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The Whisper May 2014
I pinch my brow, and rub my eyes.
I procure a heavy sigh.
I feel regret, a dear old friend,
As I look up at the sky.

I retreat to my mind, I shut my eyes.
I think of what to say.
Hate comes along, whistling his song,
"How would you rather feel today?"

I searched for love, I found someone.
I thought she was a dream.
Instead I found myself in hell.
People aren't always what they seem.

I was blinded by "love", I am in love.
I love her and she loves me.
But so many questions come to my mind.
"Are we truly meant to be?"

I don't know, I don't know, I really don't know...
There's so much pain in my heart.
The things that we do and the things that we say,
Are tearing us apart.

I unclench my fists, I open my eyes.
I let out a heavier sigh.
Rubbing my eyes, I wipe these tears
As I look up at the sky.
In this poem, I used a lot of imagery to try and paint pictures and piece together what it's like when we all stare at something, eyes wide open (for whatever reason) and we just become unaware of ourselves whilst in deep thought. We just focus so deeply on what we're thinking about, and we get so lost, that as soon as we open our eyes, we don't even realize how little or how much time has passed. The shortness of this poem is supposed to mimicking how very little thinking can be a lot to take in at once.

— The End —