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May 2015
Let's start with the good,
When I asked if I should.
Should I pursue, and give myself to you?
A friend is a friend, but when you kissed me;

You pulled out a part of me you don't deserve to see.

I held your soft hands and held your sea green gaze,
I looked to your soul and saw flashes of pain,
flashes of beauty and a glimmer of hope;

Hoping that we were not meant to be.

The guy you pulled out with a kiss is a fool,
a sucker for love and an ignorant tool.
He played by your rules and he kicked your ***.

Don't prey on the good men who still have some class.

I admit that the things that I told you were bad,
and sorry, not really, for making you sad,
I'll miss being able to call you my buddy;

You get what you give when you're selfish and slutty.
This poem has a long story to it. It involves a girl I once called a friend who basically led me to believe that she wanted to pursue a relationship or ***. But apparently, "she was just playing a game". I'll admit I played my role in ******* myself over by putting on the rose colored glasses for a while, but it recently ended with me trying to apologize to her for making fun of her, her refusing to accept my apology and playing the victim, and I called her a ****. So yeah, we don't talk anymore
The Whisper
Written by
The Whisper  24/M/Los Angeles
(24/M/Los Angeles)   
   Deadmute and Eiliv Advena
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