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Amanda Kyara Jan 2017
In oblivion the one thing ill remember is you
And when im part of oblivion as stardust ill finally be happy
For your memory is more i could ever ask for
And itll be your love that ill feel when i die, as i travel through the cosmos eternally
And my ashes will follow the breeze along with the stardust and spread the love to those in need.
I will remain in an ethereal state as energy is not created nor destroyed
And just like we started as stardust, we all will return to it.
Completing the beautiful and terrifying cycle of life
Amanda Kyara Aug 2016
Maybe** it’s stupid for me to think
so optimistically about us.



Two different letters
With potentially two different

I just don’t understand how such a
beautiful human being can exist.

There weren’t any signs to show
me how you felt about it.

Maybe I meant something
different when I talked to you.

Or maybe you weren’t honest
to yourself about how you felt.

But boy oh boy will I be honest.

I loved everything I ever had
with you, and I always will.
Read it as a whole first, then the bolded words as a sentence.
Amanda Kyara May 2016
I take two,
double the suggested dose
but as I look at the clock
and notice the time
I get tempted to take more.
For it’s 2:18 a.m.
And nothing else will help me
at this point
My demons won't let me rest
Amanda Kyara Apr 2016
Your words leave me empty
as empty as the bottle
laying next to me
on the floor at
4:16 am
when I no longer had anything left.
I was your 16th,
or 17th?
was i just a number to you?
or did you genuinely give
a care about me?

It’s hard to know what to believe

He loves me
he loves me not
popping a pill
for each time in which
I am in doubt

I end up downing the bottle
knowing that I may die from all the pills
but at least I killed all the pain.

4:16 am

I am contemplating my life
was it worth it to do this?
Is it worth it to live
In a life in which I am not fully loved
yet I give out all the love I have to offer
to those who are not worthy of it
I'm done
Amanda Kyara Aug 2015
I don't want you
to tell your friends
how much
I matter to you.

I want them to know
by the way you'll
look at me at dinner


the way you talk
about me when
you should be
doing something else

I don't want
a necklace
or a diamond

I want your lips
against my neck
whistle your hands
hold me like you've
never touched anyone

I don't want anyone
I want you
I recently fell for someone who ended up leaving me and I realized how I just wanted the wrong thing
Amanda Kyara Dec 2014
I have come to terms with the fact
that you're not coming back.

I have come to terms with the fact
that all I was to you was just another girl.

I have come to terms with the fact
that all we had meant nothing to you.

And I have come to terms with the fact
that I am better off without you.

And I have come to terms with the fact
that you were just another mistake.

And I have come to terms with the fact
that I am indeed, over you.
It wasn't even half a year since you came into my life and left it and I'm perfectly fine with that because in all reality I'm a lot better without you.
Amanda Kyara Dec 2014
I am not a ****
like you had put me down to be.

I am way more than that.

I'm a flower that will keep growing
even when you're done stepping on me

because you walking over me will no longer have any affect on me
I think I'm over it, and I'm better off now.
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