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Darryl M May 3
I see the haters rising up,
checking where I fit with her.
Critics popping up,
checking whether I’m fit for her.
I’ll make you my fan then echo me back.

They say love is a Fantasy foretold,
Guess they didn’t read our story.
Coz ours doesn’t grow cold.
No wonder it’s grown old.
It’s like playing poker, we all fold.

Couple of ladies dropping dem’ bee stingers.
Donno where to pick.
Player beaten in his own game.
Makes me so sick.

So many options in the diner.
Yet my heart still points at you.
Turned into a miner.
Searching for your hearts of hearts.

I never understood dating,
Always believed it lead to hating.
Some got it just for mating.
But I want it for your loving.

May your footprints forever mark joy into people lives.
Like you did on mine, even though I made the dives.
May you stepdown loathe.
And make imprints of love.
One of those old cliché writings.
parie Mar 10
tears becoming romantic with
last night's eyeliner - black streaks
trickling down olive-skinned faces.

repeated self-talks. imperfect bodies.
heart's been broken for years, and yet the
bags under my eyes don't have enough
capacity to be able to carry the shattered
Sabrina Feb 1
I just wanted to say sorry
In advance
I've told you it before
But I'm not very stable
My mind is like broken cable
Static and loud
Dramatic sound
You deserve better than me, honestly
You deserve all the good in this world
So I'm writing this in advance
Just in case
My mind takes me away from you
I won't take any chance
For a proper reason
CL Fjell Jan 8
Please God forgive my troubled mind
I wish that I could rewind time
To long ago; I loved my life
Now engulfed in lonesome strife
Memories of wonderous fun
Endless days spent in sun
I hate my life and how little I've done
I toss and turn and want to run
Far, far away from those held dear
And end it all ere a single tear
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
I render a wounded apology
for I've caused the hurt,
for I've ruined the peace
you were looking for.
Forgive me
for i am too nascent
in the handling of love.
And tell me how
a person used to so much loathe
adapts to the selfless love?
Because i too would someday learn
the art of holding you dear.
Don't leave,
Stay near.
Always Ally Nov 2018
It's the calm and stillness
To make me realize how
Stormy I am inside
Thunderous and crashing waves
The kind that wears away at
The cliffs and change the landscape
I feel like I'm being worn
By my own sea
But even still
Waves of emotion are better than the
Calm, the quiet
That's what really rips at my roots
And tears me from the soil
From which I got my nutrients
I'm starved of oxygen
Yet to be free of my restraint
Inside the ground and hugged by the waters
I don't mind this peace
I'll let it fade me away
solfang Oct 2018
you don't own me;
yet you gripped my past
gave me nightmares,
and made me loathe living.

you don't own me;
but you claimed to be
my saviour when
you blindly tied me
to your wills.

you don't own me,
for I won't be owned,
by no one but myself.
Been through few events in my life, where I felt like I do not belong to myself
s v e n Aug 2018
I loathe them so much
To the point of
Me wanting to cave in.

I drown in their insults and comparisons.
To the point of
My self-esteem disappearing
And all that is left is their
High and mighty ego
That just keeps on repeating.
“You are too immature
All I see is them
When I look at you”
Those words were like daggers
Stabbing into my soul

And now all I can think of
When I see them
Are those words.

Thanks M,
Now I want to cave in.
Yippp Thanks a lot.
CL Fjell Jul 2018
Once in a dream,
You were only a gleam
A ray of blinding sun.

When nights long ago,
You said you loved me so
Well I guess it was only make believe.

Years come to pass,
My first and my last
This fire never ignites for another

The embers you left behind,
Still burn within my mind
A dancing swirling splendor.
I still love you, but you moved on
yurf Jul 2018
All of sudden reality happens
Ruining my mind that's already jumbled
"where the hell did i just go?"
I ask to myself no one listens
Obsecurity is still in me
Recognizing situation where i have been
Looking up the sky it's already dark
Worrying something, i need to get up
Home, i need to find home
Stepping forward to pass the crowd
The longer i go, the quieter it's so
Taking my glasses off because its fogged
Focusing my lens but the blur shows
Now melancholy does it again
Lack of knowledge about locations
Lack of someone to be asked for
And there is no light to guide me on
Vision, direction, companion
I wish i could make them clearer
But in reality, they just disappear
(i already self-published this poem in my blog;
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