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Aug 2013
What an anomaly; Time, is it not?
Like a cold burning flame or ice that is hot,
It is hard to explain, but observant am I.
Time is an illusion to the untrained eye.

Isn't it odd how it seems to stand still,
Or diminish in haste along with one's will,
When the desire is lost or the flame has grown weak,
In search of life's treasures or whatever you seek?

By our own human rules, time does not abide.
Time is most valuable when not on your side.
Time is alone, neutral, and mute.
Life is a tree and time is its fruit.

Tales have been told of a fountain of youth,
And the men who went in search of its truth.
The truth is that life becomes obsolete,
When our journey through life remains incomplete.

Time is a but a concept of the brilliant human mind.
Time is an illusion to all of mankind.
Time remains still, quiet and whole.
Life's an adventure and death is our goal.

In an infinite universe, time will not last.
The future; unwritten. Forgotten; the past.
Life is the present and all life must end.
This is the truth that I choose to contend.
The idea behind this poem is inspired by my own personal philosophy on time, space, life and existence. Time is simply a window of perception that allows us to determine changes in our surroundings. This poem questions the existence of time in the absence of life, and argues that time does not move, but it is, in fact, us that is moving through time itself, and that if life were infinite (meaning we could live forever), time would no longer exist in the aspect that it no longer affects us as humans.
The Whisper
Written by
The Whisper  24/M/Los Angeles
(24/M/Los Angeles)   
   ---, shaqila and Amanda
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