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Druzzayne Rika Oct 2020
Skim through the pages of my life,
Skip through the lies I've been entwined,
It is the story of the girl trying to please
You, me and everybody, trying for your love.
I loathe the very picture she becomes,
It is very like she wilts without your approval,
She'd be giving pieces of her to all,
but next day, naturally, she finds herself in trash.

It isn't kind, the life she creates with her head,
her best attempts causing natural disrupts,
the purpose to be everyone's friend,
makes her enemy of her own self.
She lost everyone, love and inspite
and despite everything, she writes another write.

It is terrible, what I do with her,
She has been ruining everything for me,
Her and I, together, we make a lonely picture.
Skip this, and be free from this.
The end chapter, what went by,
no one knows, maybe she died alone
in the worn out sweater she had grown,
She hoped, her end might have pleased them all.
Shane Leigh Sep 2020
God, I loathe you.
Everything that you represent ...
it ****** me off.
You just lounge,
Not doing a **** thing!
you scream and taunt and -
Oh my ... you just ...
UGH !!
So ugly !!
I really should throw you away.
You make the new couch look bad.
I hope you enjoy. (:
I apologize in advance for my sense of humor lol
Let me specify: I have what was a really pretty pillow BUT it’s old and worn out and my mother likes to keep sewing the edges ... it’s just bad. I’ve really come to hate it. My mother has trouble getting rid of it because it was a gift but I just hate the transformation it’s undertaken lol
© Shane Leigh
Ashlyn Yoshida May 2020
In the end I think
the pain was too much to bear
to see such behavior coming from someone so beautiful
to see such hatred towards myself
coming from my own eyes,
eyes as lush and green as a forest canopy
at least that is how you described them back then

but your own eyes,
deep blue pools of loathing
for me
for her
for everyone around you,
they tell me what you truly mean.

That my eyes are dull and ugly
and better off looking in a different direction
and that you don't care what I do anymore
nor did you ever care

As long as no one is by my side
and that I do not exist to anyone other than myself

you will be happy
Most poems I write comes from personal experience if anyone cares to wonder. I don't listen to him anymore.
Serendipity Mar 2020
To loathe oneself
is an art,
I suppose we
are all artists
one in form or another.
Eve Jan 2020
I have a problem
I hope you're not
Too fed up with me
And my never ending
Sadness and self loathe

But I have a problem
Not with anyone else
Or anything
But with myself

You see mirrors
Aren't my problem
What I see
When I walk pass is

I'm not talking about
The fatness and the
I'm talking about what
I really see, everytime
I walk pass a mirror

I have a horrible problem
I hate the person I see
I am disgusted with
The soul I see
I am disappointed with
The ******* human
I see.

I have a ******* problem
I am my own *******
I hate myself way more
Than anyone else can...

solfang Dec 2019
my body
and my mind;
these are the things
i wish are still mine
ever felt like you're losing yourself, slowly but certainly?
Tarasite Nov 2019
I think about you all the time,
I dream about you all the time,
I miss you all the time,
I remember all the time,
You torture me all the time,
I regret you all the time,
I'm sorry all the time,
But don't forgive me- I'll change my mind.
Darryl M May 2019
I see the haters rising up,
checking where I fit with her.
Critics popping up,
checking whether I’m fit for her.
I’ll make you my fan then echo me back.

They say love is a Fantasy foretold,
Guess they didn’t read our story.
Coz ours doesn’t grow cold.
No wonder it’s grown old.
It’s like playing poker, we all fold.

Couple of ladies dropping dem’ bee stingers.
Donno where to pick.
Player beaten in his own game.
Makes me so sick.

So many options in the diner.
Yet my heart still points at you.
Turned into a miner.
Searching for your hearts of hearts.

I never understood dating,
Always believed it lead to hating.
Some got it just for mating.
But I want it for your loving.

May your footprints forever mark joy into people lives.
Like you did on mine, even though I made the dives.
May you stepdown loathe.
And make imprints of love.
One of those old cliché writings.
parie Mar 2019
tears becoming romantic with
last night's eyeliner - black streaks
trickling down olive-skinned faces.

repeated self-talks. imperfect bodies.
heart's been broken for years, and yet the
bags under my eyes don't have enough
capacity to be able to carry the shattered
Sabrina Feb 2019
I just wanted to say sorry
In advance
I've told you it before
But I'm not very stable
My mind is like broken cable
Static and loud
Dramatic sound
You deserve better than me, honestly
You deserve all the good in this world
So I'm writing this in advance
Just in case
My mind takes me away from you
I won't take any chance
For a proper reason
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