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John McCafferty Feb 2020
Feeling empty inside
Silent raw hollow cries vibrate
Heavy a weight but wait as a
voice from within sighs
Uprising begins to follow on strong
Bones turn to dust
Metal will rust
What do you hold at the end
of your day
If only a name
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Abby Jan 2019
I believe that we can do something incredible
We just have got to put our minds to it
We are capable of being the generation that changes life as we know it
For good, or for worse
But I do strongly believe it will be for good
It is time we took a stand for what we believe in
Our voices will never be acknowledged unless we make them so
So go out to the middle of a park and scream until your voice gives out
It is time we start in uprising
It is time we grabbed our fate and said
"No, you'll listen to me now. Not the other way around."
We are capable of great things it's time we do them
It is time we need to make our voices heard and not let people choke us out.
evolove Oct 2018
Im the evil seed sent to devour the land and sea. Your body of tears and fears looks so delicious me. I hide in the shades of your broken beliefs. Your souls a token on my road to deceive. The patterns on these planets, pyramids and black majick. Satan and Saturn. A homeless overdosed adicted addict. 23 year old never won father of the year award but chu never know if you could fast forward. To a place of freedoms tomorrow.. Waving flags of blood dripped sorrows. Good men die young and the government asks if you have a dollar they could burrow. Its ****** up like a citizen ship. more like a siege my ****. You need a visa just to have a dream of some peacefulness, that's how evil is. The veils pulled over. You'll need holy braille to read the deceitfulness.
Poetry, Devil, Uprising, Adult content
Cana May 2018
Establishing hierarchical roles
Nicaean council for food stuffs
The meal that breaks ones fast
A culinary czar
His Rasputin, not another repast
His downfall not so obvious
A cuisine coup d’état,
Caffeinated beverages.
‘Twas coffee that stormed the breakfast Bastille
Our first meal seems to be a drink.
Raino Dec 2017
Time has been so cruel
I couldn't blame you so I blame me
Open your eyes I wish you could see
My life's a great Jewel
Lately I feel lost
Lemme know if you find me
I can't put the past behind me
Had to put life on a pause
Until I figured it all out
I gotta hold of it now
Like tick tack toe
I gotta X out the Nos  
And open the doors
My life is so much more
I embrace the Os
Can't lose faith in my hope
Poetry became my way to stop the pain
My life isn't perfect
But I'm sure is worth it
For once I see sunshine instead of Rain
Your currency, should currently
Be known for it's barbarity
Your hostility, and severity
Will flip minority to majority
The reality and authority
That we want to see desperately
Is a community that concurrently
Finds solidarity and integrity
In the simplicity of sincerity
Because, you know what?
It's not easy, it's simple
I am the bleeding lungs of a scream sustained
for far too long
I am the white knuckles of inconsiderate rage
gripping to strong
I am the splitting ripple echo of a migraine
too big to contain
I am the pummeling assault of spewed words
seething disdain
I am the clenching compressing tension of teeth
ground to dust
I am the derailed rabid raging lunatic
about to combust
I am the catastrophe of inferred innuendos
nothing to lose
I am oppression's obsession convulsing chartreuse
color of lifes bruise
I am the cantankerous susurration
of your sneering disgust
I am the brazen defiance of inferiority
influence unjust
I am the uprising insurgence of misery
you crudely bestow
I am the phantasm succubus of your abyss
I will overthrow

I am
more than my gender
more than my station

I am
here to render
your future frustration
Mysidian Bard Jan 2017
Some call me a saint,
others call me a hellion,
but at some point revolution
must progress to rebellion.
Janine Jacobs Oct 2016
the dutch colony ascended on our shores
replacing traditional african education on culture
with teaching slaves how to pray

we saw the deterioration of black schools
and state-mandated segregated curricula
whites being taught better than blacks
who was only destined for subservient jobs

policies of apartheid birthed the bantu education
and later forced us to learn languages
which was not our native tongue
the youth could no longer be silenced
soweto uprising saw them dying for the cause

we have protested throughout the decades
silenced by the apartheid government
simply ignored

with Mandela’s release we saw liberation, freedom, democracy
and a single education system, we were finally equal
however the legacy of black inferior education left a deep scar
which has still not healed
our parents not able to give us the education they were denied

now students are holding the government accountable
who promised free education for a vote
the movement trending as #feesmustfall

anger expressed by burning premises, striking and rioting
i believe in the cause but who are you really hurting?
why destroy the very universities that you are fighting for?
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
She was the girl that wanted to be
loved so badly and risk it all.

She was the girl that lost herself
to lust as her fragile heart falls.

She was the girl, that was trapped inside
the darkness and couldn't see the light.

She was that girl, who saw herself as a villain:
isolated, depressed,possessed, and pure hatred.

Something wasn't right...

She was also the girl, who caused the storm
to look after her when nobody was around.

She was the girl, who was such a fool
to invite temptation into this town.

The hurricane is coming...

She was then struct by lightning
and the darkness began moving.

She then found her inner peace
and she's finally set free.

She first started out as Ella;
bounded, afflicted, and loss.

Her name is now...
Another superhero that I came up with.
I think this might be better than the "Pather" poem.
Let me know what you guys think. ;)
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