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9.9k · Sep 2014
The Love Of A Brother
The Whisper Sep 2014
I know not of the love of a benevolent God;
The power to save a fallen son.
I only know of the love that I have,
For I am my brother's keeper.

A brother is a friend given by nature,
A lifetime companion; A bond of blood.
He is my first hero; He is my first friend.
He will always be my brother until the very end.

Brothers in blood share more than just blood.
They share the experience of being a son.
They share the same rules that they learned to abide,
And a sense of belonging that cannot be denied.

A brother is a person; he is his own man.
He makes his mistakes; like every man makes.
He's taught me great lessons which outshine pain.
That's why I love him for his own sake.

What brother's seek together, they will surely will find.
I am the voice that will always remind.
I am the hand that leads when he's blind.
For a brother never leaves his brother behind.
To my brother Michael. Although you and I have been through a lot over the years, many of which involved great amounts of pain and suffering, I know for a fact that you and I will always be there for each other because that's what Mom and Dad have taught us. It is our duty to honor that.
7.4k · Jun 2014
The Whisper Jun 2014
Writing this poem
Is as difficult as
Translating my thoughts into accurate words.
Even though I'm not good,
I admit that I try.

I can't say the same about you.

We talk about
The same

You don't trust me enough to just let me in.


If that is what you are.
Or is that just a title I have,
So that you don't feel so alone?

You are a puzzle.

This stupid little game is making me sick.

Every **** day
I find out
I'm missing another piece
Of the bigger picture.
Of you.

I can barely even put the pieces together.

And I'm just wondering if I should leave you

6.5k · Aug 2014
The Anger
The Whisper Aug 2014
Visualize me,
With clenched teeth and balled up fists.
Get the **** away.
I am going to snap.
4.2k · Jul 2014
The Whisper Jul 2014
As I sigh, I pat my pockets
And search for an old friend.
Seeking comfort and consolation
In someone I know all too well.

A pure white cigarette with a cotton filter.
I place it in my mouth and light the end.
A familiar greeting. A firm handshake.
Then we begin our conversation.

I take a long drag from my dear old friend.
He pats me on the back.
He tells me that I will be okay.
He gives me the strength that I lack.

Another long puff with a cough at the end.
Five minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
Five minutes of life taken from me,
In exchange for a glimmer of solace.

Holding my friend, I take a deep breath.
Inhaling the oxygen I need.
Then I fill my lungs with smoke.
As I feel the comfort slipping away.

My friend is gone; my friend is done.
I flick his remains away.
Although he is gone, he will soon return.
Helping my body decay.

My solace has disappeared.
I'm back to the way that I felt before.
My former feelings, now magnified.
Leaving me unsatisfied.
"A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?" - Oscar Wilde
3.9k · Jun 2015
The Whisper Jun 2015
Guns are expensive.
Pills take too long.
I can't tie a noose.
So what's the use?
I'll light up a smoke
and smile as I die.
3.4k · May 2013
Procrastinating Stoner
The Whisper May 2013
****, I'm really high.
Why did I bother getting ******?

****... I'm REALLY high...
The end of senior year is close!

****. Why did I get high?
**** held me back for a year...
Of sitting, and staring, and staring, and sitting,
And laughing my *** to tears.

The *** became a small escape.
Like Superman without his cape.
Or a homeless guy with a 40 oz drink.
****, what am I saying?!

****! I'm high.
There's work to do?
But **** that ****.
I'll chill for a bit.

And it's back to work for who?

Hopefully, my high ***.
So basically this is a little comedic narrative I wrote high off my *** when I had homework to do and I was too lazy to do any of it. Just imagine a guy, high out of his mind, telling himself these things word for word. I think it's pretty funny.
3.2k · Nov 2014
The Whisper Nov 2014
This game; This war;
Proves to me that you're nothing more
Than a selfish, useless, empty *****.
You want love and fame.
It's really just a shame
That everyone you love leaves you just the same.

Deceive; Despise;
I see the truth in your eyes.
Fleeing consequences; consumed by your lies.
Message; received.
Beyond the lies you have conceived
Because of all the things you refuse to believe.

Running won't get you far.

We all have that one person in our lives whose eyes really need to be opened.
2.4k · May 2013
A Sad New World
The Whisper May 2013
What a world that I live in.
Oh my, have the times changed.
The 21st century, so glorious and new.
Society's changing and it's not well to do.

Strange religious cults that spew arguments of hate.
Condemning our soldiers, government, and state.

Young teenagers lust without a care in the world.
Ignorant to the consequences that can be deterred.
They give birth to lovely children whom they cannot feed.
Too busy partying and fueling their own need.
The need to feel loved, or young, or alive.
Consumed by desire and refusing to shrive.

