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The Whisper Sep 2014
Put your pleasantries aside; Put your guard down.
Lay all your weapons and deceptions on the ground.
Confess to me, to yourself, and confront, right now,

All things that make your blood boil.*

Embrace the hatred.
Embrace the screams.
Embrace the disgust of deception without exception.
If only you would...
If only you could...

Destroy the selfish in name of the selfless.

Hate them.
The deceivers, the liars and cheaters.
The ones that take advantage of the naive and the honest.

For just a moment, crush them all in your mind.

Pretend to be the justice that karma will one day find.
Odium: general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions.

Embrace the hate, everyone.

— The End —