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Steve Page Sep 25
This is my lament for London and its young lives lost:

Did you see a tarnished surface
that made you look again
Was it reflected in the lyrics
in the anthem of the Thames

Was the traffic still diverted
Had the Borough lost good men
Were mothers dry from crying
at the anthem of the Thames

Did you see the children drowning
Was the tide too high from rain
Were the barges towed in silence
past the anthem of the Thames

Were the songs drowned out by shouting
Did the words turn boys insane
Did the drum beats beat past midnight
to the anthem of the Thames

Was it echoed through the arches
Did the shadows hide the stains
Did the wounded walk til morning
through the anthem of the Thames

Will you still be here at day break
Do you claim this grey domain
Will you pray for restoration
of the anthem of the Thames
Yes, a repeat from last year.  More reports of men killed with knives.
Lucy Sep 2
She did not want to be saved
- she aspired to be the saviour.
She did not need to be craved
- she sought respectful behaviour.

She didn't use swords nor knives,
she could **** by being nice.
malluraeh Jul 11
cant be disappointed
if you walk around with
knives already sticking out of your back
Kayla Gallant Jun 10
I scream over the banging and pounding
I doubt you can hear me
Throat raw and red with anger
I throw my words at you like knives
But they never reach you
For my tongue is foreign
Like a wild animal confined to a cage
I wish I could break free
To snap your neck
And make you see
This world is not as it seems
These people are not real
Society is too far gone ❤️
Young lives are being slaughtered by knives
law and order seems to have no power
to contain the gangs creating such strife
brutality grows not by weeks but the hour
these crimes getting rapidly out of control
with no logic to the mounting toll!

The gangs culture has been allowed to expand
cities towns and villages none are immune
in the present climate they are in command
too often on the roadside flowers are strewn
lawlessness spreads as people are oppressed
helpless we stand as a society transgressed!

A bleak future violence escalates and discipline
is now lost allowing worrying complacency in
surely it extends far deeper into our culture
where nobody can see that hovering vulture!

Now nobody is safe from the threat of violence
as corruption destroys human tolerance!

violence seems out of control peace and understanding forgotten!#TheFoureyedPoet.
People killing
People dying
We ask were is the Love
It makes no sense at all.
What a (((World)))  we live in
No-one values life.
What are humans all about.
Oh that bitter sweet mix of remorse and aspirations
Bring happiness beyond my wildest imaginations,
But thus I sink the dagger deeper into my chest
For I can't be forgiven... unless

Unless I welcome the dirk to use my carmine ink
I invite, no demand
That I carve myself
By MY hand.
So the world knows
The monster that I am.

But I cower behind my sleeves and laughter
So THEY don't know the disaster
Of what I fancy. What I'm after

That I long for the blade.
That I yearn for the pain.

But they still talk of hope
What an absolute joke
That "every cloud
has a silver lining."
Tell that
To my blood stained razor blades
leave my wrists crying.
Trigger warning. I write bad things.
Steve Page Mar 14
Don't be quick
to stop and search.
Do slow and speak.
Do stop at the curb.
Do sit.
Do commit to shape
a future city nation
where more space is given
to a wider conversation
with a newer translation
that's truer in comparison
than any black and blue
blunt force confrontation.
Listening to ill-conceived political solutions to social problems.
Alec Feb 6
I hear your heart scream in pain,
I hear your heart's Silent Scream,
A pain that only love and knives can fix,
Don't you just love that feeling,

As they tell you to cut, hate, and Bleed,
As they say, they will help you,
As they say, they love you,
As they speak all but the truth,
As you beg for there love they promised you,

Just a tip,
They don't love you,
They will never help you,
They will never speak the truth,
They call you weak as you cry,
You're not weak you are human,

They don't hear your Silent Scream,
Your Silent Scream for help,
Your Silent Scream of pain,
But I hear your Silent Scream for help,
Of pain,

I see the Storm in your eyes,
I hear the Silence in your voice'
I feel the Heaviness in your heart,
I care for you,
I will help you,
I love you My Dove.
My love for my dove. pt1
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