With the presence of drugs, crime is on the rise.
The stealing, the killing, the fooling, the lies.
*******, ******, ****, Crack.
Young women are ***** by addicts in packs.
The corruption of those who swore to protect,
The very same people that they choose to neglect.

The big name companies make the products we buy.
Thirsting for money until we all die.
Some are expensive, others are cheap.
But all the big companies call us, "the sheep".
We follow the trends and lust for what's new.
Believing what they say even if it's not true.

I'm young and I'm curious; an observer of life.
Feeling the love, and avoiding the strife.

What a world that I live in.
How ugly can life be?
Because in all these sad truths, I see a reflection of me.
Living in in this world; the new turn of the century.
2.3k · Feb 2015
Letting It Out
The Whisper Feb 2015
So long have I been filled with doubt,
Too afraid to let pour out.
But tonight, in the midst of the storm in my spirit,

I curse your name and all that you are.

Hollow and fake.
You're no "give" and all "take".
When you speak of your life,
I can feel my hair turning gray.
I despise what you are.
I loathe what you say.
But what disgusts me the most is what you do everyday.

Liar. Sham.
You were all along.
You'd cut your own arm off before admitting you're wrong.
Prideful. Ungrateful.
You reek of greed.
Unable to distinguish what you want from what you need.

Selfish. Vain.
Quick to point a finger.
But when you are selfish,
You're the last one to linger.

Continue your fascade. Maintain the charade.

Karma's almost here and you're in the way.
2.0k · Sep 2014
The Whisper Sep 2014
Close your eyes.
Simple, but think.
Just start thinking; let the the thoughts rush through,
Realize the power that lies within you.

Your mind is a weapon.
Your mind is a tool.
Your mind is a universe.
Your mind's where you rule.

It is your domain.
It is your own.
Your mind is a place
Of infinite space.

Infinite reasons.
Infinite dreams.
Infinite ideas.
Infinite schemes.

It's a place where impossible
Can exist and be true.
A place where the old congregate with the new,
And analyze anything and everything you do.

So what does your mind share with infinity?
**The inside of your mind expands infinitely.
A poem about the inside of our minds.
1.7k · Jul 2013
The Whisper Jul 2013
I playfully imagine sewing my eyes shut,
As frustration and anger rise within.
The solace I sought was a battle away,
So I lay in my sheets and accept my defeat.

To win such a battle would come a reward,
That all equal men accept every night.
To lay my own head upon a soft bed,
And drift off to sleep as if I were dead.

To dream, any dream, that my heart could ever want.
To explore, see, venture, and try.
Yet here, eyes open, is where I now lie.
I beg the madness to answer me, "why?"

Am I doomed to be an owl of the night?
To lurk in the shadows of a waning moon?
Why is my escape unavailable to me?
How long will the nights continue to be this way?

It feels like my sanity is eroding away,
And the lack of rest is causing me pain.
The bags of my eyes grow heavy and full,
And I plead for a God to end it all soon.

I dream for a dream and I lust for sleep.
Just a minute of rest is all that I need.
Sleep is my master, for it controls me,
As I lie in these sheets; a man of defeat.
A piece about my frustrations with my sleeping disorder.
1.7k · Oct 2016
Just One Kiss
The Whisper Oct 2016
Here we are again.
After all the times that you've said goodbye;
With all the times I told myself I'd never see you;
I always wondered what it would be like;
Could it all change with just one kiss?

We've never met;
Not even once.
And we've talked about that day countless times.
Where your eyes meet my gaze,
And I see your smile,
And I reach out my hand for you to take.

What a day that would be;
To be so cliché;
To love with a love that is more than love,
As one of the best once put it.
To love you as if it were my last day on Earth.

The years have passed,
And you've changed,
As well as I.
But the only thing that remains the same,
Is the fact that I still love you.

The girl that I seem to find myself always fighting for.

I just want to know;
I've been dying to know;
Could it all change with just one kiss?

You could change my life;
And I could change yours.
We could defy all odds
And just focus on what matters most,
To the both of us;

Each other.

Could it be?
That we're all we need?

We could find out;
*With just one kiss.
Long distance relationships are never easy, but what if it's someone you've never had the luxury of ever meeting before?

Is it possible that all the time you've spent talking to each other and trying to learn from each other, whether its over the phone, over skype, or through daily text messages, could ever equate to someone you see all the time and every day; in person?

Especially if you love them?

