Rebecca Kay Jul 29
Sometimes I’d rather be invisible
than be thrust in the spotlight.
No one expects the world,
when you’re living in your own.
So sometimes I’d rather be invisible,
then be noticed. Known.
Dominique R Jun 23
What do I know
I know nothing
I am known by no one
except One
I got a message
from a psichology

I panicked
and blocked
his messages
without thinking

I never realized
how scared I was
of being known
stopdoopy Jun 4
I should've known
all this time
how I got over new friends
the hurt when you didn't tell me first
frothy anger when I found out about the first
trying to take your time, "protect you"  
daydream about kissing you...
but we were friends
the first poem...
that night in November when I came to conclusion...
I felt we were- could be more than friends
you felt the same but
there was a second man already
and I had to put my delusion aside
and be happy for you
and for myself...
based off a past relationship, I didn't like how jealous I was and it disgusted me
As long as I’m alive.
I’m gonna shine.

                              With love,
I haven’t known him long but I felt like I have known him my whole life.

I see his caring and loving heart.
I wish he saw it too.

He’s had my heart since the day we met. He has me like no one else’s had.
Honestly I can’t wait to be his wife.

                                With love,
Daniel Ruiz May 9
If I die,
Let my name be remembered,
Letter by letter,
That chalk, goes rhythmically
At the sound of everyone’s heart
Infuriating everyones mind
Letting behind the fact that I’m dead
Ignoring the long awakening after it.

After I die,
I want the people I love to rant my name
In circles at the sound of some music I probably won’t remember, I want other people to look from a far, and mistake you for a ritual,
I want my name to shake the heavens,
And your feet to shake the earth,
I want the chalk to challenge the mind
And the letters the soul,
My poems will be better when I’m dead,
Or That’s what I’ve heard,

My name will be known through lands I’ve never heard before, I want rain to shatter the concrete when I’m gone,
And sand to burn the feet of those who are wrong.

My name will be heard.

And you’ll be there to witness it.

⁃ Just Blank
It’s kind of funny now that I think about it.
Us both being pretty fucked up. We both got issues and insecurities.
And it just so happens that we meet each other right we we’re both on the verge of death.
I felt like I’ve known you my whole life. And there is always gonna be a bond between us.

Fear doesn’t get you far.
But love gets you to the moon.
And when I met you. I finally reached the moon.

                               With love,
My city boy.
anon May 2
when we dated
i didn't know who i was
i knew who you were
and i liked it
but no matter what i told you
about me
no matter how much you
came to know
you never really
knew me
because i could never show you
who i was
since even i had
no idea

after you dumped me
i found myself
because i had the time
to focus on me
instead of us
and now i can see
that we were never really
meant to be
because i need a complement
like we are geometry
but with you
i had a congruent shape
that only sat with me
instead of making me whole
When his eyes lit up
They glowed amber
Out shining the stars in the sky

When his lips laughed
They vocalized a melody
Harmonizing with the universe

When his smile beamed
It radiated happiness
Dazzling even the sun above

I should have noticed

When his eyes dimmed
They flickered chocolate
Barely a candle in the dark

When his lips quieted
They whispered noise
Barely murmurs in the silence

When his smile dulled
It reflected joy
Barley a stone among gems

I should have known
When his eyes went dark

I should have known
When his lips went silent

I should have known
When his smile went cold

I should have known

I should have known

I should have known...
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