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Diána Bósa Jun 14
He is waiting for someone else
to put the words into his mouth
instead, he would say out loud his own.
And as pretending the singing,
he merges into unpossessed voices
hiding his song in the noise.
I cannot make out his words, though:
I misread his lips - mistaking a pop song for a pray;
a lip-synced psalm,
and believe every word he shares.
Amanda Dec 2019
Pretending tomorrow
We'll both be different
Changed from who we are today
Actually want me to be happy
Stop clutching onto each word you say

Pretending habits don't have the best of us
We're content with a life of sobriety
Like the sound of that idea
Wish it was that easy

Pretending a wish or two comes true
The floor tossed into a pile
Like eachother but not all the time
Wish for me to smile

Pretending we can build home like before
Set against a sky of gold
Magically capable of exploring possible futures
Every desire taking hold

Pretending we will find salvation
Life just one cruel joke
Silhouettes waiting for goodbye long overdue
Death to claim what life broke

Pretending every day to try my hardest
Both know my love is a sham
Want to be a better person for you
That's just not who I am
I'm growing to be good at pretending
Amanda Jun 2018
Let's have a party
A pity party that is
Drink up our sham-pain
Inspired by the song title Champagne for my  Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends by Fall Out Boy
Mae Alfrey Jul 2017
there has to be some defect inside me
to only attract people
who do easily can leave me
without a fight.

I'll mask these feelings
in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes
in dim lit bars and busy coffee shops.
I am left to accept kisses from just as lonely people that I have never met
and never will have the chance to.

No one shows you the inside anymore.
It's all about the exterior
because as I've learned
the second you show the inside,
they leave and it hurts more
than it did when you were alone.

I hope it doesn't stay this way forever
because God knows we all deserve a little favor
and a little better than what we've been given.
Sham love is nothing but a trick of the cheat
It is just another type of hatred and contempt
Falsehood is beaten by truth it can never beat
Whatever be the mode or whatever attempt

Fake are the ones who follow the wrong path
They never ever get their destiny or destination
Their fate is determined by all the real wrath
They lack sentiments, emotions and love passion

They will leave unsung with miserable plight
Time will kick them and just will never ever save
Darkness is their abode they will never see light
They will disappear like a tide and like a wave

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
She is like an innocent dove so whom so ever
She comes across she innocently says I love you
On first glance I fell in love with to leave never
But then I saw portraying her parts thru and thru

She paints and paints but naked ******* for show
Either knowing fully well or just stroke of a brush
It is more than sufficient in flow to take and blow
But all this embarrassment never ever make her blush

I do not know about strange conduct and behavior
But by now I realized the idiosyncrasies of the life
We are the defaulter we ruin or make ourselves savior
We can cut our bodies or vegetables with the knife

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Humanity has just gone down to dogs
Fake people are fake in their actions
Less speeches with more monologues
Third class packets, classical captions

No difference between right and,wrong
Prudence is a commodity of just all fools
Toads come up with ***** shrilling song
Humans are nothing but just useless tools

Tricks have taken over sincerity in trade
What ever is sold is ******* in entirety
Blood relations cut like sharp blunt blades
Man is in chains but apparently seem free

Revolution is mandatory it is call of  the day
Justice should take over all sham mannerism
Still hope tinkles with beam of light as a ray
Spring is ready to surpass the yellow autumn

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
the deity was a ******* up minor god*
his band of fans saw not the faker ***
of a deceptive trait he did so show
some were blind to looking at the real bloke
others more insightful thought he a joke
true believers weren't indoctrinated
they knew shams could be invalidated
never did he possess the divine glow
why praise the charlatan's counterfeit guff
of it there would be a perennial bluff
his godhead image did dupe the unwise
for these disciples were so unsighted
of him they'd be lastingly blighted
*a pretender until his very demise
The Whisper Feb 2015
So long have I been filled with doubt,
Too afraid to let pour out.
But tonight, in the midst of the storm in my spirit,

I curse your name and all that you are.

Hollow and fake.
You're no "give" and all "take".
When you speak of your life,
I can feel my hair turning gray.
I despise what you are.
I loathe what you say.
But what disgusts me the most is what you do everyday.

Liar. Sham.
You were all along.
You'd cut your own arm off before admitting you're wrong.
Prideful. Ungrateful.
You reek of greed.
Unable to distinguish what you want from what you need.

Selfish. Vain.
Quick to point a finger.
But when you are selfish,
You're the last one to linger.

Continue your fascade. Maintain the charade.

Karma's almost here and you're in the way.
K Balachandran Dec 2014
Each one was elaborating
all about life at length;
in many words, all one heard
was just about themselves
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