Artists minds
Have fragile souls
The delicate way
We pen our words
Shows our vulnerability

We bare our scars
Hopes and dreams
To heal the pain
Of our wounded hearts

We must create
For our own understanding
Self discovery
To process the turmoil
And calm our fears and anxiety

Tattooing our thoughts
On our readers minds
Letting each person who reads
Carry a piece of the pain with them
Until there is none left
BW 4d
I paid my therapist £600 for a piece of paper
to tell me what's wrong with me.
I don't care about money, it's just a figure
like the numb large sum
Sitting in my bank account.

How you fucked me up
I dream of you,
I dream a river of red, dyed by your blood
How much I wish I hit you
with that glass, again and again, on the
back of your head, until you fall down
When you locked me in that room
And stopped me in my road.

If I had a trigger, I would have pulled it
a thousand times over. No blink.
they are all wrong. "You were too slutty"
"It's because you were frivolous"
How is jeans and a hoodie frivolous?
Tell me, how is it my fault
for a man three times my age to try
ripping my clothes off
at 16 year old?
It's a personal story, that's all I can say
Rebel Heart Mar 5
I am of broken bones
And shattered homes
Do Not take pity on me

Because behind these walls
And an innocent smile
Lies years of scars haunting me
(Something else from the lyric wall and I'm feeling a sick today so sorry if all the poems I share of RH's are depressing ~BM)

(Front Page 3/5/2018)
There’s a mark on my back.
It’s a scar,
From days gone by.
A memory,
Of long lost faith.

I run my fingers over it,
Slowly going up and down,
In a pattern on my skin.
I count the ripples as I count my days,
Silently waiting, hoping they will end.

Weeds grow out my body,
From seeds planted by destiny.
What created an upheaval to my skin,
Will do the same for my mind.

Fate will get us all in the end.
But all that they will remember,
Is days gone by,
Memories long gone,
And a back, torn apart.
Tkpoet Feb 24
Misplaced by you
Nothing destroyed like you
Slow melody near my side
Closed eyes with some silent slide
Rain for needy one
Huge hills never surrender
Reminds the same sacrifice
Mind was full ,heart was hollow
Leave all behind and move solo
This match is without a refrie
Cold night without a pretty fire
Move away in the arms of dark
This may cause a start
Save some tears inside the
Unstoppable memories cramp
Somebody act like a scamp
They just put a knife
Inside the heart of a kite
The way I look and feel
Mystic Ink Feb 21
Celestial pauses
Out of a way,
Hope from the healer
A daily dose of blessing,
With a humanitarian warmth,
Touching life,
Oath, “Certified to save”,
Interpreted, “License to kill”
"Monsters", we are believed to them
No one listens but a silence,
Giving meaning to it.

I have stories, I too have scars,
Let me breathe the same air,
Let me breathe,

Let me breathe the same air,
Let me breathe.
Genre: Clinical
Mystic Ink Feb 18
Lost an essence
In a blink of the eyes
A chronic scar
Unseen to a lines of sight

Beauty of fragility
Buffering senses,
Obsession is lost
A change is born

Being a child,
Now it’s a turn to shine
Let darkness casts a light
Exploring self, a war is won.
Genre: Rational
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Rebel Heart Feb 14
Because the spaces between
These broken lines
Sketched onto my skin
           and the
The spaces within these ugly scars
Cut into my back
There lies a million words
Left unsaid and shattered
Tucked inside of a chest
Buried into the folds
In the darkest corners
Of my messed up mind
Oh how I wish
I could give you the key
To unlock it all
Yet my fate
Remains sealed
Inside my clenched hands
And within my quivering lips
(Part(s) of a long poem later used as an inspiration for a quite popular novel by RH... Btw still passive-aggressively avoiding a dear friend of mine although I'm sure that's exactly what she wants me to do...- If you read this well secrets are fucked up, your scars don't define you, and you deserve the world as much as you say I do- Happy Writing! ~BM)

(Front Page 2/14/2018)
In his world where the sun barely rises,
there she is— set to give warmth.
The war inside his head is extreme,
but there she is whispering good dreams.
Many times he will shout "help!"
and there she responds and loves him more than herself.
She chooses to learn how to dance in the rain,
and tells him she's there even in times of pain;
because she cares more of his scars
than facing her own wars—
because she loves him and she hopes he knew.

*-Steph Dionisio,  February 14, 2018
Happy Valentine's Day!  ❤
Open up the Wound…by Jessie 7/05

Time has healed the wound
The scar thick and numb

News came today
Picking at the wound

Tearing at the flesh
Until the bloods released

Memories close at hand
Feelings unappeased

Am I still attached?
By this single thread

Is his blood half mine?
Have I been, deceived?

Do I want to know?
Was everything a lie?

Open up the wound
Memories will not die
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