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Now I know
You’re flying high
Take my scars
Our feelings blow into the wind
I wish one day I could take your hand
Walk in the strange path that nobody sees it
I want to say
That you are always mine
As you’ve loved me
As you've loved me
Indonesia, 21st July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Mathieu Jul 11
Tonight is a Terrible, Silent Respite
From The Cruel, Cruel March.
The Brilliance of Sunlight's Beauty
Begins to Scar With Cracks of Dark .
The Echoes Of The Universe
Are Few And Far Apart,
And In This Of All My Treasured Moments,
I Wonder Where You Are?

The Pillars And Foundations Sometimes Fall
From So Many Things That Were Beautiful
And Tears I Weep As Light Escapes,
Kneeling Before The Fireplace,
To The Flames, Whose Soul Burns to Embrace
The Many Broken Parts Of Me,
That Can No Longer Be Replaced.
To Love Lost.
To The Friends, Now Gone.
To The Good In Me, Eroded.
And To The Man I Want To Become.
Where Are You?
I Need You.
Sadness has freed me
Sow a scar upon my face
Release me from dark
Haiku 7
Kyle Jun 6
Am I the only one who's crazy?
Falling in love with a celebrity.
I know his too far.
He's a star,
I'm aiming for.
But instead i got a scar,
That I can only adore.
I can't reach him,
Cause he's too far.
That I can only stare from afar.
Van Xuan Jun 2
They say people come and go
It is the normal way of life
But for me that is not the case

Too many people rely on me
As their mental and moral support
As their final refuge of being sane

Being left behind feels suffocating
Where my world feels numb
Struggling to keep myself sane

They are my source of refuge
They are my only salvation
They are the ones who keep me sane

If one of them left because of me
If one of them lost because of me
The fault is on me

A trauma for the rest of my life
When I need to act normal for the people who still needs my help but I'm dying inside
Jay May 25
Collagen created
By drawing across skin,
A boy playing with blades,
Stretching his flesh thin.

Collagen ladders
Made in his war,
Leading up his side.
He will make no more.

Collagen scars,
Spelling out words
Of hate and disgust,
Fade slowly from his form.

Collagen fades,
But memory doesn't.
He'll look back with a smile
When the future becomes present.
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just something to share from my drafts:]

mess me once

mess me twice

split the deeds

then **** the ice

fly if high or die

bought them special in need for a bail

to my depressed longing vail

what if served no more

what if dead the excite I anticipate greedily is sore

not of a notice

not of a presence

brought to numb and sleep till reach of no heavens

return the air

in need of light despair

breaks of laws and mounts of odds and dares

no truth in compare

let the brush do its fair

she knows how to care

no one but her

I do not know yet aware

to you alone I declare

nowhere to be found you are here

SiouxF Mar 27
A heart is like a piece of parchment,
Being on the receiving end
Of a barbed word or
Spiteful action,
Crumples up the paper.
No matter how much you smooth it out,
It can never be the same again,
And each crease will be a reminder, a scar,
Of the pain and torment you went through.
It is your choice whether the scar causes further pain,
Repeating the trauma you went through over and over in your mind’s eye,
Or you see them as life’s rich tapestry,
A sign of your strength
An indicator of who you are,
A lesson learned.
You told me about the scar you've had since you were a kid.
A permanent reminder of a moment's mistake.
I wondered what other scars there were—imprints of time that I could and couldn't see.
Moreover, I wondered If I had given you any.
Am I the cause of those indiscernible tangents of life that run through your head every night?
Had I left reminders of me that you can't get rid of?
As I picked you up by the thorn, our love was bound for scarring. These ****** tattoo my skin, shades of black and grey--forever we are.
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