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Taylor England Sep 2018
Don’t take my keys away from me
I need to open my car
So I can drive to a dentist
My mouth is covered in tar

I have twigs in my stomach
And dust in my ears
I need to pull them out
Or vines will grow in my veins
And ants will live in my head
But my dentist is no botanist
“I don’t deal with twigs” is all he said

So I take an ice cream scooper
And I put in on my stomach
To scoop away the twigs
And the great gold nugget
That is traveling through my lungs
And choking me to death
But the scooper fails
And all the secales
Take away my last breath

My dentist has no medicine

And now my body is leaves

And the dust departs from my ears

But I am no longer able to see
Hg Jun 2018
we’re rubbing our twigs together
trying to make flames
but instead of that
we’re scraping back
our bark revealing rings

and things that we’re not proud of
times we thought we passed
struggling to hug
with ****** knives
stuck in our backs

we’re just two wounded people
trying to start a fire
using wood
already burned
from the last scorching desire
heather leather Apr 2015
when you listen to birds sing,
and you witness the fragility of every movement
they make, maybe then you can see her
because she walks exactly like birds sing,
so delicately-
almost like she's afraid
to break something when in reality,
she's so easy to break because she was the twig
that you so easily snap time and time
again and her body is made up of so many angles
that she could be a mathematical equation,
she wishes every night that she can become a
mathematical equation because maybe then
her problems can be easy to solve,
maybe if she found x,
she could also find herself
because she had lost who she was that one night
where her clothes hung her too loosely and the
mirror made her out to be some sort of monster,
and for a second when she first looked at the mirror,
she was scared of herself
so she hid between little white lies and masterly crafted
excuses, she carved the word pretty in her head and it repeated
itself constantly in her mind like a mantra because
some small part of her believed that maybe if she
repeated it enough, she could stop being so ****
and start being beautiful
maybe then she could find out how to stop being
as frail as the same twigs you so easily break without noticing
when you hear the birds sing, and you snap the twigs
that you found on the street, that is the only moment
when you can truly see her, a broken shard of glass as
thin as ever-melting ice and as breakable as the leaves that
surround twigs
short very bad poem on anorexia
bear Jan 2015
I protect you from bear traps
It seems like you've pushed me into a few.
But I've gotten better and I've forgiven you.
But you still get injured from tripping over twigs.
I've taken the blame because its what I'm use to.
Why won't you grow up and take care of yourself.
You stumble and fall too easily.

You have so many opportunities
but you act like you have none.
I try
I really do
to point them out.
But all you want to do is be
a toddler and play and wait
for everything to come to you.

like it has all your life.

I'm starting to realize something.
I'm losing hope in you.
I see no reason why I am still helping you.
You're not even trying!
Be a freaking man!
YOU have two feet
YOU have two hands
Take some responsibility
and stop thinking everyone will forgive you when you ***** up
The world isn't out to get you
but it definitely leave you behind if you let it.

You're gonna fall a lot,
but I don't feel like sticking around to help you heal
after tripping over air.
I've been around for it too many times.
I don't even see anything in it for me
I have too many wounds to take care of on my own anyways.

Come to me when you've finally felt the gut wrenching pains from the bear traps
and be able to get through it on your own.

But I know you won't.
You will just keep tripping over twigs
and blaming the world for your cuts.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner
chuckae Oct 2014

*My feeling and emotions

Are like branches and twigs.

You cannot walk on it

Not without breaking them

All I know how to do is snap.

I have never been

So sorry for being

I feel like I could just... snap.
Hi guys! I am Fiona and I'm new on Hello Poetry, and this is my first attempt at a poem here. I hope you liked it, though it was quite short.
rook Oct 2014
I could snap you like a twig.
You give me that insolent look and in the instant it took to follow through,
I knew
You care not for size or matter,
Only that the latter
Hardly intimidated someone without the first
And yet, you know, the worst
is that
I could snap you like a twig,
And were I usual, conforming,
Maybe I would, but I would rather
Nurture you like a sprout
Til the twig has no doubt
That mind over matter stands without.
and it hardly looks artful i know but the honest truth // a.e.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
My hand and gripped hair
The threats?
"I CAN rip you out, I just CHOOSE not to."
Is is fear, despair, madness, loathe?
The answer is empty of meaning.
What is known would be ignored,
as all said seems true,
but fake.
Boundlessly vain.
What am I looking for in this effort?

I know.
I see.
I hear.
I believe.
One thought twigs into another.
I even wonder if the ocean can breathe.
Breathe life into me.
Aliens don't exist,
but nightmares and demons do?
A problem,
A result,
An answer,
only a lie,
unwanted, unwanted, oh so unwanted.

I scream inside,
and every inner glass is shattered.
I yell,
"Notice of Insanity Uprising!"
They yell back,
"That's Life."
Upon those words I numb my mind,
I release my grip.
I let go of everything.
MY face: gone
MY body: gone
MY hope: gone gone gone
Anything and everything that was me leaves,
and my body becomes a cadaver.
Drifting side to side,
in and out.
It's more calm now though.
My mind is no longer driving me crazy.

For we have reached our destination.

— The End —