(I couldn't help myself, but for those of you who notice, I have a little nod or reference to Edgar Allan Poe in the third line of the third stanza. Quoting "Annabel Lee". Giving credits to him.)
The Whisper Jul 2015
It starts with a thought,
And ofcourse it's of you.
What the hell is the matter with you?
Before I can blink; thought number two.
Is it just me, and I'm too blind to see?
Just a simple confession;
I can't stand my depression.
It means dealing with you like I ******* have to.
If you measured the pain with the amount of my sighs,
You'd know I can't sleep with tears in my eyes.
I don't ******* get it. I just want to dream...
Because my emotional stability is ripping from the seams.
1.3k · May 2014
With One Swing of the Bat
The Whisper May 2014
I started at the edge of my seat.
Subconsciously found my way to my feet.
I look at the mound, and then at the plate.
This is our chance.
Our one last hope.

He steps in the box with a glare at the mound.
First with the right,
And then with the left.
Bottom of the 9th with two men out.
Come on, batter, just relax.

Down by one with a man on first.
A tingle runs up and down my spine.
There goes a strike.
Now there's two.
Down to our last...

Then a ball comes through.
The count one and two.
Here comes another.
Now two and two.

A strike or a ball?
Only the pitcher knows for sure.
He winds his body up
And then follows through.


This one's headed for the wall.
The crowd stares in awe as we look at the ball.
The fielder runs back, but stops at the track.
Before I knew it, he was touching em' all!

A fist in the air as he rounds first base.
He claps his hands as he rounds second.
When he reaches third he shakes someone's hand.
He touches home plate and I take off my hat.

**And that's how we won with one swing of the bat.
1.3k · Oct 2013
The Whisper Oct 2013
Countless nights with my hand on my chin,
In silence, in solace, in darkness at night.
The hunger for knowledge and quest for the truth,
Lead me to a desk with a small dim lamp,
Where I sit and I ponder my questions in life.

I wonder how many people like me,
Have sat in their rooms or personal sanctuaries.
Sitting alone on the verge of epiphany,
Struggling to find the perfect words to define,
Their thoughts or emotions or questions like mine.

Einstein's theory of relativity.
Tesla's ideas of electricity.
Wilde's philosophy on the emotion of love.
These men are defined by the great things they did,
Because they defined the visions in their head.

My pupils dilate as I stare at my walll.
Time slows down when I'm in deep thought.
Everything, all of it, rushes at me.
I cannot describe the things that I see,
When I turn on the switch of possibility.
1.3k · Aug 2015
The Whisper Aug 2015
Man is not the devil
because he keeps secrets.

The sin merely lies
in the secret itself.
1.2k · Aug 2015
5:18 AM
The Whisper Aug 2015
In the midst of desperation,
With my hands pressed tightly against the sides of my head,
I'm hopelessly trying to hold myself together.

Will clutching my head hold my thoughts in their place?
Or is the delusion only another reason to believe
That I'm losing this fight with myself tonight?
Everything is going to be okay. I just have to try to make things better.
The Whisper May 2013
Little one, you happy child,
Little do you know,
That as time passes and as you grow,
That happiness will surely go.

Your smile will fade into a smirk,
And eventually a frown.
And you'll turn it back from upside down,
With many drugs in your local town.

Whether you're at the bottom of a bottle,
Or at the end of a pack,
Maybe even a ******* sack,
It'll be too far to go and turn back.

So little one, I toast this to you.
To a really bright future of unhappiness too.
Filled with loads of drugs and kegs of brew,
Maybe even a lover, but you'll never know who.
1.2k · May 2013
To Be Crazy, To Be Mad
The Whisper May 2013
Is it not as ironic,
As an addict without a high,
To present a false face,
And never truly know why?

We suffer in silence,
In society's iron grip,
Secretly hiding the truth,
From its judgemental whip.

But why hide the truth?
Right now, I'm not sure.
With this madness I have,
I long for a cure.

Behind this stone heart,
Insecurities dwell alone,
In a place in the dark.
Not a ray of light shown.
1.1k · Jul 2014
The Whisper Jul 2014
I am.
Yet selfless.
I am.

I fear.
But I,
I believe.
In love,
and death.

I want.
I lust.
I crave.
I have.
I need.
I feel...

I am.

A poem that focuses on the individuality. A generalization of the way we use, "I" and how I can use it to define what it means to be human, in my perspective.
1.1k · Jul 2013
The Whisper Jul 2013
What dreaded curse has engulfed us all?
Surrounded by those who need us the most.
Their eyes are hollow and their words are empty,
As they call to their neighbors for a helping hand.

A man who is trapped by the vice of addiction,
Cursed to perish from this horrid affliction.
A pregnant young girl who is eating for two,
Abandoned by love she believed had come true.

