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Deadwood Jawn Jun 22
"But maybe it's more like
stealing your own dagger,
purifying it
faithfully stabbing you
with a smile on my face"
Conversation. Proverbs 27:6
Darryl M May 9
The ******* of a voice in one’s heart,
The soundness of longing,
Echoes of an empty love,
Oh, the noise of the thoughts in memory,
The pictured message in the painting,
Paintings of desire.

Silence be a double dagger,
But numb is the cut on love’s edges.
Why do I have a feeling,
that you have a feeling,
the one that I’m feeling?

Insecurities be shaped like a question mark,
Indecisiveness be an exclamation,
Pity be on the tears that clog the eyes.
Completed: 11th August 2018 [19:25 PM]
Thomas-Quinn Apr 30
Sweet poison
Glazes thy lips, making them bittersweet
Those lips once warm and tender on mine
Now lifeless and cold to the touch
Oh what ill timing, for him to die as I awake
His breaths to shallow as mine deepen
His dagger lays upon the floor
Bloodied from my betrothed
How shall I live without my Romeo
Oh I cannot
Sweet dagger end this pitiful life
So I can be with my Romeo once more.
Had to write poems for my English class so why not post them?
Jessica Dec 2018
As I lay in a tangle of sheets,
hands clutched over heart
as if shielding it from a dagger
that had already been stuck inside of it,

I marveled at how easy it was
for him to break me and my heart once and for all
when all I ever did
was give over my broken pieces

to make him whole.
Aghubbs Dec 2018
I sharpen my blade nightly
Sparks will fly into the dark.
Crafted as a dagger.
This weapon is powerful.
It can light up the darkest places,
And darken the lightest.

I sharpen my words nightly,
Sparks will fly into the dark.
Crafted as a dagger.
This weapon is powerful.
This is a weapon I will not put down.
Haruharu Nov 2018
I hear your voice from the corridor.

Your laughter triggers my grief, I get so weak.

The voice that once gave me butterflies now feels like a dagger in my chest.

I can no longer hide, time's up.

I have to face you.

I wasn't strong enough to look down and our eyes met.

I felt the space, the universe even, between us.

A cracked glass wall I can't punch through no matter how hard I'd try.

While facing reality the ground beneath me gets blurry.

I'll never get away from you.

The walls I have to build to survive having you around won't be crushable.

Loving you will be my loneliest downfall.
stopdoopy Jan 29
Coming from the mouth of hate
A deep green ink tumbling out
With those **** red petals
Having been stained by the blood
Spilling into vile words of suffering
Twisting this way and that
As if alive- slithering into place

I would plunge the dagger
Deeper still into your chest
Turning it and slicing on either side
Until I could reach in and pluck
That beating ***** from the cavity
And hold it in my hand, so tenderly
Just as I always have been with you
And then crush it in between palms
Applying more pressure until
The pain is unbearable and then
Maybe you will have felt
What you've put me through
The line about the petals is reminiscent of my poem "Unrequited Love" and both pieces are about the same person.

This one came from the feelings of when you *****- the rising bile, acrid smell, acidic bite, the retching, and the tears.
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Our arms lock and embrace
I stare at your lovely face
the reflection in your eye
shows another guy
that's standing behind

Dagger stabbing, blade twisting
back bleeding, stomach turning
eyes blurry, ears ringing
mouth drying, brain denying.

Am I just your stability?
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