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Assignments to do
Says ‘The Moodle’
I navigate through Zoom
And doodle my dreams  
On the screen

Classroom to classroom
The dashboard croons
A melody incomprehensible
Moodle knows the notes

Meet on the wisdom page
Says ‘The Sage’
Surrender to knowledge
At your wanting door
Written on  25:09/2023
It lay in drafts, set it free…
True blue buttery wings
A lone butterfly passes by
The creeping oxeye

Yellow petals, fluttering flowers
On a bed of velvety grass

Each unique, smiley upright
Gracefully grow by the sidewalk
Scattered apart, like speckled stars
There’s more to it, than what meets the eye
There’s more to it, if you know why
Thoughts have feelings, they are alive
Words have meanings, they know how to fly
There is always a reason for every known, why??
If only, it could be known to every eye
Even in isolation
Be that island
That will be visited and revisited
For the diversity and enriched life
Own it never deny the  luminescence
I pay a visit to check the whereabouts of thee
Cocooned in a soft glow of hibernating
Fire flies
Fragments of sunshine interspersed through trees
A withered page, whispers secrets to the winds
A wordless melody
He left at 67.

No one knew
he caught the first light
through the window glass

smelled dew when autumn came
was joyous at the trills of birds
caught all the blue in his eyes
and smiled the sky was his.

No one knows
if it was too early to go.

He knew
he was briefly happy.
Hi robin its so nice
to see you , you are my drop
of heavenly warmth
I love robins and am so happy to have seen two in the last month , there natures beautiful birds **
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