They still bear smiles from time to time,
But we put them down for who they have become.
We judge them and scorn them for what they have done.
But we are the ones that did this to them.

Our way of life has destroyed many dreams.
Competive nature in its very seams.
Selfish in nature, no problems equate.
On the words I held back, I will suffocate.

So many times I've reached out a hand,
But changed my own mind in exchange for my pride.
I've held my chin high to ignore those below,
And I have become a part of the norm.
1.1k · Jul 2013
A Smile
The Whisper Jul 2013
Should you forget that smile that you wear,
So lovely and warm, at home,
Remember these words, you kind-hearted soul.
Happiness lies where you roam

It lies in your heart, and it's up to you,
To brighten up the day.
To help out a stranger, a friend, or a neighbor.
Kindness goes a long way.

Just help an old lady crossing the street,
Ask her, "What's your name?"
Give her a hug, and show her your smile.
Trust me, she'll do the same.

Smile at a person that you think is cute,
And even if they glare,
Give em' a wave and continue your day.
A smile is something to share.

And don't be afraid to make weird faces,
At a baby, or a kid.
Just remember to smile and play for a while.
They'll remember what you did.

We are all human and life is quite short,
So enjoy it for a while.
Seize the day! Be on your way!
*Just don't forget to smile.
1.1k · Apr 2016
An Aquarian's Mind
The Whisper Apr 2016
My mind is a work of art.
For the longest time,
it remained hidden in a cellar.
Away from the judging eyes of the world.

It's been put on display, but some pieces are missing.
Being restored and maintained properly.
To repair the effects of time and the elements.
So that it may be enjoyed forever.

It sits in a gallery for everyone to see.
Wanting to be understood by all those who breathe.
Most people stop, glance, and leave,
But a few people stop and do more than just see.

They feel.
They know. They understand.
Or at least try.
They look at the lines and try to see through.
"What is the artist trying to tell you?"
1.1k · Aug 2013
If I Showed You My Heart
The Whisper Aug 2013
I wish for one night, everyone could see,
What lies inside my heart. What lies within me.
It's the truth! Unwithered, but hidden for years.
Pain, sadness, and all of my fears.

From every single girl that didn't give me a chance.
From all the ones who laughed when I asked them to a dance
From all the ones to told me, "I don't see you that way."
From all the times I thought, "I'll **** myself today."
The pain never goes away.

From all the girls who called me, "ugly" and meant every word.
From all the girls I want, but I know I'll never have.
From the countless times that I've tried to show them who I am.
From all the times I was left behind for someone I can't be.
I curse everyday that I am me.

Is me in the future, dying all alone.
Without someone to love me, or even call my own.
Death is no longer at the top of my list.
He would be my savior from this life that I live.
What a curse it is to be me.

Unwanted because I'm ugly.
Unwanted because I'm nice.
Unwanted because there's others.
Unwanted because of who I am.
Have you ever wished for day,
That you could be someone else?
Anybody but you.
Anybody but yourself.

Every **** day.
I just wish I could be them.
The ones who are always wanted.
The ones who are always loved.

I spend my whole life wishing that maybe,

Just maybe...

For just one girl....

That I could be enough.
1.1k · Aug 2014
Silence Is A Dagger
The Whisper Aug 2014
She is simply a girl that speaks to forget
What's really going on inside of her head.
She speaks to forget what's really going on
In the life that she hid from me all along.

I am the one who speaks because he wants to be heard.
Who speaks to forget the lack of love in his life.
Who speaks to forget the lack of attention
From the ones that he wants; From the ones that he craves.

Guilty of obscuring the truth, she retreated behind her veil of fear.
Silent and quiet for reasons that are unknown to me.
Probably blaming me for a thousand chances,
In which I missed my opportunity to help her forget.

Behind her veil, I pushed through.
Trying to get to know the real her.
Instead I was met with a dagger through the heart
In the form of her giving up on me.
I can't be the only person that's had to deal with someone simply just giving up on them.
1.1k · May 2015
Get What You Give
The Whisper May 2015
Let's start with the good,
When I asked if I should.
Should I pursue, and give myself to you?
A friend is a friend, but when you kissed me;

You pulled out a part of me you don't deserve to see.

I held your soft hands and held your sea green gaze,
I looked to your soul and saw flashes of pain,
flashes of beauty and a glimmer of hope;

Hoping that we were not meant to be.

The guy you pulled out with a kiss is a fool,
a sucker for love and an ignorant tool.
He played by your rules and he kicked your ***.

Don't prey on the good men who still have some class.

