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Sadie Grace Jan 4
I feel so alone
Like I got no home
I just want to roam
Check out the unknown
But I'm just a girl living in a semi-dangerous world
Try to keep my pack
Knives stuck in my back
Can't trust anyone
Can't love anyone
Nowhere I belong
Wish I could be strong
All I ever am is wrong
Ren Sturgis Jan 2022
Tantalizing, Tantalizing, Tantalizing
Frigid, Frigid, Frigid
A game we both play,
a game of tag..
Confident they'll win
Sure that I'll lose
Sharp, Sharp, Sharp
Powerful, Powerful, Powerful
Inspired by an ****** workshop, Unearthing our ****** Archetypes
Led by Moonyeka and FoxDen
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, once in October-----<>

once in fallen October
a yellow far than closer
maybe more red than what smells older

steps flashback to my death
when I tried to find my swept breath
maybe ten seconds left my world in mess
at the train station
still lost in words desperation
maybe why I yearn today even for hurt in fascination
broken feels hold
immortal memories remain unfold
maybe ringing phones would again shiver me in cold

in your stare
felt like I was there
maybe letters I missed from gazes tripping down the stairs
backs embrace
more than a lover's torn trace
maybe how sometimes I forget your face
when I swear to get rid to not show
my heart stops acting in slow
maybe longs paled my color once upon a time ago

never mine
older than wine
maybe a one tasted moment time
drained my soul and called me helplessly
see you living selfishly
maybe all in my head in hope of the real of my fantasy

maybe the don't leave was a mumble created
maybe honey drips cut like knives invaded
maybe sweet carries of lots an essence when devastated

Karijinbba Oct 2020
Dearest everything:
I don't want you to leave empty-handed please take it all
every treasure known
and unknown, every loot
you are familiar with
upon that hill.
It's all yours I will only be harmed
take even my beloved precious children
I won't miss them or worry about them if you have them
to love them
as your very own!
They know no other father than you.
Those three children you lost,
I have them against all odds.

I trust only you after God
only you after any other human
on Mother Earth
after poverty joy and happiness,
after caos after
every terrible disaster.
You got heart brains charm grace heart understanding
you are a King of kings
God sent by heavens bridge
I love you so much.
I always have, always will;
before and after every treasure
every blessing is you.
All copy rights apply.
words left unsaid are more than just any bittersweet regret.
They are knives wounds that never stop bleeding
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
Every breath, a weight
on my chest, reluctantly
comes, being chased
only by my
quickening pulse.
A knife slips between
my ribs and with
every word that passes over my lips, it
A silent scream is trapped
behind my teeth.
Butterflies with knives
are cutting up
my insides.

Found poem from Automatic Loveletter's song "Butterflies"
Check out the other poems in the "Butterflies" series.
This is a found poem. The lyrics at the bottom are not my concept.
This poem was written in 2016.
John Darnielle Nov 2020
It's not the barnacles that do all the damage
Figure this out too late
It's not the destination that makes the difference
It's the freight

Everything becomes a blur from six feet away
Get used to this
Every card ever turned over remains in play
Get used to this

Not every wave is a tidal wave
Not every wave is a tidal wave

It's not the mutiny written down in the diary
It's the manifest
Forgotten cargo in obsolete measurements
Anybody's guess

Even the proud, even the very proud
Probably die on their knees
Twin masts out on the open seas
Mistaken for trees

Not every wave is a tidal wave
Not every wave is a tidal wave
this song may or may not be titled after the Magic: the Gathering card
John Darnielle Nov 2020
We sail we sleep we scry by land
We dig a pit beneath the sand
A place to keep the sun at bay
At dark we rise and find our way

With our faithful companion by our side
Put it all on the table and let it ride
Close to the drop-off on our long slide

The land we left becomes a dream
The ghosts we knew, they rise like steam
They leave some trails against the sky
All but invisible to the eye

With our faithful companion by our side
Put it all on the table and let it ride
Close to the drop-off on our long slide

Call off the search party,
Let mourners wail by the shore

Point to the spot where our ship disappeared
We're not coming home any more

Should you succeed and breach the coast
You tell your friends you've seen a ghost
You tell them all there's nothing here worth dying for
You leave it there

With our faithful companion by our side
Put it all on the table and let it ride
Close to the drop-off on our long slide
song from the new album, Getting into Knives
Jonathan Moya Dec 2019
Let the black dogs run wild,
sharpen the knives for
some real back stabbing,
roundup the usual suspects,
the mystery is about to begin.

The cardigan teen with
his nose buried in his iPhone-
he’s a suspect- murderous thoughts
sprouting his blood-brain barrier.

The neglected son tethered
to a high ranking, paying
position in the family business
with nothing burdens-
he’s a suspect too.

Eight others are robbing
Peter to pay Paul
to pay Mary to pay Martha
to pay the extorting genomes,
on the verge of being exposed,
all dangling near disinheritance.

The old codger with the money
whose always leaving clean knives out,
knowing they will forever thirst
for meat and blood, the ******
that will do the work for him,
the job his lawyers failed to do

until the whole ***** gang
finds him splayed on the calico rug,
a Chuka Bocho clever in his stomach,
a Wusthof stuck in a vertebrae-
well, he was a prime suspect,
but now, obviously he is not.

Patricide is not always a family crime.
Point the finger at the mother,
daughter, sister, son, brother
but also the heart, soul, brain
of all others inflicted with hate
that makes everyone suspects too.
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