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Estelline Jun 5
Another slice to my heart
I’m never good enough
Every word you say
Just grids me down
I’m down to the floor
Begging you please
Don’t hurt me now

The pain in my chest
I wish I could
Take a knife
And ****** it into my chest
To make it go away
It’s so unbearable
I swear this will be the death of me.
T Apr 25
Wrapped up in unrequited love,
I’m sorry that I was never good enough.
daily log Jan 14
cant breath
its happening again
the ocean goes hightide
my body refuses to move
I sink into oblivion
my tears become
one with the ocean cries

cant breath
the stars take me into the night
lost in the darkness
frozen in space
my tears refuse to leave my eyes
they freeze in the night

unwanted memories rush in

this feeling is suffocating
missed log #3 but im back at it again
So what of those who aren't sought
Or the ones afflicted with eternal solitude
Where do our hearts go or rather hide
We are the refugees of this so called euphoria
An enigma so potent known as love

We are those not wanted by it
The unchosen and not desired
It chases us away like we're rats
Forcing us to scurry for cover
When all we want is to be fed

We've been shut out of it's presence
Like we are unworthy vagabonds
Sleeping on an empty cold floor
Crying ourselves into slumber
Only to be orphaned again tomorrow
Simone13 Dec 2020
I am a lighthouse
My light shines you ashore
Away from the boulders  
When you can’t see Anymore

I am a lighthouse
I guide you through the storm
But when I am used
I am not wanted anymore

I am your lighthouse
But still I am alone
My purpose is solely
To guide you back home
Kymie Nov 2020
One day I will have earned the right to be loved by you.

One day you will give me willingly what I need so badly from you.

One day I will look into your face and not see what a burden I have become to you.

But if one day never comes,
I hope that the person who is worthy of your love, makes you as happy as I always wanted to make you.
Nika J Nov 2020
Hands held out stiffened, strong

Bits of the soul reside in palm

Taketh a piece of me and move on

Sweet as candy you'll taste

Be quickly, post haste

For the pieces are only there until empty

Whithering beneath a tranquil smile

Screaming with mouth shut tight

I have learned to be kind and caring to those that need might

A tune I beat within you, you matter tonight

Casted aside by many I am

Never wavering, accepting all

Still hold onto them dearly just in case they fall

They're blind to my needs; however inhale my life

It fixes their muse, turns on their light

Still I whisper it's ok

Giving, giving, giving myself away

The darkness in their eyes dies

The pain inside me beats, cover it in lies

Be kind, sacrifice, show them like no other

The sad truth of me becoming the unloved lover...
© Nika J
Ever feel like you're just give yourself away...? For what?
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
your mother fights with your father
over anything and everything.
you realize at a young age that
your parents will always put
more effort into hating each other
than they'll ever put into loving you.

your mother surprises you and
picks you up from school one day.
she tells you that you're
going on a vacation,
and you're happy because
she's never done this before.

she takes you out of state,
and she promises that
you'll go to the beach soon.
you're so excited.

a few days go by
and you finally realize
that your mother took you
away from your father,

and that once again,
this is about hating him
and not about loving you.

you never go to the beach.

as you get older,
you figure out that
your mother does drugs.

you mop up her *****
some mornings, and you
worry about her health.

there's a program at school
that tells you all about
addiction and drug abuse.

you act like it's dumb,
and you say that you
don't want to sit through
some boring presentation
because that's what all
of the other kids are saying.

but secretly, you want
to know everything.
you can't understand
why your mother
would do something
that hurts her so badly.

you watch your mother
steal money, and you begin
to hide your own cash
in a hole in the wall.

there are times when
your mother runs out of money.
you know that when this happens,
she is going to be very mean.

your mother runs out of money
again. this time, she tells you that
she tried to have an abortion,
and that you are only alive
because she didn't have the money
or a ride to the clinic.

she tells you that if you weren't born,
nothing would be the way that is is.
she says that you were
the one child too many,
the final unwanted responsibility
that she needed to push her off
the edge of sobriety.

you believe her.

as the years go by,
you try every drug that
you come across.

you do drugs to forget.
you assume that your mother
does drugs for the same reason.
you wonder what she's
been trying so hard to forget.
you think that maybe
she's trying to forget you.

your mother leaves your life.
you blame yourself
because she blamed you,
and even if you didn't believe
a single word that she said,
you know that
she truly believed it.
and that hurts.

you move in with your father,
who makes it obvious that
you aren't wanted there either.

you've never had a curfew.
but when you come home
around midnight, your father says,
"only ****** come home this late."

your ask your father what time
to be home, and he tells you.
but he starts locking the front door
a few hours before
whatever time he gave.
sometimes, you sleep outside
on the front porch.

by sixteen, you rarely spend
nights at your father's house,
and you have no idea
where your mother is or
what she's been doing with her life.

you've been told
by your parents that
you are a *****, a failure,
a failed abortion,
and a waste of space.

you tried to commit suicide once,
and when you came home,
your father complained
about the hospital bill.

he wasn't worried
or sympathetic.
he was angry.

in an argument later
he tells you,
"next time, do it right."

you've been told
by your parents
that you don't matter.
you aren't loved.
you aren't wanted.

your parents were
your first tormentors.
they were bullying you
before you even started school.

society tells us that
our parents are always right.

for some kids,
that's good advice.

but if your parents
tell you the things
that my parents told me,

when they make you feel
the way that they made me feel,

you are being told that
you're supposed to believe them.

I still feel like I should be sorry
for not believing their words,

but if I believed everything
that my parents have said,

I would have listened to my father
and made sure that if I tried to
**** myself again, I would finish the job.

if I believed everything
that my parents have said,

I would be dead right now.
RQ Sep 2020
Let me go if I am an option,
Let me go if I am not worth your time,
Let me go if I don't matter to you,
Let me go if I mean nothing to you,
Let me go if you can't make time for me,
Let me go if you are ingoring me,
Let me go if we aren't fated to be,
Let me go and you can be free.
Let me go please. I am not an option. I want to be a priority.
Moza Aug 2020
You were trying everything to get noticed, yet it was lashed in the shutter of echoes. In the end, your mind played the inferior part, believed no one wanted you.
You were used to closed doors.
Never seen the light walk through.
With every step you take, Blur images started to appear of an unwanted child.

- Moza
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