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homeless, nameless, tragicomic living past the place where scavenging doesn’t last.

ready supply of wretchedness unlimited, shopping cart full of your discards skimmed.

no more we say evil Oh God, words over exercised, gone, excised, fk-you-exorcised.

lost the remaining of the last promise gripped, the losses are ice in July, fixed.

my suburban brain, burned, the volunteer firemen failed to care, appear.

put my past you, you, exhibited the lesser lesson, the faun ceased dancing.

my cunning can’t be higher’d nor hired, arm won’t raise/rise
over the head.

where the bloodlines went, just veins who purposely are now deafened, dumb, silenced.

no depth, no plumb line necessary, for measuring the zero deep, the last imperfect pairing.

ditched the muse, the witch *****, who offers tantalizing sweets, poison spoiled.

the next SUV I see, won’t see me
Nat Lipstadt Feb 10
love gripped light

~ for r, sleuth of life ~

you sleep with a metal detector,
unearthing dreamed artifacts,
that messenger many fates of many young,
belongings of dead men living again


of a living solitary man, a vision of him, envisioning,
dancing on a property line dividing
immortality dreams
and finality schemes

dead men living,
these different men, haunting and roaring, sighing pointlessly,
speaking to you alone, pithy commentaries, they, predecessor poets,
someone’s ancestors inhabiting a soil world familiar, awaiting we too

you whip yourself over life’s lost campaigns,
where strategy proved insufficient,
lost to men and materiel superior in numbers,
the hearts that were captured, imprisoned, stolen,
and worst, lost by grievous bad judgement human weak,
your dreams are you own artifacts, recovered

long after the battle smoke clears, you remain,
questioning not the how, where or when, only
was it worth it? and so sadly,
you answer yes.

you keep a record of your poems, losses,
each battlefield has no victors, only losses,
each poemfield has no victors, only losses,
it tires you so, to be guardian, the promise keeper,
you asked for burdens, you got just desserts awarded,
you share some, the ones under the pillow,
gripped lightly and tightly, simultaneously

with long distance lovers of your soul,
those you barely know, until met in red soil someday,
what matters it, they ken a kinship bond, and
love you oh so lightly

and they are

gripping you so lightly/tightly with the lightness/tightness
of words,
two book bound souls.
one shared spine...

100 Centre St.
NY Criminal Court
Abby M Jan 2019
You were falling
So I stretched out my porcelain hand
But you were scared
And you gripped it too hard
Now it’s broken
And so are you
MOTV Dec 2015
Hood talk

Clip Bark

The Devil Taunt

Leave Some Good Men


Hanging With Some bullets in there


Hood Hustle

******* wanna cuddle

Till you got no money
to rebuttal

Sell a *** for drow

Make her trick for Gold

leave the ***** a poem
call it

The Hood-Gift

They are the Kings

Roaming the land like Rome

Conquering as they sing

until they meet MJO


That loud noise in the face of danger
that is the herb,
smoking heat
filled space,
racing, striding with confidence, they are angry.

Hold back and observe
how minds are dazed
hurt, fire spit, lions roar
mouths drop to the dirt,
going through the floor

That mind stable

track of that unfabled,
notorious like the b.



Glory speaking of the Holy

seeking the warrior
writing down
death foretold



As bullets
get dodged
in the mission

The Devil talks

devil talks

but cannot walk....

With I

For I

Am with God


God is with me......

Us... God, I trust.


Hood talks

***** walks

Does she think I can get taunted?

By the unwanted


Warrant spent

the demented kid
dependent on abstract adolescence visions

with no spirit to grab the woven sands
of the cloth made from time



                                                          ­                                 Attention:

I nearly lost my mind

no pretentious joke,


No, no

   Time to

Hide from my mind
as it collides with eroding slime, grime, goo


As I..

As I....


Fell in the tar pit

that was nearly lit

The heat...


Blazing, blazing...

the gas-fueled

the fire and my


a blazing,

      a fire

was lit


lift this

used a quick fix

of some mushrooms

I fell into the....





melted in the ***
seen by a few chosen eyes

the stew filled with
the residue of sin....

has been
will be

taken hold of men....

Hard to crawl out of
the hood of hell

without being stuck with a demon yourself

Hard to crawl out of
the hood of hell

without being torn up
nearly killing oneself

It is hard climbing out of hell

without a doubt,
without a doubt,

without doubt

Heaven does exist

thoughts can be saved,

is tangled
into how we are made,

what are you
a slave to today,
giving all of you that time...

money, jobs, games, tv have all chained my mind.

Well Shucks!

Sorry, again
my minds eye

Looking into the sky
of the 7 suns,

with the essence of sweet purp
I puff

as an Angel,

a mad hatter
loud gripping
friend getting hit


Disaster strikes
at flashes of light

But one
the fight

and in it

is glorified.

don't bow.
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
Wish I had the taste of you on my lips..

The sound of your voice whispering in my ear...

To feel your firm hands grab me greedily

To feel you hungrily, lavishly bite me

To hear you tell me that I am all yours and yours only, forever and ever

To make me tell you I belong to you

Me already Knowing it to be true

As you embrace me tighter

To watch your face as you take what is yours to keep

And be lost with you

For hours upon hours-

Just A dream ..
2:34am Wednesday 24th,June.2015
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
My hand and gripped hair
The threats?
"I CAN rip you out, I just CHOOSE not to."
Is is fear, despair, madness, loathe?
The answer is empty of meaning.
What is known would be ignored,
as all said seems true,
but fake.
Boundlessly vain.
What am I looking for in this effort?

I know.
I see.
I hear.
I believe.
One thought twigs into another.
I even wonder if the ocean can breathe.
Breathe life into me.
Aliens don't exist,
but nightmares and demons do?
A problem,
A result,
An answer,
only a lie,
unwanted, unwanted, oh so unwanted.

I scream inside,
and every inner glass is shattered.
I yell,
"Notice of Insanity Uprising!"
They yell back,
"That's Life."
Upon those words I numb my mind,
I release my grip.
I let go of everything.
MY face: gone
MY body: gone
MY hope: gone gone gone
Anything and everything that was me leaves,
and my body becomes a cadaver.
Drifting side to side,
in and out.
It's more calm now though.
My mind is no longer driving me crazy.

For we have reached our destination.

— The End —