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The Whisper May 2021
Some people will think I’m crazy for saying I’ve fallen for you at first sight, and maybe this will just be another one of those times where I only dream of what could’ve been…
Or another time where get so caught up in the moment, I lose the chance to make it into something more.

But what I want “this” to be, is I want you to love me and I want to love you more than you could ever know. Because I have so much love to give, and I can’t promise you the world, but I promise that I’ll do my very best to be the perfect man for you, because maybe I am the perfect man for you, and I just don’t know it yet.
The Whisper Jul 2019
I tell myself that I’ll one day,
Have everything I’ve always wanted
And more.
But as life passes and my time on Earth
Grows shorter and shorter.
And my struggles only seem to get harder
And more trivial at the same time,
I wonder if it’s even worth losing my hair or if I have invested enough, or even at all.
The Whisper Sep 2018
I can’t even begin to describe,
The absolute joy; the warmth; the elation;
That came over me that moment,
Even if for just a moment,
That you took me by the hand.
I can’t even remember the last time
I wanted something so small to last forever.

All I’ve wanted to be is closer to you,
In every way possible.
To know your biggest dreams
And your deepest fears.
And if somehow those things
Magically lined up with mine,
Only then could I show you
How big I can smile.

But that night,
All the distractions that were,
That was the one thing that I know
I did not merely imagine
On a drunken night.

But right now, I’m okay.
Here; far away. From you.
But I have that moment;
Even if it’s only mine.
Of that one moment when our hands
For a special person.
The Whisper Apr 2018
The weight of my thoughts;
This “pain” that I feel;
I wonder how much of it
Truly, is real.

Neglecting my health;
I seek comfort in vices;
Like cannabis, or nicotine.
But at least I’m not a drunk.

Yet I find myself in pain;
Itching for a taste;
For a glimmer of solace.
Just a promise of peace.

What am I craving?
What am I yearning for?
So I can feel high?
Or because I’m just bored?

I need something.
The Whisper Oct 2016
Here we are again.
After all the times that you've said goodbye;
With all the times I told myself I'd never see you;
I always wondered what it would be like;
Could it all change with just one kiss?

We've never met;
Not even once.
And we've talked about that day countless times.
Where your eyes meet my gaze,
And I see your smile,
And I reach out my hand for you to take.

What a day that would be;
To be so cliché;
To love with a love that is more than love,
As one of the best once put it.
To love you as if it were my last day on Earth.

The years have passed,
And you've changed,
As well as I.
But the only thing that remains the same,
Is the fact that I still love you.

The girl that I seem to find myself always fighting for.

I just want to know;
I've been dying to know;
Could it all change with just one kiss?

You could change my life;
And I could change yours.
We could defy all odds
And just focus on what matters most,
To the both of us;

Each other.

Could it be?
That we're all we need?

We could find out;
*With just one kiss.
Long distance relationships are never easy, but what if it's someone you've never had the luxury of ever meeting before?

Is it possible that all the time you've spent talking to each other and trying to learn from each other, whether its over the phone, over skype, or through daily text messages, could ever equate to someone you see all the time and every day; in person?

Especially if you love them?

(I couldn't help myself, but for those of you who notice, I have a little nod or reference to Edgar Allan Poe in the third line of the third stanza. Quoting "Annabel Lee". Giving credits to him.)
The Whisper Apr 2016
My mind is a work of art.
For the longest time,
it remained hidden in a cellar.
Away from the judging eyes of the world.

It's been put on display, but some pieces are missing.
Being restored and maintained properly.
To repair the effects of time and the elements.
So that it may be enjoyed forever.

It sits in a gallery for everyone to see.
Wanting to be understood by all those who breathe.
Most people stop, glance, and leave,
But a few people stop and do more than just see.

They feel.
They know. They understand.
Or at least try.
They look at the lines and try to see through.
"What is the artist trying to tell you?"
The Whisper Feb 2016
If every time
I close my eyes
It's like...

All of the thoughts and memories I possess
From the very first to the absolute now
Are being played over and over and over


In fast forward
And they're flashing so quickly
I can't even enjoy them?

*It's like they're not there at all...
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