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Mallory Day Feb 27
When did you escape
the spaces between
the blank feeling in my chest
and the weight I dragged
with my feet
Teach me how
to let go of the grip
the past troubles have
given me
let know its okay
to come home
Empty handed
and light hearted
I wanna walk into
my bedroom
and breathe in the
purest form of exemption
that has existed
in my life
Robert Jan 31
haven't seen you in years
why does my mind
keep turning to you
if I'm not even
in love anymore
Pallavi Jan 20
I know I can't hold you,
You're slipping through my fingers.
But still I m proceeding to you,
And  time tries to linger.
I know I can't hold you,
You're like a water.
But still trying to absorb you
I am feeling like a blotter.
I know I can't hold you,
As I am loosing my grip.
Hey! Gotta hold on your smile,
Or I might get slip .
S O P H I E Dec 2018
he told me he felt stuck
that his life was out of his control
"do something impulsive"
i only suggested it because i knew he could pull himself
out of the alluring trance of letting go
but me? impulsivity tightly grips my neck and never lets go
it's poison flows through my veins
i have launched myself from tall places never knowing where the bottom was
i have ended relationships because a voice in my head says they deserve much better then me but isolation is not safety
it is death
because if no one knows you're alive

you aren't.
Manny Oct 2018
Why am I here again
Same situation that I've always been
There's no escape for me
Always tempted to fall back and sin

And it feels as if
The devil has a hold of me
Feels like his grip is at my throat
And nothing's going to set me free

And I find myself
Talking to this mirror again
Its reflection looks so brittle
Like it's going to break from all the pain

And I'll... Whisper its name
So only it can hear me
I'll lie to it again
because I know it'll believe me

I'll try to smile
And say everything's okay
Keep looking at that mirror
Pretend I'm better off than yesterday

And maybe I am
Soon I will believe it
One day I will leave it all behind
Rip this sorrow off and then just leave it

But for now, all I can do
Is keep talking to this mirror
Even though I hate myself
And just hope the current me
Would Disappear

I’ll still talk to it in whispers
So only I can hear me
Begging the devil to let go of me
And wondering
Why God just won't come near me
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and had to lie to yourself pretending everything was ok?
Natalie Oct 2018
soft grip of her waist

lips close to her ear

she knows you’ll say


what she wants to hear
Meghan Young Aug 2018
I'm holding on loosely yet tightly.
This noose around my neck gets tighter as my grip slips.
Please don't let me die.

My hands trembling from fear.
Everyday I'm closer to death.
I can taste the dirt when I'm in the ground.

I'm slipping right into a dirt nap.
When my grip is lost
The noose will choke me

Dangling there lifeless
People surround me
Crying acting like they care

Don't fake your cries.
You knew I was in pain and did nothing.
The blood is on your hands,
Just as well as mine.
We shared in being guilty.

I'm gone now
The pain isn't on me anymore
Now it's spread through others.
Imagine the pain, the fight, the struggle of being numb day to day.
I wasn't alive even when I was.
You'll forget me eventually.

Just know, i loved you.
You know who you are.
Just know, *******.
To those who ****** me up this bad.
Just know, I knew you cared about me.
I know who cares about me.
Just know, to those that acted surprised.
You knew but you were to selfish to realize.
Don't worry I'm still alive.
c Aug 2018
Grip my thighs
The way you grip the steering wheel
And let’s go for a ride
Andrew Choo Jun 2018
So, there's a thing
That's been
Eating me up inside.
Most people think that
It's a fire, or
An everlasting flame.
It's not.

It's something else.
Something that engulfs me
And overwhelms me.
It's incredibly powerful.
But not in the way
That you're thinking.
It's like a leech;
A parasite that's not
Willing to let go.
Instead, it just
Gets a grip and
Holds on for dear life
Until I die...

You see,
Death is a...
A questionable thing.
Death is what
Many fear and dread.
***** to **** because
This world we live in,
More than you know,
Is broken and dead.

They say to
Fake it till you fail.
Except failure is
Not an option.
Fake it till you make it.
Except I'll never make it.
I'm already losing, and
There's no motivation
To live and to last.

Never fasting;
Always faster,
Getting stronger.
Facing cold,
Facing heat;
On the edge,
Can't be beat.
Because this life
That I live is
A struggle and a mess,
Full of pressures and stress;
Dying down,
Broken and bound.

What more can I say?
There's no direction,
Only destruction.
No brethren,
Only a burden.
It's like it's not worth it.
Life isn't worth living.
And you know,
As sad as that sounds,
I really do believe it.
I really wish life would --
-- end.

People say that it's
My pride
My self-relying strength
My mind
That's truly killing me.
And maybe,  
Just maybe they're right.
Maybe it is an issue with me.
They tell me that
I can't do it alone.
But I'll do everything
In my power
To prove them wrong.

Don't tell me that
I can't do it alone.
Don't tell me that
Failure is a good thing.
Failure is an opportunity.
Failure is growth.
Failure is a learning curve.
Let me tell you something;
Failure is not an option.
For me to fail is like
Being weak and vulnerable,
Worthless and useless.

You see,
This thing that's
Eating me up inside.
Yeah, it's... Ha.
It's killing me.
No one even realizes that
One of their own is
19 and barely counting.
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
We twist in the grip
of our own prejudices.
The valleys of our hatred
have become a part of our scars
that has a throbbing bitterness,
that impairs our vision
and numbs our heart.
Our lives divided by this fissure into
one half looking for a way out of hostility
and other half feeding on it.
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