursting with the love and light of the galaxies, and i understand how it feels to sit down and want to pour it all out but not know how.
i can understand poetry, but never know how to write it well.
Amanda May 5
I am kept awake until dawn arrives
Close to clawing out these open eyes
Near to dreams
Far from sleep
Further from the relief I seek

Every night feel taunted
The empty walls of my room
Space beside me sneers silently
Sunrise is coming soon

Sprawled in an asymmetric shape
Restlessly flipping pillows
In bed screaming
Into fistfuls of blankets
Drowning in sheets that billow

"You lost him!"
Written everywhere
Each and every item you touched
It's agonizing how I'm forced to see reminders
As if I did not already miss you too much
An excerpt from the letter I wrote that I'm pretty sure you didn't read

Tried to come up with a witty play on words for the title and failed so I went for a silly title instead
Tsunami Apr 29
Stop writing of people who don’t exist.

Stop reminiscing and reliving time.

Stop keeping them alive in parts of your soul.
rebecca yong Mar 22
treasure every moment you have. right now, this is the youngest you'll ever be. take more pleasure in living. you'll never able to come back to this exact same place in the universe again. don't spend your time hating what you cannot change. love yourself the way no one else ever will.
hello everyone. take a look at my bio, this is what i’m doing now <3 some of these might not make sense, some of these you might relate to. we are all going through life together. i love & appreciate all of you. - rebecca
Anne Mar 10
it's going to
be a lonely
day without
him, my head
w h i s p e r e d.

           probably one of
           the best feelings
           ever in a long time,
           my heart r e m i n d e d.
nightdew Mar 7
there are voices in her mind,
constant echoes that bubble wildly,
telling her that she's not good enough.

it tricks her into thinking,
that maybe... just maybe,
she's really not good enough.

they tell her she's not suitable,
not for this not for that,
and she just happens to believe them.

as naive as she is,
she's quickly fooled,
for thinking she doesn't have the potential.  

but deep down,
passing the harsh reminders,
she really is good enough.
and if you think you're not enough,
baby, you are, you always were.
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