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Dead Rose One Mar 2018
nobody gets the cancer twice.  
(a blues guitar riff)

blood in the stool
ain’t nobody’s fool,
whent to high school
did not graduate,
but know it wasn’t no thing I ate

scale greets me friendly like,
long lost buddy from yesterday morn,
‘let get right down to it,
let’s see how much less of you borne
leftover alive from the prior day’

spirit spit blood from my gums,
got me a woman, she’s way over town,
woman said I’m brushing with
too hard a brush, alright, alright,
make no fuss, she’s good to me

nobody’s fool whent to school,
though I did not graduate,
a mean riff is better than a
slow moving woman blues cry,
got the strings to do my screaming

doctor is a fan, name is Jimmy,
played music like last time round,
Jimmy-jamming, dancing in the waiting room,
“that cancer got kick, it’s gonna get ya,
think I told ya that about hunner times before”

‘nobody gets the cancer twice,’
an old wives tale for unlucky po’ somofabitches,
do you some tests, tell ya the specifics,
right now, lay, lay down them new tracks,
no quitting time less the good lord comes a-calling’

blues guitar makes a man
cry shiver scream and shake,
progressions licks and tricks,
so you can’t tell what’s making
a grownup man cry and laugh louder

bring me my medicine
bring me my guitar
all I know is how it makes me feel,
oh baby once a night it’s true,
nobody gets the cancer twice
sure it's not
gave us
two ears
and one mouth.
Listen twice
before you speak.
Because you can only
speak once.
And you can't take back anything you've said.
There have been times I sit and watch the world go by miles away deep In thought not aware of What's going
maybe not really caring but thank to my friend, I want to live again a new lease of life to begin
but never forget that Helen gave so much of herself
to me In her life, she who
was my
the love of my life, what happens to me In a life that will always be the
same and new found
found through poetty writting saved my life when I was at an all-time low, I was most In need of help
like Angel, Terry Is their to guide me through the rest of my
but Terry doesn't mind me writing poems of Helen or my memories, no one Is trying to compare or live up to anyone
two ladies two
personalities I've been through bad times
In my life but so lucky to have two ladies In my life and the only two
Helen and Terry  two different personalities but I'm lucky to know them both
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Can It possible for
love to strike twice
In a lifetime, could
It be possible to love
again when you've
won and
Can It possible
to win again and
win the heart of
another, would never replace that of your
first love
but to help
with the loss and the
pain Is It Possible
to love
Is It possible to love again after losing that of your first love can one be a winner again
Nis Aug 2018
The sun makes me sneeze,
Like Plato's prisoner I reach for the light
but I'm answered with closed eyes,
Like Icarus I fly in my glory
only to fall to the unresting sea,

I fall back on my seat,
a poet's seat,
and I write,
I write about the sun
and the cloud that just protected me
from the powerful influence on my nose.
I cry.
Funny thing, in English this word has two meanings
that not always go together.
I  could wheep, I could shout,
but I just cry,
Poetic T Aug 2018
Sullen woes are collected between
            the instrumental vows that crave tears.
With each key that speaks beyond
                                        the hearing of emotion.

We all listen deeply to the last cord,
             played and realize
               that there is more than us.

And within every  reflection,
          we see were all but systematic keys
          being played
through life's chorus of finite moments.

And were never going to play the same cord twice.
Nikki Jayne Apr 2018
You left me twice
You had your chance

Thank you for that.
For the cavernous hole of rejection
The bursting of our illusion  
The ripping down of  future projection

I had imagined your departure (the second one) would cause a tidal wave of despair to drown me in tears
Yet no,
Three months on and I stand more than strong
I stand free
I stand more me

Thank you,
For the way in which you shouded me in self uncertainty
For this allowed the space for me to follow my dream
And living it now I am
Thank you for leaving (twice) past lover from distant lands
pk tunuri Feb 2018
Try to make someone smile
Those smiles will stay for a while

Try to make someone cry
Those tears will utter a goodbye

Try to think twice
Before it costs you a price
Sometimes in life, it is nice to make someone happy but with or without knowledge, we do make someone cry. Think twice before hurting anyone.
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