I admit that the things that I told you were bad,
and sorry, not really, for making you sad,
I'll miss being able to call you my buddy;

You get what you give when you're selfish and slutty.
This poem has a long story to it. It involves a girl I once called a friend who basically led me to believe that she wanted to pursue a relationship or ***. But apparently, "she was just playing a game". I'll admit I played my role in ******* myself over by putting on the rose colored glasses for a while, but it recently ended with me trying to apologize to her for making fun of her, her refusing to accept my apology and playing the victim, and I called her a ****. So yeah, we don't talk anymore
1.0k · Oct 2014
The Whisper Oct 2014
I feel like a shell; Empty and hollow.
Filled with nothing but air and meaningless words.
The words that once came so effortlessly and freely,
Now seem forced by frustration and lack of passion.

The passion is there; It courses through my veins.
It's suppressed by frustration and and diluted by obligation.
It's breaking me down, and I'm but a shell.
My spirit is what holds the walls together.
I'm so inspired to write, but it just feels like the words aren't coming.
What's wrong with me?
1.0k · Aug 2014
The Living Fear
The Whisper Aug 2014
Explain it to me.
Help me understand the fear that lies within me.
Why I suddenly feel that my candle of life,
Is quickly burning away at both ends of the stick.

The fear, the fear.
It continues to grow.
From the seeds of paranoia that I personally sow.
Is it all in my head, or is the danger really there?
None the less, the uncertainty is what I cannot bear.

Every cigarette I've had.
Every time my throat aches.
There is no medication for regrets and mistakes.
Ignoring the warnings does not make them untrue.
Being ignorant can only lead to the downfall of you.

Diabetes or Cancer?
Malignant or Benign?
Everyone tells me that I'm, *probably fine
But they don't understand that the battle inside,
Is convincing myself that it's all in my head.

It's nothing. It's nothing.
Miguel, you're okay.
These are the mantras that I repeat every day.
To myself in my head, or out loud when alone.
Hoping that one day my health will atone.
Hypochondria. I don't know why, but suddenly I've been giving a huge crap about my health. To the point where it actually keeps me up at night. I just had to let out my frustrations somehow. So here's a window into the anxiety that I feel.
995 · May 2013
Hello Beautiful
The Whisper May 2013
I wake up in the morning
To your pretty amber eyes,
Caress your lovely face
While my heartbeat's on the rise.

You catch me off guard
Everytime you lean in and kiss me,
Because how could I, a guy like me,
And a lovely girl like you come to be?

When you turn around
To look or catch my attention,
Baby, it's always yours.
You'll always have my affection.
976 · Aug 2013
The Whisper Aug 2013
So it begins.
The end, but not the end.
The end of a chapter. The end of a stanza.
A sheltered life; the life of my past.

Fear; t'was my struggle.
The fear of being held back.
But the struggle to free myself from restraint,
Became my very shackles.
I was my own prisoner,
In these walls that I've built, so high.

I hear in the air, the call of a Siren.
A call to my soul. A call to my fate.
The Siren of change.
She announces my time.
The time of rebirth.
My hour of epiphany.

I am awake.
I can breathe. I am free.
Free from myself. Free from my sins.
This is where the new chapter begins.
950 · May 2013
The Pain
The Whisper May 2013
Since I was a boy, I've always been told,
That one who is selfless has a heart made of gold.
But I have discovered from the wise and the old;
Selflessness grows from the heart of the bold.

I offer advice to the ones I console,
Yet something is missing; my heart isn't whole.
Behind my own barrier, there lies a big hole.
Deeper than deep and right through my soul.

Would you like to know why?
Why I sulk and I sigh?
The pain in my heart leaves me wanting to die.
Helpless and lonely, no matter how hard I try.

I wake every day, without a scoff or a moan,
Faking my smiles with a face made of stone.
Within lies a man that is sad and alone.
Like a King without a Queen, a crown, or a throne.

To top it all off, there is this one girl.
One of a kind, like a precious pink pearl.
Whenever she smiles, my head's in a whirl.
Leaving me breathless and wanting to hurl.

I clench my fists when she mentions a date.
Leaving me angry and full of pure hate,
But in an unnoticed and quite subtle state.
If only she thought I was perfect and great.

Some call me stupid, others say cold.
Some even feel I deserve a good scold.
Say what you want, I'll never be sold.
Pain's a small price for the selfless and bold.
947 · Sep 2014
Justified Odium
The Whisper Sep 2014
Put your pleasantries aside; Put your guard down.
Lay all your weapons and deceptions on the ground.
Confess to me, to yourself, and confront, right now,

All things that make your blood boil.*

Embrace the hatred.
Embrace the screams.
Embrace the disgust of deception without exception.
If only you would...
If only you could...

