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Anastasia Nov 2020
The things I’d tell you
If I had the courage
I’d look you in the eyes
“**** you,” I’d say
“**** it all”
I **** the day
That I said I loved you
**** the day
That you pressed your lips to my skin
**** the day you put your arms around me
**** that look in your eyes
Sparkling and beaming
**** that smile
**** the words you told me
When you told me I was beautiful
**** the day
You fell asleep beside me
And I told you all the truths I could never say
**** the touches we shared
Soft and fearful
**** your lips
That pretty mouth of yours
Spewing lies that tasted like cherry
**** the cold days
That I wore your clothes
**** those warm days
Of summers by the creek
**** the day your fingers traced my wrist
And you spoke to me softly
**** those days you made me smile
Just so I’d miss you when you leave
**** the day you said goodbye
And you wished me the best
**** the final day I cried
And **** all the rest
Damien Jun 2020
We went on a date,
except you didn’t know it was a date,
so you missed me staring at the back of your head,
as you ran through the fountain.

We went on a date,
but you didn’t know,
so you missed the feeling of desperately wanting to kiss
you on the lips as we dried in the sun.

We went on a date,
you didn’t know,
so you missed out on all the funny feelings that I
wouldn’t give away for anything.

We went on a date,
and now I'm too attached,
so you'll never know it was a date
because I don't want to lose you.
I went on a 'date' recently... but I didn't tell her it was a date. So now we're friends.
Today I learned that the very thing giving me hope was the only thing standing in my way
One day I’ll learn to say something back that isn’t “Wassup”
This is the **** that keeps me up at night
One and Only Jul 2016
Hurts, all over..
Notice me, **** it.
Call me her name, it hurts.
It was the name you had for her,
It was the name you called her.
It destroys me,
It tears me apart.
It rips me into pieces
and now I've ruined your mood....
I'm sorry if I'm sensitive,
I'll change, I'll shut up
Just please don't replace me.
Not now not ever.
But you've already started haven't you?
I'm just there, but you've got videos to keep you happy.
I'm here uhm excuse me, you've got games to keep you busy.
Hi? Hello? Bye? Now, you notice me.
But you know what?
I keep silent because all the pain is worth you...
So am I worth it too?
HURTS, you were the one I could share my problems to before. Now, who do I turn to? Where do I go? When we fight, how can I be strong? How do I turn my emotions off like before?
Alex B May 2015
These are words for things I can't see,
Written in hope they'll replace heartache meant for me.
These words are for the things you do,
That less experienced souls wouldn't believe.

This poem knows the lies you tell in the dark.
And sees your icy bite without a mark,
That you have a taken from my life.
Your face aroused to the twist of the knife.

This poem sees your dance in my shadow
Even if I could not.
Still I feel the indifference
Of a girl who only knows the amusement of false hope.

These words whisper what you've done
And what you'll do to write more sadness.
But my mind is safe,
In a daydream that's tumbled into the ecstasy of madness.

This poem has determined what I dissent.
And it clings to the nostalgia of a freedom it has never known.
While these words only look back,
My tapering gaze derails at the destination of a desolate dream.
Alex Sheets Jan 2015
Lets just set this entire world on fire
And burn away all my desire
My dreams turn to smoke an hope turns into ash
I hear the buildings beginning to crash
The structures have started to fall
The shadows begin to call
The flames burn so bright
The smoke blacks out the light
But this is only the start
My heart is being torn apart
Are you truly alone
This pain will cut you down to the bone
These flames burn hot
I know this happens a lot
But this pain seems impossible to extinguish
The fire never seems to banish
The air is infected with smoke
The smell of lost hope
Ash lays all over the ground
Love is nowhere  be found
Shadows surround me now
But I cant allow
myself to break down
Now lets watch fire light up this town
So breath in the smoke
and begin to choke
You start to fear
that your end is near
But this is just the start
My heart is being torn apart
Are you truly alone
This pain will cut you down to the bone
Death is all around
I wish you could keep me safe and sound
Tears and flames
It all ended the same
I thought I could conquer the world in your arms
But instead it only caused more harm
The fire burns it away
So maybe someday ill be okay
I saw you

I saw your brain spilling out its cerebellum, medulla oblongata, etc

All over- unrecognizable


I saw

I thought those were some kind of pink pulses

Lord knows, weirder things have been found

and seen

I saw

I saw

I hope there is justice for you

I will pray for your soul

My soul will meet yours
when the knell rings for me

I hope you find peace

I hope you know that I called

And called and tried and tried

To help you even though you were already gone

I saw your friend- his eyes, his expression

I really did try
Please find yourself another life

I hope your friend finds peace
Knows it wasn't all his fault
I hope his eyes lose the haunted shocked expression
I really wish he can drive again

I hope he can continue working
- he looked like one of those people
you know those ones?
working hard to make it out of drudgery?

I hope he makes it through this
And I really really wish you guys hadn't had a fight before this

Find peace
Go safe
Go softly

Your death was sudden
Ripped out of this earth
Like you were never meant to exist
That was meant to be me

I hope it didn't hurt too much

And those ******* that did this to you?
I hope they didn't mean it
I wish they hadn't been high before this

Your death shouldn't be meaningless
And although
You might be simply another obituary in tomorrow's newspaper

This poem will say

"I saw you.
I prayed for you.
I greeted you.
I witnessed your existence.
You meant something
Just as your death did.
I wish you peace and that you go
Safely, soundly
Wishing you that your loved ones
Remember you with love
And maybe some heartbreak
But they find strength.
s   a   w
The only way I know how to cope and deal is to write it out.
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