Emily Nov 2018
May nature always remind me of You, O ***, whether it’s

Ants scurrying industriously,
Bees pollinating flowers indiscriminately,
Cats luxuriating in the sun lazily,

Dogs romping together enthusiastically,
Elephants trumpeting triumphantly,
Foxes slinking sneakily,

Grapes in my mouth, bursting deliciously,
Hay drying aromatically,
Icicles sparkling brilliantly,

Jaguars pouncing energetically,
Kangaroos carrying young tenderly,
Llamas wearing dinner ties sportingly,

Monkeys screeching gleefully,
Nuts roasting over a fire temptingly,
Opossums pretending death silently,
Pandas chomping on bamboo incessantly,

Quail bursting from cover explosively,
Rabbits multiplying rapidly,
Snakes eating prey irreversibly,
Tigers snarling viciously,

Underwater springs burbling unceasingly,
Vultures circling patiently,
Wasps defending hive notoriously,

X-rays enabling bones to be seen easily,
Yaks chewing placidly, or
Zebras running wild and free, beautifully.
Maggie Morris Nov 2018
be kind to her
i said to myself, about me.

treat her well
i said to myself, about me.

hold her hand
i said to myself, about me.

forgive her
i said to myself, about me.

remind her that she's strong even when she doesn't feel that way
i said to myself, about me.

tell her you know how it feels
i said to myself, about me.

be gentle
i said to myself, about me.
ManyStanzas Nov 2018
A cloudless sky,
    so blue and flawless,
         so bright and promising,
              makes me think of us.
A beautiful cathedral,
     so old and strong,
          so grand and intricate,
               makes me think of trust.
A daisy,
     so small and alive,
          so strong yet fragile,
               makes me think of sacrifice.
The ocean,
    so deep and vast,
         simple yet extraordinary,
              makes me think of honesty.
And the night sky,
    so dark and light,
         black and white,
              reminds me of true joy.
Joie Yin Aug 2018
Happiness is giving.
The more you give,
The happier you are.

Sharing is caring.
The more you care,
You'd never be alone.

Receiving is bliss.
The more we receive,
We should be grateful.

Humility is limited.
The more humble people,
Restores faith in humanity.

Life is imperfect.
The more we embrace it,
It begets contentment.

Time is Guru.
The more we live,
We learn of life lessons.

Take the good,
Leave the bad.

Live. Laugh. Love.
Joie Yin
Aidan Sep 2018
Everything has been said
Everything has been documented to some extent
What is the point in changing when everything is all planned out?
Why can't there be a reset or delete in life for that one moment?
For that one time where I've acted out of character?

There never is any forgivness
Only constant reminders of what I have done.
What  will never lie down.
Who can live like this?
It is a crazy way to live.

Everything you do defines you they say
Do not slip up
Do not look at someone the wrong way.
Everything has a consequence
Everything has a reward.
For whom?
That is for you and I to figure out.

Only four years of this.
Only four years of the judging
Then it is off to a better place where all of it melts away
Where all the drama is left behind,
Waiting to be revisited in ten or twenty years.

Hopefully for a long time
Because I am not going to the sequel.
Just a personal take about what is said to be the four most important years before college.
Cat Lynn Sep 2018
Scars are the evidence that wounds can be healed...

but scars are also a reminder of how those wounds got there...
Scars... Beautifully sewen so we can move on...
fs yousaf Sep 2018
"What's the reason
you keep on living?"

"Because there may
be happiness written
for me tomorrow,
and if not tomorrow,
then maybe the day after."
On depression
Speak Slowly Aug 2018
sleepless nights, man these emotions ain't making me feel right.
one day I could be feeling my best, but the next minute I could be a mess.
Feeling ecstatic one minute and then fall into another rut the next, the cycle is infinite.
When was the last memory of a sweet dream? These few days I've awakened only to be covered in sweat.
Vivid dreams that torture me in my sleep and life that stresses me in my wake. My morale and soul feel weak, just how much more can I take?
I just need a break, time to myself and more time to write.
Maybe take a trip, run my fingers over every spine on a bookshelf and remind myself that I'll be alright.
Day 23
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