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Karijinbba Jul 16
~ lover poet friend~
Do with us as you please
~RD for angel K~
You aligned us but we the lovers turn the keys to accept or decline even our frantic tantric joy where we rhyme.

For too long I shot my doors fearing flinching distance will have the last laugh.
then came my love RD
and I can touch Raj places
no one can and he
Mine that much more.

  I am over being out of time  
Not taking more blows
I exude security confidence power value my yes and nos are good I am myself

If you must to her go who
waits for her younger half
green needing wear, Go.
And you keep your love and Angel K me on hold;?
I rather keep your sword
And Z dagger in hearts orb.
The cosmos needs nothing
Why should I? I showed you how my journey can prosper us both and our family!

not you and ur other Z.
We mirrored each other searching for long lost lovers yet all you see is distance.
And your Z.
There are so many songs to play many lovely little things to live for yours and mine.

Remember make up your mind for our gates to open up your tiny window z must close-respect my freedom of speech.
My love and feelings matter
Yours matter more to me.

We are at crossroads
I've been here before
Dignity whispers
I am disciplined in the art of love and boundaries.
I ain't door mat for lovers rainny days.
By Karijinbba.
Alina Dec 2020
I think you never really move on from 'that' person. The pain just becomes more dull where it once was so sharp, sending daggers in to your oh so tender heart.

Aleka May 2020
Your touch
burns my skin,
as hot as a blazing fire
Your words,
pierce my heart
just like a sharp dagger
Your eyes,
undress my soul,
gently and effortlessly.
wander through my mind,
at any moment and any time.
hiba sajid May 2020
Nobody knew about my new favorite possession.
I hid my precious dagger well from everyone.

The dagger gave me a sense of pride.
A new level of confidence to please one and all.
A wicked sense of charm
that  brought everyone I wanted under my spell.

I slowly slid my hand inside my jacket
to reach for my source of power.

And with calculated introspection,
I stabbed them all from behind.
Feeling a sense of exhilaration,
after each ******.

I can feel my hands soaked in sin,
but I'm too far ahead of myself to retrospect.
I'm a slave of the dagger now.
And I don't wish to be saved.
Be careful of backstabbers and deceitful people. It's hard to notice them until it's too late.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
little darlings.
Off to sleep,
your dreams
once more.
They can lift
your burdens
by teaching them
how to fly,
and away they shall flutter with just one wish from your heart.
Wherefore, you can bid them
far from
the quiet
of home,
where you
and pray
for father's
I remember the time when little Timmy was getting beat up
A group of them kicked and stomped on him till he bled out
It's pretty graphic but his skull was fractured like a broken chestnut
The world is a ****** place, dog eat dog out there and little Timmy
Well he never liked it out here, he always said that this world was corrupt
This world with evil, vile, inhumane people who think they are important

If you ask me, those group of kids are no different than the government
Don't even get me started on the people who are above the government
They are **** of the earth who want nothing more than the universe
Nothing but a bunch of predators who find bliss in watching those suffer
Curators of false truths and disasters, one hand over the eye and another over a dagger soaked in the blood of the innocent
They may be worse than tyrants but they sure as hell are intelligent
I suppose that isn't true.. maybe society is blinded by their brilliance

Society, going from one place to another like hollowed-out drones
Dreams lost into the ether, living in sorrow with both hands on their iPhone
Leaving what could have been to the Unknown, milestones never reached
And nothing remarkable on their gravestone

Don't let that be you, take control of your life and chase your dreams
Become the better you, believe and keep your head held high
Your time is nigh and you will succeed.
Created by me on January 23rd, 2020
Here we are again in the moonlight
all of us dressed in a black cloak
and no sounds are heard, not even a frog's croak.

we invoke that which slumbers in the darkness
and dance along to the tune of humanity's cries
I'm getting tired of hanging with you guys
I want to leave, but I know that's unwise.

I want to apologize to those that I love
that I care for, you guys mean so much
I know you guys judge me for how I ended up
and I know I ****** up
but *******, I love you all so much.
Created by me on November 18th, 2019
Right in the feels.. never take the friends you have for granted. cherish every moment with them.
Nikkita Jan 2020

In the ray of my light
Here stay into my sight
Laid in your almighty throne
Wine over your toga we will mourn

Have you decided?
To be left unguided?
No matter what
I won't miss the cut
Dedicated for you only
Now sleep soundly
Maybe not tonight
Only I made to be right
Still remain
Above you
Myka Dec 2019
your sword is pointed at my neck,
so go ahead and slit my throat.
you'll see no fear in my eyes when you do.
the tip of my dagger already did its job,
and soon, the poison will **** you too.
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