Destroy the selfish in name of the selfless.

Hate them.
The deceivers, the liars and cheaters.
The ones that take advantage of the naive and the honest.

For just a moment, crush them all in your mind.

Pretend to be the justice that karma will one day find.
Odium: general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions.

Embrace the hate, everyone.
945 · Oct 2013
My Empty Hands
The Whisper Oct 2013
Who are you?

My heart longs to know.
For your face is a mystery,
Along with your existence.

Do you know?

That I'm here and waiting for you.
And that these empty hands,
Long and hope to hold yours.

My heart will be yours.

Before we even know.
For if destiny is real,
Then our fates will entwine.

Are you afraid?

That our paths will never cross?
Sleep well then, my dear.
For this is something we share.

Alone, we are not.

Even though we both are.
Our desires are shared,
Where ever you are.

Do you hear me?

My muse of mystery.
My one true love.
**If you even exist.
One of my greatest fears is being unlucky in love, which I honestly believe that I am. I wrote this poem to calm my fears and to keep alive the one thing that I almost forgot how to do. Hope.
937 · Oct 2013
An Insomniac's Narrative
The Whisper Oct 2013
"No, not again..." I cried to myself,
As I buried my face in the palms of my hands.
As I clenched onto a lock of my hair in each fist,
And slowly but surely loosened my grip.

So many nights in this dark room of mine,
Repeating this ritual from one night to the next.
Sometimes I pace, sometimes I drink,
But most of the time I just sit down and think.

I think to myself...
What is this, a curse?
My punishment for all my sins and misdeeds?
My refusal to believe in a man called, "God"?
For biting the hand from which I did feed?

"It can't be..." I whisper in fear.
"If God does exist, he wouldn't do this to me."
"I wouldn't be cursed with such a terrible plague."

Then the demons awaken.
Just like every other night.
Forcing their way into my room every night.
Forcing their way into my head every night.
Haunting me until the sun shines on my window.

They hold my eyes open.
But I force them shut.
They whisper my thoughts,
And their voices keep me up.
Silent and still like a dark shallow pond,
But sleep refuses to rescue me.

And when that sun shines,
It's a sight I do dread.
A sight that reminds me of these mornings in bed,
When the battle is over and the demons retreat,
Into my head as I lay in defeat.

Now that it's over, I continue my day.
Keeping my curse and my demons at bay.
But even then, I dread every night,
When my demons return with a vengeance to fight.
Another poem about my sleeping disorder.
892 · Aug 2014
Someone I Could Love
The Whisper Aug 2014
Your smile is so innocent, but I see every crease.
Every scar and every wrinkle that tell a very interesting story.
I understand that the smile that appears before me today,
Was once lost in a valley of tears and sorrow.
Hidden in a lost city of pain and regret.
Searching for the strength to appear once again.

I question it's sincerity; whether your smile is forced or true.
Nonetheless, it's something that's so lovely on you.
It hides all your pain; masking your scars.
Hiding your tears and concealing your fears.
When I see that smile, I deny what is true.
I wouldn't mind falling for a girl like you.
877 · May 2013
The Battle Within
The Whisper May 2013
Few are quite willing to go off and fight,
The sadistic and evil, in the name of what's right.

But all of us struggle as we try to attain,
The lives that we thirst for amidst all the pain.

We live with decisions that often defy,
Our own moral codes on how to get by.
We search for so long, for what makes us strong,
for what makes us weak, and where we belong.

And just when we think that we've gone through it all,
That we've gained all the knowledge of what might befall,
Reality and Life return to their places,
Keeping us guessing and changing their paces.

Our minds and emotions like to play games,
and we search for our scapegoats in place of our blames.
With this, come frustrations that continue to grow,
Disrupting life's peace and life's even flow.

The scars from these battles are not easily shown.
Hidden as secrets; remaining unknown.

The battle within is the struggle of one.
In place of the many; in place of the gun.
876 · Aug 2013
The Whisper Aug 2013
Apathy. Cynicism. Envy. Shame.
Emotions that flood my thoughts day to day.
This darkness, This plague; It has hollowed my heart.
It has shattered my spirit and all feeling is lost.
This ghost has a name.


Regret is the weight of the burden I bear.
It's all that I've lost when I said, "I don't care."
It's the lies that I forced myself to believe.
Opportunities I've lost in the name of ignorance.

I no longer remember who I see in the mirror.
A fellow, that I, have never seen before.
Is it him? Is it me? Was I blind, now I see?
The truth can be painful, but I must believe.
874 · Feb 2015
A Bitch
The Whisper Feb 2015
Will swallow **** before she swallows her pride.
868 · Aug 2013
What Is Time?
The Whisper Aug 2013
What an anomaly; Time, is it not?
Like a cold burning flame or ice that is hot,
It is hard to explain, but observant am I.
Time is an illusion to the untrained eye.

