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Josiah Bates Sep 27
Kellen’s Burrito
Filled with raw beef and moldy blue cheese
Tastes like Kobe’s hair
It tastes like fleas

The burrito is tasty
But not in the right way
It’s tasty like burnt toast
From a toaster powered on a subway rail

Nobody knows how it tastes but I
Nobody cares to try
The burrito is very tasty
do you want a bite?
(a joke poem for a friend)
Get beneath your peers
Crawl while in tears.
Drown inundated by consequential shame. Cause you’re the only one to blame.
Your avarice for ****** release isn’t natural.
You’ve conditioned yourself to be this abysmal.
Let your cries resonate, impregnate, and eradicate within you. A morning sickness derived from truth you will succumb to. While this truth grows and evolves within you, it will evacuate your lies behind your truth.

Sullen loneliness withers you, it’s created a monster.
One that pines for intimacy without foster.
Through this eagerness, a dull misunderstanding festers.
One where intimacy is strictly ******.
And it’s enjoyed alone on a phone, ha. How intellectual!
But the primordial need, sets you in greed.
Clear thinking leaves you, and desire is left only true.

However this brief inhuman act of disgusting ****, leaves you in a tut.
With rational thinking back after release. You’re trapped without peace.
Loneliness floods back, and on the attack, charges self reflection, without affection.
You don’t deserve affection. Just affliction.
So you grow ill from your actions.
Don’t stop this introspection. Self disgust is appropriate. So don’t take an ******.

Tenacious pithy feelings will raise your ceilings.
Embrace this self loathing. The shame will strip you of clothing. Now true to yourself and the world, unpolished and furled.
You can act on embellishments, and ignore wants and irrelevance.
orchid Aug 27
The thoughts in his head crawl like centipedes.
****, squirmy centipedes,
Trying to escape.
But no matter how they scrape against his grimy head,
They fall down, back into his
Endless, meaningless life.

Sweat spews from his complexion
As he thinks of everything that's changed.
Blood leaks from his ears
Until everything is a screeching cacophony of noise.
Instead of escaping, they've eaten him from the inside out,
Leaving nothing but his feeling of anxiety.

He's practically nothing now... haha...
Isn't he just an embodiment of
Looking tired and feeling ****?
And yet he loves it.
As the bags beneath his eyes darken,
His sickening love for these centipedes come into light.
It's blinding, yet I keep staring at his protruding radiance
Because I'm too scared to look away.

He's a centipede boy.
And that makes me want to hurl.
Mane Omsy Jun 19
Some worst neighborhood is this
Lucky people draw no attention
They woooooooooooooooooooo
They rise, and
Kind words to describe my love
Kindness they enchanted in ears
Love for one reason, couldn't be
More suitable to the wooing crowd
They will retain reasons to forge
Death out of lives don't matter at all

Still, they boooooooooooooooo
Blessed are these creatures, dumb
Affectionate and passionate lust
They scream cry and laugh at times
Admire, the boooooooooooooo
To beat the mass in genocide
Life has short hints that hurts more
More than their booing in the light
They die at the very end of dark
Philomena May 20
I am tired of this body
Tired of stepping on the scale
Tired of watching my figure disappear

I'm sick of this disappointment
Sick of men looking at me like a horse
Sick of feeling never good enough

I hate this feeling
Hate being disgusting
Hate this body
I knew nothing of life through child abuse
before meeting my wife
to be, I knew nothing of
sharing the
I knew nothing about a loving embrace for I knew nothing of family
hugs or
something they never did and don't think they even knew how, but I didn't let child abuse beat me and came back
than ever, then came the time I met Helen she who turned my life right around
the day she became my bride and for all you out there who struggle
hang there stay
eventually, happiness will come along, for one day someone will see you for the wonderful people you are, my blessing be on you
Through suffering  child abuse  terrible for anyone to have to go through but I never gave up stayed strong although many years It took, I found a lady who loved for me as the person she saw I was capable
oh loving she gave that chance where other not even a glance
be strong "Never Give Up" their will be happiness out thei
there for you bless you all
Stuck in a straight jacket
That detaches from humanities
That disables civilized thinking
It strangles your insides
And steals compassion
And your breath of life
Withers inside this chasten

In this rubber room
Who’s pads make up your apathetical existence
You rot here like the ***** you take
You die here
Unless you bleed yourself of disrespect
Unless you bleed yourself of disinterest
Unless you bleed yourself of narcissism

Who cares
Your worthless in this state anyway
Find purpose in empathy

Or die here
Exist out of the minds of others
Others who have collective respect
Collective understanding
Collective empathy
And open mindedness

You’re locked here cause you prejudge
Guarded by your own stubbornness
You don’t accept
That you don’t know everyone’s story
You can’t know
You judge anyway

That hippie over there
He’s not a ***** loser
He has a family he loves
Worked hard in construction
And overcame a destructive alcohol and drug abuse
He’s better than you
He’s empathetic
And embraces everyone
Got caught up in my disgusting mind. How ***** I am. Judging people I know nothing about. I hate it. Pathetic.
People are disgusting, even me
More than others can really see
Beneath the love, a darkness so bleak
Defining an existence so meek
People live, people die
People ****, and defy
Hurting each other for their own gain
Precious moments down the drain.

A breath is nothing to the coin
Happiness and wealth have to join
These rules were written without our consent
Death that piles beyond extent
Our human greed is outside measure
Only concerned with their unquenchable pleasure
All we can do is our part
You and me, with all our heart.

Our heart is one, and they don't know
We cannot let their consumption grow
Even in the endless night
We must speak the voiceless plight
The monopoly on a fair life
The gluttonous, murderous knife
There are the things we need to end
In order to get our world to mend.

A lifetime comes, where hope can fade
Underneath the worker's shade
Whispers of a satisfied living
Grow in place of that desire for giving
Old age comes, you cease to care
Blinded by their crooked glare
So you rest against a tree
Without wondering what was key.
People are disgusting.
"You must be disgusting too!"
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