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I see and feel in pure delight
My end result - in vision now
My vision draws me on and on
No need for force - I just allow

I love the strength and constancy
That vision gives me day and night
A hundred times more powerful
Than will-power (its power is slight)

No compulsion - no discipline
Can fill me with this real desire
But vision can - it fills with strength
My will is shaped - with vision’s fire
This is Prosperity Poem 76 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

This is a quick rendition of an extremely powerful idea. You will be more successful and prosperous if you are PULLED by Vision, rather than PUSHED by Will-Power.

Vision is hundreds of times more powerful than will power.

You can do better when you use VISION.

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tmartin May 8
we laugh until we cry
and cry until we laugh.
we love until we break
and break until we Love.
we learn until we brag
and brag until we learn.
we fall until we fly
and fly until we fall.
we crawl until we walk
and walk till we crawl.

| life is a play and here we are |
The Key
That locks
The Door

With the same key
The Door
Genre: Observational
Theme: Solutions ||Vaccine
|| In the background of COVID-19
be-no-one Feb 5
"Positive attitude must be backed by a reason not the result."
It must be based upon your action not the result.
So, You want to win?
I too wish
You to win

Your winning
Never makes me
A loser

I am
In a constant pace
In a different race
For a different cause
Towards a different future
Trusting the process
Of self renewal
All way along
Since then

So, You want to win?
I too wish
You to win

Embark on
Your journey
Thrive and flourish
All the best
Genre: Inspirational || Experimental
Theme: Sanity
Author's Note: And I have seen
Some are taught
Just to take part in a rat race

With whom?
For what?
In confusion
Kasti Mar 2019
I'll hold your hand (even while the world watches) in my hand; feeling the warmth at our fingertips. Your eyes (being the deepest sea I've ever seen) make me forget the futility and uselessness of it all. I never thought I'd find a reason to go on (passively watching the tides of life crash by my feet) but your presence provides the reason to continue. I want to spend my life with you, clumsily dance days away, badly singing along to songs, and holding you as close as my heart is to me each night, maintaining the pleasant warmth and comfort between the two of us despite the frigid wind beating at our backs. I'll hold your hand [even as the world (as they would hate our happiness) watches]. As you, your company, give me the strength to tread on. If only I would simply allow my fingertips to graze yours.
Summer school gave too much time to think
Farhan Ahmed Jan 2019
Wrath of my actions despises me
Path in which the expansion of destiny
Has happened
An arrow has pierced through the armour
Covering the vision of my enemy
My friend

Me? Not who you really foresee
Futuristic probationary
It is destructive but creative
Till it rock bottoms the reality
Surviving in the shadows of my self contemporary

Seeking redemption through rage
But it does no help at this stage
Will this be narrated elsewhere
The same story of failure in return
In a different story. Different page?
Nylee Dec 2018
Which algorithm is going to understand me
understand sentiment behind what I do
It is coded for catching the patterns
For them we are just there
to generate the data to process
What insights will they create
about me when I'm just the outlier
they will remove me to get cleaner results
Generalise the problem
that it won't cater to me
technology is not the slave
they make us dance to their tune
We change, as much as they advance
Develop worse habits
change our routines
from when we were in the more happier place
to a place which comes with waves of sadness.
Farhan Ahmed Dec 2018
You draw a weapon of your own legacy
To destroy your enemy
The brothers you celebrate with
are all dead
Did you think we could get away without any bloodshed?

We are here now, enjoying the aftermath
Ever wondered the causes of the wrath?
Succumb the effect of the vice
And war, war is not for the wise
For many, war is an answer towards  peace and freedom. Although, we hardly do the math about the A and Z of a war.
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