Isn't it odd how it seems to stand still,
Or diminish in haste along with one's will,
When the desire is lost or the flame has grown weak,
In search of life's treasures or whatever you seek?

By our own human rules, time does not abide.
Time is most valuable when not on your side.
Time is alone, neutral, and mute.
Life is a tree and time is its fruit.

Tales have been told of a fountain of youth,
And the men who went in search of its truth.
The truth is that life becomes obsolete,
When our journey through life remains incomplete.

Time is a but a concept of the brilliant human mind.
Time is an illusion to all of mankind.
Time remains still, quiet and whole.
Life's an adventure and death is our goal.

In an infinite universe, time will not last.
The future; unwritten. Forgotten; the past.
Life is the present and all life must end.
This is the truth that I choose to contend.
The idea behind this poem is inspired by my own personal philosophy on time, space, life and existence. Time is simply a window of perception that allows us to determine changes in our surroundings. This poem questions the existence of time in the absence of life, and argues that time does not move, but it is, in fact, us that is moving through time itself, and that if life were infinite (meaning we could live forever), time would no longer exist in the aspect that it no longer affects us as humans.
838 · Jul 2014
The Whisper Jul 2014
All the time,
I'm suffering.

Living is slowly suffocating.

I'm afraid to die.
I don't want to die.

But waiting for death seems to be the only way,
I can keep myself from getting pulled under.

Death lingers in the back of my mind,
Keeping me afloat.
Keeping me alive.

Because when I die, I can only expect one thing.

*The Truth.
835 · Oct 2013
A Pendelum Axe
The Whisper Oct 2013
I need my rest tonight.
But my mind is wide-awake.
Emotional strife in my comfortable life,
Leave me with decisions to make.

But doubt...
Is what forces my eyes open,
And keeps me pinned against my bed.

Is what makes my fists clench.
Making me repeat what I said.

It's like torture.

A pendulum axe.
Right above my bed.
Trying get inside of my head.

Why is life so difficult?
Is this really meant to be?

*The truth is everything is really up to me.
Everyone knows what a pendulum axe is... right? RIGHT?!
834 · May 2014
As I Look Up At The Sky
The Whisper May 2014
I pinch my brow, and rub my eyes.
I procure a heavy sigh.
I feel regret, a dear old friend,
As I look up at the sky.

I retreat to my mind, I shut my eyes.
I think of what to say.
Hate comes along, whistling his song,
"How would you rather feel today?"

I searched for love, I found someone.
I thought she was a dream.
Instead I found myself in hell.
People aren't always what they seem.

I was blinded by "love", I am in love.
I love her and she loves me.
But so many questions come to my mind.
"Are we truly meant to be?"

I don't know, I don't know, I really don't know...
There's so much pain in my heart.
The things that we do and the things that we say,
Are tearing us apart.

I unclench my fists, I open my eyes.
I let out a heavier sigh.
Rubbing my eyes, I wipe these tears
As I look up at the sky.
In this poem, I used a lot of imagery to try and paint pictures and piece together what it's like when we all stare at something, eyes wide open (for whatever reason) and we just become unaware of ourselves whilst in deep thought. We just focus so deeply on what we're thinking about, and we get so lost, that as soon as we open our eyes, we don't even realize how little or how much time has passed. The shortness of this poem is supposed to mimicking how very little thinking can be a lot to take in at once.
823 · Aug 2013
The Silent Wrath
The Whisper Aug 2013
As I look upon the human race;
Just normal everyday people,
There is only one word that stands out in my mind;

******* disgusting.

Putrid wastes of human space.
******* air and eating food.
They never stop eating, they never stop drinking,
While some other people starve to death.

Selfish and stupid.
People scramble for "stuff".
With money they don't have for **** they don't need.
Then they whine about working their dead end jobs.

Animals. Pigs.
Breeding like rats.
Even the ones that shouldn't reproduce.
Just making more useless ******* people,
To contribute to a materialistic, elitist, bigoted global society.

"This is cool. That is cool.
That's ******* lame."
All these stupid ******* rules.
Pop culture and the so-called, "status quo."

And how violent can people get?
Picking fights over dumb ****.
Gang members and terrorists.
It's never safe anymore.

How many more wars must we see before peace?
How many more years before love overcomes all?

It'll never ******* happen.
Because humans are pathetic.

