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s a m Oct 15
What a kind of art
this breach had made me become?
My clean canvas heart
was smeared by a paint of scar–
depicting a scarry night
from my last September sight
of you.
Copyright © 2020 by Sam N. de la Rosa
Gregory Oct 8
The day the needle hit my vein I said to my self I’ll never be the same  in the hospital going insane trading ebt for chump change like dam it’s a hurricane I need to get back to my old line ****** is Scared to lose friends and have enemy I’m like ***** you ever felt your own body not having your back looking at  life this **** it wack stack up racks cause at 21 that’s where I was at now I’m playing for the Yankees cause my backwoods fat I ain’t rapping for fun I’m speaking facts low self esteem couldn’t get no *** from these Instagram chicks had to to go the back rout going to back page looking for the right number  no feelings attach to blow her back out no love in the game **** is done you **** up i **** up **** it let’s just give up in my mind like dam there is no love then after that get hit by a cold storm dialysis trying to keep my attach to its  self analysis transplant on a scary month always played dum just to watch you chumps I think it’s my time of the month I’m just so sprong 7 years of no birthday no fun had to take my self out my own body like look at your self you *** never really spoke about my feelings just kick it lay back smoke a blunt cause I wasn’t in to the other drugs but the hospitals visit and stay num me up Percocet’s up back pain now I’m just trying to find the way out like rapunzel rapunzel let your hair down so I can climb my way to being back to number 1 cause being number 0 **** felt like eating water with cereal
beneath the ground many
thousands of souls lay

they had their lives
taken prematurely

songs of the requiem
play in remembrance

never shall the world forget
the disease's marring scar

that which dimmed a human's
light of existence
S Sep 4
The words flutter out of your mouth and burn themselves into my back, scarring me forever with the feeling of kindness.
Alive Sep 2
Softly caress my skin
Slowly encounter my body
Touch the scars
Weaving my body
Etch your hand
Against my form
Parade the scars
Show society
Scars are beautiful
What do my memories taste like? There lies on my tongue—
An atomic bomb:
a purported speck, with no chicken pox skin situated upon such.
I spat it out; I wobbled on and on, stomping the microscopic intensity into the sludge.
No one sees; how pleasant…

My shoe’s underside slit it— a paper cut broiled to the infinitude degree—
Preposterous conundrum! Slam!
I fulminate! I screech, the needy baby I am!
My guttural heave strews in the wind:
deformed limbs on the newer generations, an abysmal thread.

Supposedly bland, but then: a guzzling bleed from you and I gushes on and on; but oh, was it needed!
Listen to my writhing! Soak in my curdling roaring!

I am the mafia mastermind, but I plead to guilt!
The vandalism cannot be grated, but I will
revamp, spot clean, and hunt for a vaccine.
I cannot cure a scored scar, but rest assured:
I will endeavor to solidify the clot.
Ainsley Aug 26
She found him...
Amidst of all the chaos in her mind
Amidst all the battles undergone by her heart...

Everytime she was broken he turned out to be the bandage...
Everytime she held back those tears
His shoulder was enough to pour down her majestic falls....
He was there by her side all along..
That she never felt all alone...

The therapist for her pain
The healer for her scars...

Everytime she looked at his eyes
She went speechless
for she could see all her happiness just right before her♥️
True love never finds you at your best...
It's something that searches you only at your worst ♥️

Don't be sad if a love of yours broke your heart...
It's painful.
But everything happens for a reason..
Maybe you deserve even more
Giovanna Aug 4
An Invisible permanent scar,
will hitch my wagon to the star.
Some say no time to heal
I say I won't let it make me it's meal.
Some say you need a little brightness.
I say some things are better timeless.
Don't hold on to your past. Also don't forget it completely. Use it as a fuel to launch yourself to better things in life
Ainsley Jul 10
All you could see was my hands shake
But you'll never see
My heart under an earthquake
The majestic waterfall behind my heart break
But it's not how you say
It's not "easy" as you say
After all this I know
I'll survive with an obsolete heart
Even after this
You'll never understand
The scars deep cut
Just because of your silence
And I know it will take some time to
Heal and mend
I know I'll survive even if
All I end up will be with an
they say true love will thaw...
Maybe it's true ...or...maybe it's not...💔
Alice Jul 7
I could never just let things go.

always digging up the graves
of past conflicts laid to rest.

always picking at the scabs,
making sure they left a scar.

I never wanted to forget
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