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SomeOneElse Mar 4
Too insecure to just be me
Longing someday to be set free
A four, wing five I.N.F.P.
I am my own worst enemy
A prisoner trapped inside me
Wishing I could be happy
New poem on how I often feel
SomeOneElse Feb 28
As I gaze with wanting eyes
My mind begins to fantasize
In your thighs i long to be
My lips to roam them endlessly
Starting low then moving high
Intoxicated by your thighs
Caressing your perfect hips
While teasing your sweet ***** lips
This is where my heaven lies
With my face between your thighs
Oh so soft and lubricious
Absolutely delicious
I could spend eternity
Just worshiping your thighs with glee
Oh how happy I would be
To have your thighs, my fantasy
Another ****** poem that I should have published here a long time ago. Still one of my favorites
SomeOneElse Feb 20
Am I broken or defective
Nothing seems to be effective
Wish I could be good enough
But instead I feel rebuffed
Lost and lonely broken hearted
Laying here a tortured artist
Longing to be loved and held
This loneliness to be dispelled
A poem on loneliness and rejection
SomeOneElse Dec 2020
I had a dream of you last night
A hot wet lustful dream
Your naked body begged for me as mine was hard for you
Your eyes sparkled in the light
Your smile gave off a glow
I couldn't take my eyes off you
I wanted you so bad
I held you in my arms real tight
Never wanting to let go
Your chest pressed up against my chest
Our hearts beating as one
I kissed you gently on the lips
As i caressed your back
Our lip now locked in an embrace
As our wandering hands explore
I start to kiss you on your neck
Then slowly down your arm
I kiss each of your fingers
Then up your other arm
I kiss down to your perfect breast then **** on each sweet ******
I lay you gently on the bed while kissing down you belly
I can't resist your silky thighs
While kissing every inch
I kiss down your left leg
Before ******* on your toes
I kiss up your right leg
And then your inner thighs
You wrap both legs around me
As I worship your *****
I kiss and lick and **** your ****
As you moan lovingly
I lift your thighs to kiss your ***
I'm so intoxified
After I've made you *** for me
I insert my hard ****.
Our bodies locked in ebb and flow
Until I just explode
We hold each other tightly
As we kiss til we pass out
I wake up in a sticky mess
To find it was a dream
I had a dream of you last night
One that I wish was real
I often dream of you at night
You are my perfect dream
Latest ****** fantasy love poem
SomeOneElse Dec 2020
I wanna have ***
I want to make love
I want to be desired
Like a fire is to oxygen
I want someone to want me so badly they can't keep their hands off me
I want to have ***
all night long or til we pass out and then **** some more
I want to **** like there's no tomorrow and our lives depended on it.
I want to taste ***** and feel a woman's thighs wrapping face like a vice grip
I want to kiss and lick her *** and get lost in the moment
I want her to lick and **** me like I was a 3 star michillan resteraunt and she hadn't eaten for days
I want to make love
I want to lay on the couch cuddling in front the tv
Or laying on the bed spooning the whole day away
I want to look into a woman's eyes and see the love and and passion waiting to pounce on me.
I want to have ***
I want to ****
At the park at night or in my car late at night
I want to **** on a hike off the trail where no one can see (but might)
Or some public bathroom where we might get caught.
I want to have ***
I want to use toys, rope and blindfolds, candles and wax
To get as ***** as the moment takes us as we explore our bodies and sexuality
I want to have ***
Something I wrote to express the frustration forced celebacy and lack of dating has had. Maybe some of you can relate, maybe not but this was something I needed to write
SomeOneElse Nov 2020
I've never wanted anyone the way that I want you
My body Aches to be with you my arms long to hold you
My eyes long to gaze upon you and stare into your eyes
My hands so need to feel you caress your legs and thighs
I so desire to cuddle you and to make love to you.
My heart and soul on fire for you I've only thoughts for you
I've never wanted anyone the way that I want you
Just another mushy love poem
SomeOneElse Nov 2020
My body aches to be with you
To hold you and make love to you
Our naked bodies tightly pressed
You're perky breast upon my chest
I am so hard and you are wet
As we begin this hot duet
Dancing to the ebb and flow
All inhibitions we let go
Making love throughout the night
Continuing until daylight
Many time we both do ***
With bodies both entwined as one
How I ache to be with you
To hold you and make love to you.
A Passionate love poem
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