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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel,

you have experienced this before even though you haven't?
you have been to this place before even though you haven't?
you have seen this person before even though you haven't?
you have known this person you have just met for all your life even though you haven't met them before?
you can read every frown on their face telling a story?
Does this happen because our spirits come out to play together and visit the places when we all are asleep?
Seanathon Sep 14
I want to go beyond your clouded skies
Love deeper than the ocean bed
And lie peacefully beneath the trees of ease
My love and I
Quietly watching the leaves float by
Almost titled this "Shared Vision"
Rebecca Kay Jul 29
Sometimes I’d rather be invisible
than be ****** in the spotlight.
No one expects the world,
when you’re living in your own.
So sometimes I’d rather be invisible,
then be noticed. Known.
Dominique R Jun 23
What do I know
I know nothing
I am known by no one
except One
I got a message
from a psichology

I panicked
and blocked
his messages
without thinking

I never realized
how scared I was
of being known
stopdoopy Jun 4
I should've known
all this time
how I got over new friends
the hurt when you didn't tell me first
frothy anger when I found out about the first
trying to take your time, "protect you"  
daydream about kissing you...
but we were friends
the first poem...
that night in November when I came to conclusion...
I felt we were- could be more than friends
you felt the same but
there was a second man already
and I had to put my delusion aside
and be happy for you
and for myself...
based off a past relationship, I didn't like how jealous I was and it disgusted me
Daniel Ruiz May 9
If I die,
Let my name be remembered,
Letter by letter,
That chalk, goes rhythmically
At the sound of everyone’s heart
Infuriating everyones mind
Letting behind the fact that I’m dead
Ignoring the long awakening after it.

After I die,
I want the people I love to rant my name
In circles at the sound of some music I probably won’t remember, I want other people to look from a far, and mistake you for a ritual,
I want my name to shake the heavens,
And your feet to shake the earth,
I want the chalk to challenge the mind
And the letters the soul,
My poems will be better when I’m dead,
Or That’s what I’ve heard,

My name will be known through lands I’ve never heard before, I want rain to shatter the concrete when I’m gone,
And sand to burn the feet of those who are wrong.

My name will be heard.

And you’ll be there to witness it.

⁃ Just Blank
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