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Leafless tree
Boughs and twigs  
Folded in Namaste

Alive and green
The tree trunk young
Slightly bent

Part of a canopy
Of the tree lined road
It rests awhile

Seasons change
Some along with the weather
Cycle of change replete
gone to earth

left for dead

everything is tickety-boo

forget your iron-on measures

and scuttled installation

your life is a bakery

that cake is like your head


and full of regret

what am I reading these days?

a book across the stars

where dreams in the throes

of giddy aerosol cans

**** the passersby

and sleep against

the exit sign

The sun is wondering
if it should dive into the sea
while two wanderers still play
on the edges of the dark
beckoning it to stay
just a little longer.

For just a short distance away
the bright gold lingers
in the shallows
where they could tiptoe
into the iridescent rippling.

The shimmering surges
on the margins
where the waves have lost their energy
and the tide is a glassy placid.

I am wondering
like the sun
if it is time to set
or if I should wade into the rippling light.
Inspired by a photo on commons:
Wheels within
The confines of straight lines

Lanes and by lanes,
leading lines
Lit with lights

Abstract art
Arcs and beams, cable stays
Balancing act

Endless it seems
But for
Diversions and turns

Wheels within
The confines of straight lines
Dear Amanda, thank you so much 😊 for shining your light here 🔆
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