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samra fatima Jul 2019
yeah,i was feeling like hell
on the path of my confused mind.
I wanted to scream my whole heart out
but clenched my fists try not to do,
as i was not permitted.  
and that feels like i was burning inside,
which was enough to frightened me
as I'd nobody by my side.
My grey eyes were fiery ,
the apprehension which i wanna share,
but now i am apprised of these things
that no one is gonna care.
After days months and years of chaos and
life-threatening situation
people stabbed me for no good reason.
I'd somehow managed to find a way to be happy
because i realized no one will come,
riding on black horse to save me or take my all worries.
I have to save myself, little by little, day by day
and I’m learning to breathe deep through it ,
and keep walking with a high head
and plastered a smile on my lips.                          
Haruharu Nov 2018
I forgive myself for that weak moment.
When I wanted nothing more than to decieve you, to hurt you.

I forgive myself, cause I didn't.

I forgive you for your lack of words, for your absence.
Cause deep down I know.

I'm sorry that I even have to be sorry..
Leila Valencia Sep 2015
Dimmest tights of all
The wolf behind the streets
Beneath a visage of grandeur lay a meadow of gray
Sit, Sweet Dear I only please you to stay
As the dusk turns to night, the dust begins to collect
The cob webs of falsehoods begin to string out further
Oh sweet! Oh dear!
It didnt take long for the dripping crested diamonds to pound into my ears.
As if a night of silk is better than the cotton of truth
And the chandelier is a flies trap am I the fly?

I scurry and buzz, Leap and fall on the ground
I wake up, but these thoughts were only a dream.
This is me when I got caught up in someones wealth and status. Their education, and other factors got in the way of the person. I was caught up in their materialistic achievments and things that I didnt pay attention to their personality.
The Whisper Aug 2015
Man is not the devil
because he keeps secrets.

The sin merely lies
in the secret itself.
I made her feel wanted
when SHE was in need.
Please, never believe when I say
*I'm Okay" while smiling.
Decieve me I am fool
I do believe in *miracle
Like shoting bullets you throw your words at me,
with that little heart i have,
you knew they will penetrate in my heart and leave me bleeding.

With that anger and pain covered with your gentle words,
i know that you are hurt.
With the smile on your face from ear to ear,
i know you broken.

"No turning" thats the story,
"No forgiveness" thats the song,
"No love" thats your stress relief,
yesterday is gone, tomorrow is here to stay,
but surely that song in you mind will once be erased.

Like shoting bullets, runs down those tears,
like shoting bullets, your words decieved me.
Fell into the traps of your words,
but like a swift bullet, i learnt to drift away quickly.

— The End —