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Hunter Green Sep 22
You make me feel unwanted.
I wonder if maybe it’s my fault::
          Did my silence make you leave?
          Did I bore you with my wrongly
          timed lack of energy?
I question my value.
Am I just not good enough for you?
You send signals I perceived as mixed.
You’re too kind to be a random passerby
Your blueberry eyes lock with mine for too long to be a courteous habit of life.
You don’t really compliment that often do you?
The hardest to dismiss is the week we met.
The proximity for prolonged time,
The warmth from how close our bodies were set.
Maybe I’m just mad of cabin fever,
Too long to distinguish hopefully wishing from an interested soul.
Irina BBota Sep 19
Next to your footsteps
I feel like an outsider
An unwanted guest
I sometimes wonder if you'd invite me to your wedding.
And if not why?
Would it be to spare my ghostly heart the pain?
Or to spare your rotted one the guilt?

If you did, I wonder if your blessed bride would see my fake smile  covering up the snarls of my jealous rage.
Or if to her, I would simply be as insignificant as you make me feel...
i remember all the dates, of when i starting liking you, when i loved you, when i was in love with you, the day you kissed me, the day you grabbed my hand, the day you surprised me

i guess i should start to remember the days i fell out of love, the days i wished youd kiss me and you didnt, the days all i needed was your hand and mine and you refused, the weeks you couldnt spare a moment of your time for me

i am not sure the love will fade, but i know it no longer envelopes me, you no longer make me feel safe, wanted, and cared for

how could i continue to be in love with you when i am not even sure you care about me, or want to talk to me, you make no effort for me

i guess there is no problem staying after falling out of love, as you were never in love anyway
River Jun 27
He's amazing
But I feel as if
My words aren't what he wants to hear
Like the words I say, just go right past
And never do they repeat in his head
But all the words he says
Stay stuck up there
From hello to goodnight
He's always been stuck in my mind
His words bring a smile to my face
No matter how simple they may be
If it's just a little "k"
Or a long sentence about his day
His words repeat in my head
But I'm not sure
Mine do the same
To my "I love you's"
To when I tell him how I feel
To when I say he's amazing
And that there's none quite like him
And when i say these I mean it all
I don't want to just play with his heart
I want his lips on mine
And his hand to fit in place
And I want him to see
He's pretty close to being my everything
But his words haunt me and stay in my mind
But I think mine just slip on by
Marissa Jul 29
Pressured at the age of eleven to allow unwanted hands crawl up my body,
Pressured at the age of fifteen to give up my virginity,
Pressured at the age of sixteen to give into my addiction of feeling accepted -
Not accepted by others, but by boys who only love you if you give them handjobs.
SomeOneElse Jul 22
On the outside looking in
How I wish I could fit in
But no matter how I try
I don't fit in and don't know why
I'm the one that you all tease
All because I try to please
I'm the one always excluded
Though I wish to be included
I'm the ****** you call creep
And the one that no one meets
I'm the one no one talks to
And I don't know what to do
A poem about feeling isolated and unwabtes
Lilly F Jul 17
I have to fit my hand into yours,
like forcing misfit puzzle pieces together,
just to get you to hold my hand

realizations @1:06 AM
JJ Inda Jun 20
A misplaced comma,
an misused apostrophe;
what some call extra skin,
not fat, but a flap.
The military calls it a redundancy,
although some find it repugnant.
A synonym for excess,
a form of alienation; disgust.
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