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Lynx Ng 6d
no longer will i follow
creatures of convenience
trail of red petals
disguised as blood

though your name i cannot forget
may haunt every line
i will etch it on paper

till the essence seeps into fibre
ink on paper
thoughts on soul
what i could give is never enough
Deemz Sep 12
I'm sincerely sorry
that you felt how much
I don't want to be here,
it wasn't my intention
to open your eyes to the truth,
because truth is just a perspective after all
and to you all my perspectives are wrong.
I don’t want you to tell me that I’m awesome
I don’t want you to tell me that I can do this
I don’t want you to tell me that I’m not fat
I don’t want you to tell me that I’m beautiful
I don’t want you to tell me I want ydon’t want you to tell me any of that

I want you to tell me you are here for me. That you won’t ever leave me. That you want to here what’s going on and you’ll stay until I can figure out what is going on. Tell me it is going to be ok and you will stay with me until it gets better.
When you say you love forever,
Its forever doesn’t mean always.
Always don’t wish to be a lover,
Just kiss her, in school hallways.

Just be a lover, not even a hater,
You all loved her always the same.
Just if you ain’t, then see you later,
Because I am done playing games.

Just forever doesn’t mean always,
Kissed her and now you can tell me,
Just feared that she won’t like all this,
Because she won’t even get to meet.

Just I need to wave her and say well,
She’s my world, she is all everything.
Hating on me, then you can even tell,
Just I need this girl, I’ll buy her a ring.
Ivy lynn Aug 1
when will you learn/
money doesn’t buy love/
and sit & notice/
I’m sick and tired of/
this life we live/
I’m now passive/
to all these words/
that I’ve heard/
from here on out/
I will not rout/
goodbye to the girl/
who once was/
hello to the woman/
who now rises above/
hate people sometimes
Crystal Jul 31
Im sorry Mum
Im sorry I couldnt make you proud
Make you happy
Make you stay.
I tried
I tried my best to make you proud
I participated in everything
Always got good marks
I tried to make you happy
But you didnt care
You called me a mistake
Wish you never birthed me
Called me all these names
These scars on the top of my thighs
These are for you
To give me the pain you felt when you saw me
But I get it
Who would want me
This is also for my book. ;)
Alone, even when next to you.
I hover on the fringe of your light.
It's warmth sustaining me.
My touchstone, you pull me closer.

Entreating you to notice, lingering.
You vanish, afterimage glowing in my eyes.
Bereft of hope, your image is washed away.
Trails of tears leading to my heart.

Existing, out of phase with reality.
Your attraction held me close.
You were everything to me.
I was nothing to you.

Sometimes what you want the most is not meant to be.  Very old feeling pulled to the surface while seeing others struggle with life.
Tharuki Jul 14
can you hear it?
Im talking
Im screaming
but no one ever hears
a thing
you never really cared
or loved me
you never asked
I only ever
caused you pain
Maybe i should stop
being such a burden
and leave for good
No one ever wanted
me around
My mind races with memories torn up and scattered around with my tornado of destruction
Self-hate lingers in my veins and I fight for breath to fill my crumbling lungs with something other than sorrow
My body weighs heavy with emptiness and with bruises
I soak in continuous numbness
I feel nothing
I ache to feel something other than nothing
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