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[Crime-scene. Time ceases to exist for YOU,
the necrophile. YOU are on top of the corpse.]

Cadaver, corpse, a body's just a body
and yes, I'm guilty, sleeping with the dead
it loves me, then it doesn't love me.
                                                             ­ [Beat]

The rosary you must! To rest in peace, so
transfigure me baby while warm on my bed.
Cadaver, corpse, a body's still a body.

Indulge me; martyr to your livid beads
please intercede for me, oh, please I beg
for it loves me, then it doesn't love me.
                                                             ­ [Beat]

Now shall I exorcise you; set you free, from
the purgatory found between my legs?
My body, yours a corpse, but still a body,

And when your sinews loosen, skin erased
by time who shows no mercy for the dead,
will you still love me then, or won't you?
                                                            ­  [Beat]

To resurrect is daunting, but you shall have
the body that my kiss declares undead.
Cadaver, corpse, a body's just a body,
which loves me, 'til it doesn't love me.
                                                             ­ [Exeunt]
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
If I am
ever left
to rely
on a
diet of medication
tv static commercials,
unplug me
donate me,
being a
crash test cadaver
is at least
Lawren Apr 2018
Through death we learn how precious life is.
We are given the gift of your first and last home.
With the first cut, your struggles, your joys and your scars are all revealed.
And we see you.

We see the physical pieces, tissues and organs that you inhabited.
The lungs that expanded with your first breath and collapsed with your last.
The heart that beat for the first time in synchrony with your mother's.
The womb in which you created life.

But when we see you,
We also find foreigners who took your space for themselves.
The cancers which suffocated and starved you.
Sutures, scars, and remnants of past surgeries intended to extend your life.
Abnormalities and deformities that not only defined your perfect imperfection, your humanness,
But also evicted you from your physical being.

So lucky are we to learn from you.
So indebted are we to you
For your generosity and humility.
Like all great teachers, you have made great sacrifices in the name of education.
And for that we are truly grateful.

While your ears cannot hear our "thank-you"
We know you are listening and watching over us
As we pursue the knowledge and empathy we need
To become great doctors.
I wrote this after the Catholic Mass was held for our cadaver donors and their families.
Turned Japanese for awhile
Nothing but me to satisfy
Felt the angel of lust call to me
Felt like a spell, fell on my knees

It gets so quiet in the hall
Listen with my ear to the wall
And I can hear her singing praises
A sensual prayer through the ages

I can hear her shrill, I hear her scream
Sounds like a ****, but its a sensual dream
In the night she will feel her bliss
And through all this it took a zero risk

meanwhile I stay awake in bed
Thinking of all the sensuous things she said
Never thought that could come out of her head
Im still thinking of her and how she is spread
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I am the frozen lock
I am the stopped clock
I am the sand
That slips through your hands

I am the black sheep
I am the freak
I am the hungry  beast
That's never satisfied with the feast

I am the snake
I am the earthquake
I am the boat
That just won't float

I am the rope
I am the loss of hope
I am the godless
For no one can stop this

I am the dead
I am all you dread
I am all but gone
So very far from strong

I am the walking cadaver
I am the shatter
I am the gray matter
That out of my head splattered
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
My hand and gripped hair
The threats?
"I CAN rip you out, I just CHOOSE not to."
Is is fear, despair, madness, loathe?
The answer is empty of meaning.
What is known would be ignored,
as all said seems true,
but fake.
Boundlessly vain.
What am I looking for in this effort?

I know.
I see.
I hear.
I believe.
One thought twigs into another.
I even wonder if the ocean can breathe.
Breathe life into me.
Aliens don't exist,
but nightmares and demons do?
A problem,
A result,
An answer,
only a lie,
unwanted, unwanted, oh so unwanted.

I scream inside,
and every inner glass is shattered.
I yell,
"Notice of Insanity Uprising!"
They yell back,
"That's Life."
Upon those words I numb my mind,
I release my grip.
I let go of everything.
MY face: gone
MY body: gone
MY hope: gone gone gone
Anything and everything that was me leaves,
and my body becomes a cadaver.
Drifting side to side,
in and out.
It's more calm now though.
My mind is no longer driving me crazy.

For we have reached our destination.

— The End —