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when feelings throttle
my heart
when memories **** past
like flash bulbs
I sit drowsy
in yawning dawns
all drunken thoughts
to be winged

then a poem is born
Do something sick
like no one does that on time
drop dead already

A singular thought
Like a drop of water
Rests on the table
Circular and concentrated
Fine work of inertia it is
Pure bliss
Unless an active force
Gentle as the breeze
Upon it acts
Letting it stream into a direction
Maybe many
To make a mark
Or evaporate into the air
Maybe someday
A pouring
It may bring
Given time, an ache
will go to snooze
But from time to time,
will wake, ready to sting
a wound that will cede
but later may bleed
Positive twice
The reports, don’t surprise
In a hotspot, you cant jog
Free of being caught
Asymptomatic it was
A respite
Never less
The fight

One prays for good
And works toward it
In testing times
Perseverance and dedication
Your strengths
Face the biggest fears
With all the might

The flames belligerent
Unforgiving wild
Bringing mayhem, along
Far and wide

Elders are susceptible
Caught in the wave
Nowhere to fly
The runway cold

To win against
The unseen
A force within

To think and act
A race against time
It works alright
When you take charge
And set things right
Into care
Paths lead to victory
Road to recovery
End of April, my parents tested positive for the virus
Me and my spouse were to travel to my hometown to take care of them
Got ourselves tested
Came out positiv
However we were asymptomatic
We traveled to my husband’s hometown
As the facility and doctors are known to us
Thankfully we all live in the same state
My parents, parents in law and us
Had to hospitalise my parents for a few days
They are now back at home, with us
And recovering well
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