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Bryce Sep 25
Even now,

The lone pine
Stretched its dry roots
And gentle,
the lime
Of rock,

This sky gives me no comfort,
A fallow plain
Empty of rain
Rolling winds across
the Firmament

And the needles whimper
In the autumn breeze
As a field of clouds churns
In the mountains
At the horizon

The day is lost here--
Where time comes and goes with
No witness,
For the ancient sea
Is but talc and bone

And in the distance,
The glimmer of a car window
Reflecting the sun.
Seanathon Sep 8
And then I saw it
And I knew
Overtaken as I was
That all of my prior perceptions of beauty were nothing
And that your memory
Was a far sight from all of God's green glory
Creative and free as the cattails and the rustic leaves
For which I am thankful
Most thankful
Struck silent by the sight. Happy that such a truth exists. Exquisite.
Panashe Aug 28
Let it be known
Let be heard when they scream my name before the masses
Causing the ground beneath me to shake
My voice will echo the sound of greatness
All my past transgression Will be long forgotten
And l will become the the definition of the word itself
I will be renowned
For l am
I have always been
But l've only just become
So let it be known.
Let the words echo to the end of the earth
Let it be known that my presence is felt by the numbest of people
Let their eyes be open as the shock runs down their bottomless spins
For l say let it be known
Not just because I was
But because l am
Our life’s definition
lies beyond what we use to define

emotion & thought
observation & action
acceptance & debate

our bodies heed to balance
like the earth to the moon & sun

we are forged by the unknown
as much as the known

through pulsation and reservation
do we align ourselves with
our true
And my wife was so afraid
of dying sometimes she wouldn't sleep at night and through fear of never
waking upon the
morning light
never allowed
her to
live as she
For my wife afraid of dying
that didn't allow her to enjoy life to full lost In many ways
but It was real illness that
at one time I never
but wish I
For the sleepless night we were both having was not her fault for she was really scared of dying so she'd try to stay awake for she wanted to make every moment
for she didn't won't  to be
robbed of her life whilst  sleeping even when Helen knew she  was dying still tried to stay awake even though she was drugged
up with
to try and numb her Increasing pain Helen showed true courage and bravery to myself family and friends It was an
honour to have her known her and even more to have been
Johnny walker Jun 20
I have to go back to my  childhood to where It
began a pretty 8 year old girl  sat her garden gate
while I passed by on the
bus into
But I didn't know It then
but this girl would many
years latter she would become my wife the love
of life for that It turned
out to
But what I didn't know I
would lose her to early In
life so I'm left with a
question that I'll never have the answer
If I could have seen what
was coming around the corner would It have made
any diffents If I
for I still couldn't
have changed anything by knowing but still dosen't
stop me from asking the question what
Priyam Jun 8
Play with my hair
You're allowed to play with me feelings too
Play me a song
You're allowed to play one of your lies too
Should have known better
When it was too good top be true
Play me darling
This game's not meant for one, but for two.
And my memories come and go like the lyrics of
well known song constantly playing
In my
Like the summers came and went so fast but the winters Oh so
long they
But my memories
keep playing on like the lyrics
of a well known song lasting
Two summers have been and gone since my
was taken away from me
and I was left here all alone
But the memories
on like summers that
gone like lyrics of a well hnown song none stop
Lyrics messing with my head and the lyrics
know so well for we both did live the
Two summers have passed since my sweetheartt passed away
When my darling sadly
she passed away there was  never way I was letting
her go without I
something special so set
a way to make a mark
In life for my wife so
more than  
head stone could say wanted
Helen known to the
world so song called "The Last Christmas" the song turned Into a poemand since that first
hat then became a poem I have never stoped
writing poems of her
from the day
Helen took that long walk to the light but this time she'd go all the
I set to write a song of the Christmas no longer to be
for I lost my darling 23rd Dec
2017 I knew then there would be know more Chrismas for me
Ilonka Apr 17
Writing poetry is a way of praying
A way of connecting with the known and unknown,
A way of saying I am here
I am a part of you,
You are a part of me.
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