Little by little,
You will find pieces of me
Scattered on our floor.
Bits of me that was shattered
And broken.

I am badly hurt.
Today, yesterday and the previous days.
You look at me with disgust,
Makes me wish I was never born.

I wanted to swap places with those
Other child of yours that died
Due to miscarriage.

Maybe they will be much better daugther than I am.
Maybe you won't hate their attitude.
Maybe you would care more about them, than me.

I was your least favorite.
I was at the bottom.
I knew that since I was young.

You said I was strong.
You said I am intimidating.
Yes I am.
Cause I don't have any shoulders to lean on when I need to cry.

I make myself strong on the outside
For people not to know how much I struggle inside.

But, I'm slowly dying.
Little by little.
Note: my mother hated me for some reasons. She doesnt talk to me. Nor look at me. Yup, this is not the first time but f*ck it still hurts inside.
"Do you want to dance?" i asked.
"No" you answered.
I asked you if it was me who you didn't want to dance with, and you said yes.
You said you wanted to be honest.
You were.
At the wrong time.
Honesty, the day we met, would have saved me from falling.
Gray Jun 4
Its fur is gray and matted down.
Its whiskers are a bold shade of dirt brown.
Its teeth are yellow and jagged in a crooked smile.
Its claws are razor sharp and vile.
Its eyes are not white, and give off a feeling that puts anyone in fear.
Its tail looks like a dried up worm that’s been poorly stitched to its rear.
Its nose looks like a chewed up and spat out jelly bean.
It smells as if spoiled milk and rotten potatoes collided together creating a gruesome scene.
Put these all together, and what do you get?
Something that you soon want to forget.
All I could hear was silence
And then everything went transparent
Your eyes got me stranded
They're in pain, i can't stand it
You said you were being haunted
By the memories you never wanted
Every word you bled was perfect
Your imperfections has always been worth it

To me

I wish you could understand it
I'm here for you even if I'm unwanted
You doubted
You regretted
You were distracted
I get it
I'm always the least expected
I was never wanted

By you
Just a quick write. Just removing words from my head
lia jay May 16
I miss him.
his lips.
I pushed him away,
now I'm the only one to blame.
"The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic."
-Joseph Stalin

This is for the unnamed.
This is for the unwanted.

This is for those who were never given a chance.
This is for them that live without a voice.
The ones who were never given a second glance.
This is for them who have no choice.

To those who watch out
But aren't watched out for
To those who pout
Because they don't have anything anymore

Let's raise a glass
Let's make this useless gesture
To appreciate those who won't last
To observe those who falter

Because there's nothing else we can do
For those unfortunate few
That have no one to turn to.
Appreciation is the only thing we can offer, and yet we so rarely do.
Donna Belle May 6
You made me believe in love.
You showed me my worth.
You made my horizons move.
You inspired me to go forth.

Everything was well in the beginning -
i felt that all the puzzle pieces were complete.
I was assured that his back will never be turning,
and that his love for me won't deplete.

But just like a day - everything fades to black.
The sun rises and the sun sets.
Just like his love for me - every sweet words were taken back.
Every memories were stepped on just like used cigarettes.

But who can blame him?
Who can love someone like me?
A girl who still can't complete the harmony of the hymn,
a girl trapped in darkness and still misses a piece of her own puzzle.
I am brokenhearted. This is for the people who thinks that no one will ever accept them and make them feel loved for being their true selves. You deserve someone who will help you find the missing piece of yourself, who will be with you thru everything, who will have the courage to let you stay in their arms. We all deserve better and be happy.
Kyra Cain May 5
I’m the one no one wants.
I’m the one people ask, ‘hey who’s your friend?’ Because they would never look at me that way
Through all of my life, no one has wanted me.
I get my hopes up only to be crushed by the reality that is right in  front of me, I will never be good enough.
So I try again and again, but the outcome is the same.
I will never look good enough, say the right things, and be good enough.
My look do not compare to the girls all around.
No guy has found me beautiful, just something they say to get into bed.
My beauty is that of a cows, and cows get tipped, not loved.
But even cows find love, while I will be forever alone.
Because the feelings are never reciprocated.
The looks are never given my way.
The compliments are always backhanded.
No one wants me. I’ve known that for 18 years.
I’m the one no one wants, because even I don’t want me.
lia jay May 4
you won't know me,
when the feeling all gone.
the feeling won't last.
it will fade.
fade away,
like all others.
but, you won't know me.

do you even know me know?

lia jay May 3
im fragile.
shattered glass I am.
everyone dreading to pick up the pieces,
with fear of hurting themselves.
I may be a threat.
a fear.
but, what people don't remember is that I'm fragile.

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