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Oct 2016
Here we are again.
After all the times that you've said goodbye;
With all the times I told myself I'd never see you;
I always wondered what it would be like;
Could it all change with just one kiss?

We've never met;
Not even once.
And we've talked about that day countless times.
Where your eyes meet my gaze,
And I see your smile,
And I reach out my hand for you to take.

What a day that would be;
To be so clichΓ©;
To love with a love that is more than love,
As one of the best once put it.
To love you as if it were my last day on Earth.

The years have passed,
And you've changed,
As well as I.
But the only thing that remains the same,
Is the fact that I still love you.

The girl that I seem to find myself always fighting for.

I just want to know;
I've been dying to know;
Could it all change with just one kiss?

You could change my life;
And I could change yours.
We could defy all odds
And just focus on what matters most,
To the both of us;

Each other.

Could it be?
That we're all we need?

We could find out;
*With just one kiss.
Long distance relationships are never easy, but what if it's someone you've never had the luxury of ever meeting before?

Is it possible that all the time you've spent talking to each other and trying to learn from each other, whether its over the phone, over skype, or through daily text messages, could ever equate to someone you see all the time and every day; in person?

Especially if you love them?

(I couldn't help myself, but for those of you who notice, I have a little nod or reference to Edgar Allan Poe in the third line of the third stanza. Quoting "Annabel Lee". Giving credits to him.)
The Whisper
Written by
The Whisper  24/M/Los Angeles
(24/M/Los Angeles)   
       Lior Gavra and Francis Titus
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