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Khoi-San Feb 13
Cloaked wings fuel feeds

Tongue loaded flint locked bullets

Eve stuck to her leaf
Stick to your instincts you probably right
Temporal Fugue Nov 2018
The little rat ******* was slick
on his very quick snacking trip
he licked the traps clean
a rodential machine
sooner or later, he'll slip

The glue traps did the trick
that's where that monster did stick
nevermore seen
his demise sticky obscene
I hated being
such a ****

The traps erstwhile effect
not rats but mice subjects
licking clean the traps
as final sticky naps
the end of this, project
Can't stand the little %$#&@^&s, saw him yesterday morn as I was heading into work, looked like he has a broken leg (alot of construction around here) kinda felt bad, but put out traps to **** the little **** :D he licked em clean without springing them! Glue traps down now, will update this poem if that fails LOL

Kinda hard to **** another living being, but hey, harbingers of disease! :(
Kada Nov 2018
Her beauty made him look but his **** got him hooked.
There's a fine line between infatuation and love.
Vexren4000 Jul 2018
A trapdoor placed,
Underfoot in the brush,
A hunter waiting with baited breath,
For some prey to fall into snare,
For a simple campsite meal,
For one.

Druzzayne Rika May 2018
sweet words,
they all disrupt
what facade,
just for show
kind reminders,
not kind at all
it is bitter,
so am I.

sweetened the truth
it is just half lies
and hidden facts.

not trusting
even the ones
who have perfect alibi
never doubting their bad intentions
whatever that could be
it is the smiles
the one most doubted feature
innocent evilness comes through.

Fall now
in the traps
or later
the bruises will
make their presence known
give me the worse pain
when on ground.
Nylee Apr 2018
Will I find you
in the shadows
looking over me
Will there be you
or it is just the continuation
of recurring hallucination.

It is getting trickier
to place you between
the imaginary and real you
both out to mess around me
your madness is catching me
the shady creature
filling my head space.

Manipulative ways
simply tracking my businesses
connecting into the web
stalking at all time
triggering an all kind

Invading in was easy
but the red light is on
between the scenes
the mask flew away
true colours will come out.

Holes in your plans
aren't as visible to you
the green figures
through the night vision
has come to play too
this exposure to the truth
keeps me sane
you got a new player
in this game.

I am counting the days
waiting for you in the shadows
to watch you
fall into your traps.
Faan Nov 2017
Hollow abyss of the deep cliff, into the distance the moon shines bright
wind caressing the fresh green grass, festive fireflies.
beating against the rocks below, white bubbles arise,
darkened spots in the starry sky, the end is to arrive.
Temporal Fugue Nov 2017
I tripped over her landmine
it cut me off, at the knees
I slipped and fell, on my way to ****
she has that effect, on me

Harmony and happiness
things I used to have, and know
stumbling over explosive words
as another landmine, blows

I swear to god she plans these traps
planting them everywhere, and place
supplanting my sanity, with fear
that detonates, in my face
Watch out, {BOOM}, yup, there goes another one! ;|
writer omsy Mar 2017
Crosses arose with no reasons
Alone or miserable
Always fall from stairs

but still,

Happy to share something
Crying released pain
Can't touch no liquor
For no trouble is allowed

To feel the stress,
the pure way
To light up the worse
Excuses flow,
it's mere flesh
but my heart do exist
Poem collection
One by one..
Thanks for reading
Collins Sep 2016
There's this spider I know.
He sits on my lips,
Weaving webs of pure silk.
To trap in my lies...
...those little black flies..
For what horror would ensue
should one but slip.
What havoc I'd wreak
Upon my web of silk... oh so weak.
For there is never just one.
Now there's a hole!

I'm done!

And out they would swarm!
A cloud thick as smoke.

Oh those little black flies....
They'd be my demise...
Should one but slip.
I could choke.
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