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bear Nov 2015
White man said it is time to be the best.
Be the best, that's funny.
He says "we need to make this country great again"
White man said to grow the economy for the people.
But when he says "people" he means the whites
And by "economy" me means opportunity.
Oh the racism that grows in this country.
Oh the rage and hatred that continues to build from other countries, races, cultures, ethnic groups.
But the white man said we will solve this problems with bombs.
What he meant was our military vs. their innocent citizens.
White man said we need things more American,
I wish there was actually an explanation for what that means anymore.

America: the land of opportunity...for the white man
bear Jun 2015
Those couples on TV
That never look like they would be together
End up being together season after season
Laughing and crying
Loving and loopy
Late nights and early mornings
Sarcasm and seriousness
Give a helping hand when it's needed
Look back laughing about the times they messed up
But never letting it hurt what really matters.
That's my life.
That's my long distance sitcom
bear Jun 2015
Rivers are wet
Dams are hard.
Dams slow and block rivers.
Everyone knows

BUT Other times
Dams make the rivers flow and flow.
It doesn't take much to to evoke a dam
Once its raised
There is no way of stopping the course
But who would want to stop it anyways?

Night after night
Day after day
river keeps the dam working.
dam keeps the river flowing.

Never running dry
Never growing weak
but occasionally reaching a peak.
This is something very few people see

This poem isn't about water and concrete
Things that happen at 4 in the morning
bear May 2015
"why are you so sad? School is almost out!"

that's the problem.
bear May 2015
I hate when I have to tell stories about you
people ask how you were
I get so fired up every time I have to tell someone

I tell them how I was terrified
how you would scream and swear at me almost every night
but all I ever did was give you everything you ever wanted.
night after night I would force myself to keep you happy so you wouldn't yell.
I even had to keep it a secret so I wouldn't loose what I now hold so dear to myself.

after your "incident" you said it was all out of "love"
bull. ****.
You tried to force me to like the things you like
think the way you think
basically change everything that I enjoyed and you despised.

Any time I hear certain words that you've found funny
I immediately tell that person to never say it around me again.
Events that you've found "funny" ******* scared me and all you did was laugh.

Any time you were ******* left out of any ******* joke you pulled me to the side
asking why you were left out.
did you ever figure it was because YOU'RE ******* IMMATURE?

You said that every girl before me left and never supported you.
Maybe they got out of there fast once they realized how you are.

Getting away was the absolute best thing I have done
but almost everyday I have this small outburst of anger
cringing and wanting to tell you to your face how messed up you are.
how much you've messed me up.
you changed, you changed real bad.
everyone is pulling away

all because of you
******* little boy blue
you haven't and wont change man
bear May 2015
Mom's on the phone
Dad's in the shower
I'm crying over their decisions
bear May 2015
I am extremely moody right now
I know its going to get worse.

I cant control who I yell at
I cant control when I cry
I cant control what I say
I cant control what I hurt
I cant control where my life is going the next few months

I've started to swear a lot more
and get violent with people.

I've also started to love a lot more
and trust with my heart.

I switch moods in a blink of an eye

If it was like getting a band aid ripped off I would be fine.
But its basically like getting a needle pulled through your body slowly.
it wasn't bad at all at first
now I just want to sleep so I don't hurt anyone.

I just want to stay home
so I don't mess anything up.

It *****, man.
I hate having to move.
building a house and it will be done in a few months and I'm switching schools
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