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" He is losing his grip "
- Oh!! Is there a grip now? No body said anything about a grip.

           Words Of Harfouchism.
What grip?
LC Sep 23
sadness grips my neck in a choke-hold
its hands cold and rough to the point in which
I don't know if I can escape with life left in me.
Madison Jul 28
fingers wrapped around my neck
gripping me so hard

wish you had the same kind of grip around my heart
love me for gods sake
I still remember to this day Doctors calling me Into a private room telling me no more could they do to save Helen
I had make a decision to agree let her go as I went back to sit by my sweethearts  
Helen reached out and took my hand but the grip of her hand was
much weaker tried to stop my tears from flowing which somehow
managed to
But knew these were a our last days  together I cared for her the Doctors had given Helen
days at most throughout her last three days I held her hand but her grip on life was slowly slipping
away I
Madison Jun 16
you can make me melt
into the palms of your hands
and that scares me, for
i don't want to slip through your fingers again.
Amanda May 8
I am not sure how to fix what's been broken
Scared I lose another piece of you with each word spoken

Everything I don't or do seems to never be right
When I try to figure out the reason we just fight

How many poor decisions can I possibly make
Before my ****-ups are too much for you to take?

Afraid if I loosen my grip you'll slip away and disappear
But the harder I clutch the less you want me near
Oh the irony
Mallory Day Feb 27
When did you escape
the spaces between
the blank feeling in my chest
and the weight I dragged
with my feet
Teach me how
to let go of the grip
the past troubles have
given me
let know its okay
to come home
Empty handed
and light hearted
I wanna walk into
my bedroom
and breathe in the
purest form of exemption
that has existed
in my life
Robert Jan 31
haven't seen you in years
why does my mind
keep turning to you
if I'm not even
in love anymore
Pallavi Jan 20
I know I can't hold you,
You're slipping through my fingers.
But still I m proceeding to you,
And  time tries to linger.
I know I can't hold you,
You're like a water.
But still trying to absorb you
I am feeling like a blotter.
I know I can't hold you,
As I am loosing my grip.
Hey! Gotta hold on your smile,
Or I might get slip .
S O P H I E Dec 2018
he told me he felt stuck
that his life was out of his control
"do something impulsive"
i only suggested it because i knew he could pull himself
out of the alluring trance of letting go
but me? impulsivity tightly grips my neck and never lets go
it's poison flows through my veins
i have launched myself from tall places never knowing where the bottom was
i have ended relationships because a voice in my head says they deserve much better then me but isolation is not safety
it is death
because if no one knows you're alive

you aren't.
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