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A M Ryder Apr 3
You scramble amid
The shattered
Jagged facets
Of yourself
A circus show
Of a hollow soul

You caught a
Falling star
In a dead field
And it twisted
In your grip
Roman Pavel Aug 2023
My mind wakes me from a tormented sleep.
As I struggle to accept my unwavering reality
How dark are these thoughts that I keep?
Compared to my unrelenting eventuality

For Hope is a firefly, you wish to catch,
And be mesmerized by its luminescent glow.
To capture a moment underneath the jar latch,
Before it dies, and you must let it go.

Hope is fleeting, quick, and toxic
Providing a false sense of relief.
Illuminating a path, to a serendipitous salvation
Only to betray you, and leave you in disbelief

There’s a grip, that clenches my chest ever tighter, with each passing breath  
I feel bound, trapped, and suffocating in the darkness of this death
I’m paralyzed from my eyes down to my toes.
And can only think of sadness, despair, and my inescapable woes

Now, there are, sparse moments throughout the day
Where your essence escapes my mind.
I hope that this new freedom can stay.
For even only a few fractions of a second of time
I can feel the grip loosening, as my breath I can begin to attain.
For a brief moment the grip grants me hope.
… Before it strangles my heart again
Rene Arreola Apr 2023
I love the color Red.
Mostly, when it spreads across my mouth
When I bite myself hard enough.
I wince to draw blood for comfort,
Keeping my mind from racing too much.

I can’t get enough of it I confess.
The splash of crimson red
Compliments the tone of my skin.
Makes my face seem less
Pale I suppose.

As painful as it is,
It slows the raging beats of my heart.
Makes the pressure dissipate for a second.

Serenity is in the metallic taste
That I crave like morphine
To a drug addict
M Solav Mar 2022
Now come to grip
For grip to release
And come to think
For thought to appease

I’ll be honest
Not that I always try
I haven’t felt much
And it's been a little while

Herein lies
Brokenness personified

It lingers that longing
For a genuine taste of life
These words I scribble down
At the dawning of the night

That fragile short moment
Of our ripened reflections
That we're all so endeavoured
To steer clear and far from

Now come to grip
For grip to release
And come to think
For thought to appease
Written on July 26rd, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Travis Kroeker May 2021
the sea it slowly breathes.
my lungs quickly ebb & flow.
from far Moon has her say,
and in my ear your soft “Hello”.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
My heart is slowly falling to pieces
Breaking more each day
I don't understand what I did wrong
But something drove you away

It has to be my fault you fled
I guess you have grown tired
Sick of looking at the one thing
You used to above all else desire

It has been a long time coming
Suspected from the very start
That one day you would come to your senses
Pack your bags and depart

The melodic tones of your voice linger
Echoes haunting my head
Silence keeps me up at night
Restless in my empty bed

The beat of my heart is feeble
I wonder if I am dying
Begging for a shred of relief
But the pain keeps amplifying

Losing track of the days passing by
Irrelevant time spins around
The ticks of the hands moving on clocks
Become another meaningless sound

All I can feel is the throbbing ache
Resonating through my heavy heart
Paralyzed by the grip of agony
As my entire world is torn apart
I hate every second of this
Traveler Sep 2020
And there I was hanging
Eternity beneath my feet
One handed white knuckle
One tight grip on reality

And so I wonder where
My strength comes from
And who will catch me
When I lose my grip

I never knew I could fly.
Traveler Tim
silly Jul 2020
I grip your hand as I cling on for dear life,
Our life has just begun,
But it’s time to wake up.

I cling onto you as I feel your invisible breath on my neck,
I’m trying to get the most of you,
But my breathing is getting heavier.

I finally open my eyes,
Just wishing you were truly there,
Right next to me.
~ I've started writing more short stories and less poems, sorry! I just got my new computer so I'll try to get more poems up!
Grey May 2020
As sleep overcomes me,
my unsteady hands loosen their grip on the locket
and it slides through my fingers
and falls to the ground.
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