D A N E 7d

There’s a star,
I can see it clearly
even if it’s so far.
The sky might be cloudy
that first night,
cold and a little sad,
yet in my eyes
it still shined so bright.

There are stars,
Billion of them in fact.
Twinkling little lights,
the attention they attract.
If there’s a star that
belongs to each human,
I found mine in my life,
the one that caught my eye.

There’s a star
and I call him mine.
He’s my north star,
Always guiding me
whenever I’m lost
or when I’m out of sight.
Dependable and constant,
He’s indeed my lifeline.

D A N E Sep 7

I'm here.
A fortress of pillows,
swimming in sheets.
Thinking of you
while it's raining.

You're there.
Eyes closed,
probably sound asleep.
Wishing you are seeing me,
in your nightly dreams.

Endless conversations,
never-ending memories.
I may have know you
only for a few weeks,
But I know you're mine to keep.

So take this chance
along beside me.
Let's make it worthwhile,
just hold my hand
and keep believing.

Dated June 29, 2017
D A N E Aug 18

We are just broke kids with a lot of dreams.

D A N E Aug 17

I'd rather shed tears every night
Than to cry even in broad daylight
Because I'd be lost and broken inside
If we give up on us without a fight

I'd rather shed tears every night
Missing you so much at midnight
But I'm lucky our worlds did collide
Being with you just feels so right

I'd rather shed tears every night
Longing to finally hold you tight
Even if you're not by my side
You still love me with all your might


I'd rather feel what I'm feeling now than continuing to live without my safe place, my love.
  Aug 16 D A N E

I write you into my poems at midnight
So that I never forget you;
I write you into my prayers at midnight
So that you never forget me.

  Aug 16 D A N E

If Love is a disease
then I'm very sick
but incredibly happy....

D A N E Aug 15

At night
When eyes are closed tight
Tears falling in endless sight
Nothing had gone right

In my mind
A place tonight I feel so confined
Negativity I'm hiding from behind
A state no one should find

So ashamed
With this feeling that overcame
I only have myself to blame
Disappointment when I hear my name

Trying too hard, on the verge of desperation.
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