Just another ******* animal with a bigger brain than the rest.
This poem is titled, "The Silent Wrath" because this piece was influenced by the idea of being able to say, out loud, my most brutal and painfully honest thoughts. What would you say if you didn't have to hold anything back?
805 · Apr 2018
The Whisper Apr 2018
The weight of my thoughts;
This “pain” that I feel;
I wonder how much of it
Truly, is real.

Neglecting my health;
I seek comfort in vices;
Like cannabis, or nicotine.
But at least I’m not a drunk.

Yet I find myself in pain;
Itching for a taste;
For a glimmer of solace.
Just a promise of peace.

What am I craving?
What am I yearning for?
So I can feel high?
Or because I’m just bored?

I need something.
803 · Oct 2013
The Whisper Oct 2013
Fire and brimstone are nothing compared,
To the hell that I see, that I live, that I am.
You see, Hell is not a place where the ****** are condemned,
But a place in my head where Regret is the king.

It's a place where everything I wish I could've taken back,
Is played over and over and over again.
Torturing me and who I want to be,
With the image of who I was in the past.

Regret is the king, but Satan is me.
I am the accused, the shamed, the opposer.
The struggle is defining who I am today,
In the midst of the memories that I refuse to believe.

Demons are the memories that haunt me.
Beckoning me with false justification.
Chastising me with the whip of ignorance.
Killing me with the truth of my actions.

Hell is not the domain of evil.
Hell is not the source of all wrong.
Hell is a place inside of our heads.
Where we refuse to go and never want to be.
790 · May 2014
The Whisper May 2014
I'm knocking.
Please answer the door.
Let me in, let me in.
I mean you no harm.

Just let me know you.
Let me see you.
I promise you, I promise,
That this is really me.

I hope that one day,
You'll notice the heart,
On my sleeve, that I wear,
Because of the courage you give me.

You're there for me,
So I know you care.
I know you want me around.
So show me the real you.

What could you possibly say,
That is so **** shocking,
That it will scare me away?
Don't be ashamed.

I'm here for you.

If you are afraid,
To let me inside,
Your small room of secrets,
I have news for you.

I'm scared just like you.

I'm scared of you.
I'm scared that you'll ignore me,
When I'm telling the truth.
I've got nothing to hide.

Let me get to know you.
Let me be there for you.
Are you scared of my thoughts?
Then let me show you.

I hope that one day...

*I'll be enough for you.
787 · Aug 2014
Dredge the Sea of Memory
The Whisper Aug 2014
I sink.
And further...


Until I reach the sea floor; scattered and strewn with my memories of you.
The floor beneath the Sea of Memory.

"How messy...", I think.
How will I ever find that memory of you?
That moment of bliss that you shared with me?

So I search on my knees as I dig through the dirt.
Through the memories of hell in the form of clumps.
Of **** and grime.
Of dust and filth.
In the form of all the pain that you caused me when you left.


Encompassed by the sea,
I can still feel the tears rolling down my face.
Becoming a part of the Sea of Memory.

And the search goes on.

And on.
And on.
And on.

Suffering from starvation.
Fueled by your negation
Of our love.

The clouds of dust that I've created,
The product of my search,
Of my own aberration,
Bury me in the soil beneath the sea.

The Sea of Memory.
Does the form that our memories take in our minds seem a little unorganized to you?

And how we search endlessly, sometimes, for the memories that we cherish the most?
766 · Feb 2016
How Am I Supposed To Sleep
The Whisper Feb 2016
If every time
I close my eyes
It's like...

All of the thoughts and memories I possess
From the very first to the absolute now
Are being played over and over and over


In fast forward
And they're flashing so quickly
I can't even enjoy them?

*It's like they're not there at all...
759 · Jun 2014
The Fire
The Whisper Jun 2014
Desire* is the tinder.
The oxygen.
The fuel.

Inspiration is the spark.
Igniting the flame.
Starting a fire.

Determination is the burn.
The intensity of the heat.
Giving you purpose.

Success is the light that shines from the flame.
Shining bright in the darkness
Of a world that is cold.

The fire burns in the hearts of those who long to drink
From the spring of knowledge; From the fountain of joy.

But no matter how much you try to quench your thirst...

**This fire will continue to burn all the days of your life.
The Whisper Nov 2014
How could I have been so stupid?
How could I have been so naive?
To think that I could love someone
So selfish and young and naive?

Never mind, never more.
Selfish *****.
I give you myself, and still you want more?
Sometimes you want less, sometimes you want more.

Hiding the hatred and disgust in my core.

Where there was passion, she saw only thirst.
When there was selflessness, she only saw opportunity.

She called me a loser and told me to get a life.

And this is the girl who wanted to be my wife?
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