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laur Nov 25
my breathing uneven,
your skin touching my skin
as you stare intently at me
with a face i can’t quite describe.
your hand pressed against my cheek
causes my face to turn red and heated,
you grin and chuckle so cutely,
i feel as if i’m melting.
when i believe i am with you,
you pull at that red string
and i am stuck following behind you
as you no longer look at me
but at her,
i thought for once-
i dismiss that thought,
i begin to tug at the string attaching you and i,
i begin to cry
because i can’t leave,
i can’t just leave you
even when you’re loving someone who isn’t me
so i just cry.
i am stuck with you
and it’s really making my heart ache
because you want her.
Amber Nov 17
I hate him
I hate him
And you know what else....
I hate him!

I waited
I was patient
I was there everytime he called
I made him laugh after not wanting to
I made him comfortable after the wreck
I opened myself up to him
I let him treat me as if we were in love
I told him my feelings had surpassed
I waited
I gave him space
I tried

He lied
He changed his mind
He found something "better"
He droped me flat on my face
After I was on a cloud of enjoyment
And now he cries to me

He comes back when things are wrong
He talks to me when he is stressed
He jokes about seeing me soon

But he's still not mine
I am forgotten and unwanted
I am alone
While he thrives with her
After I put in the work
He still choose her

And I will always be pushed away
I will still be in pain
I will still crave him
I will still be alone
Lost Girl Nov 13
Little hands grab the box.
Rays of sunshine glisten in her eyes.
Bright smile and innocent laugh.
Her thoughts are pure and precious.
All of that is shattered when she sees the broken crayon.
Tears fall down her cheek.
The start of a darkening chapter.

I was the little girl.
Now, I am the crayon
Never loved.
The truth is such painful step
To take when I don't want to yet

But each day I see what I get.
Makes me wonder.. is it worth it?

Now it might seem
So close to perfect..
Perfectly fine
like I say I've always been.
   Though you know I've never been.
Ari Oct 28
It's hard to call people family
if they don't show even a slight interest in your existence.
My older half sisters never call me, they'll call my dad but never make an effort to talk to me.  And even when we do, it's awkward because we don't know next to anything about each other.
George Krokos Oct 20
Are you an accidental parent in the world today
when there's so much uncertainty about at play?
People are so caught up in the lusts of the flesh
and don't really know how to escape this mesh.

They fall headlong into a premature parenthood
and don't allow things to unfold as they should.
Sure, nature has a way and takes its own course
but are we not all a victim of some blind force?

It starts at puberty and right through adolescence
there's a really strong urge involved with essence.
Our bodies undergo transformation into adulthood
there's no way around it; all are subject to the mood.

Also, there is so much ignorance in the world today
embedded in the minds of most people in such a way.
They can't see themselves when being taken for a ride
ending with an unwanted burden they're unable to hide.

If they follow those ways of the common throng
it will only lead them into a place that is wrong.
And if revolving around the centre of their groins
they go against the advice 'to gird up one's *****'.

However, this may happen without much thought
and they find themselves very often being caught.
Especially if there are two willing to fulfil desires
that between them both aren't what Love inspires.

For Love has a lower cousin which is called ****
those who are much controlled by it can go bust.
It doesn't matter then who you may happen to be
**** over Love has made a stand, we do now see.
Written early in 2018.
I hope that this poem is not taken to be mocking any person who find themselves in such a state because it can happen to just about anyone.
rebecca Oct 1
I'm not drowning
                                                                ­                                        I am flying
I'm not crazy
                                                           ­                                               I am valid
I'm not dying
                                                           ­                                              I am living
I'm not unwanted
                                                        ­                                                 I am loved
Let me know what you think!!!
Anneli Sep 28
pushing against my chest
longing to get heard,
trying to fit into my heart

Words that I have so carefully
not let in
That I have so intentionally
left outside,
not giving space for them to be spoken

It's just ******, isn't it?
How they always catch up on you
Whether it's through a sound,
a ****** or simply through a word
How they always stay, no matter how unwanted they are
They always stay

just like you.
Nina Sep 28
Do you ever just sit there and realize that you mean nothing to anyone
you start feeling lost,
and truly unwanted.
But there's nothing you can do about it.
So you just bury it inside of yourself
mathea Sep 26
you think you're unloved and unwanted
but honey, that's not true
open your eyes and look around
no one's as beautiful as you

"too fat", "too skinny", "******", "****"
cover your ears, my dear
don't listen to society

you may have scars on your skin
or bruises black and blue
it's okay, darling, I have them too
do not give up hope, it'll all get better soon
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