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your disgusting ****,
makes you touch,
your nauseating desire,
doesn't care who it is,
or sometimes what it is,
obsession, mania?
whatever your reason be,
**** will never be acceptable.
This Is a poem for the
eight thousand  lives that we're lost to a cruel
benefit system that shows no mercy to the
vulnerable of our society

Set up by a government that closes It eyes to the suffering Eight thousand people that couldn't take any more money stolen from them

By degrading assessment  done by the unqualified assessors that nothing of the suffering and of the broken families they destroy eight thousand Innocent lives

Because of a so-called government sat In the Houses of parliament Prime Ministers question time like ****** school children playing up In the classroom while poor people die on the

Old people freezing In their homes because they can't afford the heating food banks staving children and eight thousand people who have died from because they had money wrongfully stolen from

By a government with blood on Its hands just hope I live long enough to see this government Toppled and pay for their crimes

My heart goes out to the eight thousand poor souls who are no longer with us shame on this government
for disgusting behaviour to It fellow human
Disgusting behaviour of this government who have allowed eight thousand of our fellow human beings to die blood on their hands
Johnny walker Jan 20
Will I make to the summer  the question now so cold here can't afford to have my heating
such Is the case of the vulnerable In this country now forgotten ones who are no longer treated with respect by 9 years of austerity In which we have become so much
by the authority that just doesn't care once I was proud to British but not anymore
ashamed would be more to the point makes
wonder where It's all going to end as surely one day It
will God bless us
Thoughts on austerity after nine years used to be proud
to be British but sadly not anymore because of the disgusting behaviour of those In authority who have destroyed It's Country along with It's people
n Jan 8
Plaits in theory seem to hold the threads of your hair together so tightly. But they’re loose, tangled, fragile creations that with one sudden misplaced head turn consequently fall apart.
Plaits are relatable.
What a disgusting metaphor she thought as she continued to plait her hair now in tears.
Quite a playful, ridulous bit of nothing. It reflects how my thought process quickly deteriorates. I feel the ending echos millenial disgust. The name is derrived from the Hunger Games.
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
the toxicity of my own sentiments
is viscerally disgusting,
i know I deserve death

i'm a chainsaw upon trees,
oil upon oceans,
shadow upon shade

my thoughts are grueling
and the world is yelling,
‘do not take another breath'

so once i think my last thought
and write my last stanza
the world will still turn, unswayed.
i know I deserve death
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Drink all unkindnesses through with *** creamy glugs
The rested brain of reason with senses drowned, with
No polished quality, nor with the beauteous likeness of tact!
The shift to jumbo laughs, till the song of drunkenness arrives
Come near, booming bounty! We’re the kindred who punch so high,
Like easy fools with faded heads, with a bottle-tease for Life
Our eyes blinker to the clippings of a soft-ochre melody,
Till the butting vows of deepest yearnings spill free
We wish to define our flying feet to straighten placement right
And with pulsing heads squirm to the Deed of liquor
Till it reaches slur-banter, and having nothing, fixing nothing,
We fall to the floor, our frolicked bodies sadly squatting
      Against the beating numbness, in reward for a dying mind
      Till rounded Time pats the lofty heart made once more sound
Inspired by getting drunk, then a hangover.
Isabella Rose Dec 2018
Your disgusting
your whole body
your whole mind
and everything you became
is disgusting;
it was no wonder why you had been alone this whole time
it had been no wonder why you’re lonely
it had been no wonder why people had left you with pity to your name who you were
when you loved too much, or loved too little
your disgusting because of the stares people gazed from you and the fear you possessed from it
your disgusting from the trouble that you had started to get yourself into
and the way the bugs started to crawl up and down your skin
never leaving, only allowing you to feel insane
and the way your fear started to take control of your body as you were no longer able to move
you are just disgusting
When I was writting this poem I was writting it in my POV so I want every single one of you reading this to know that you are beautiful is every single way, shape and form.
Jasmine dryer Dec 2018
i'm sorry darling but i seem to be melting
well lets not forget
your the one that put the pressure
to bring the "heat" as you call it
well we appear to be melting in our own toxicity
well, isn't that a shame darling
we built our own demise
by the ones we tried pushing onto each other
but hence not forget

I don't mind melting darling, really
as long as we do it together
the pain of taking you down with me
Jaxey Nov 2018
I know that I'm not
But is it okay
If I just let myself
Feel disgusting today?
I just feel gross today
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