3d D A N E

Hold my hand
sit near me
let me sink into your lap
just please don't leave me alone with my thoughts
or lack thereof

You see,
if you leave.
my head will not scatter into a million deadly shards
it will do quite the opposite
it will collapse

whatever you do, don't leave me,
not now.
you see if you leave
I lose my sanity
I lose my restraint

the second you turn your head and walk out that door
my eyes will well
my heart  will lose its rhythm
My hands  will shake
and my breath won't be able to claw its way up my throat anymore.

You don't have to say anything
you don't have to do anything
just please don't leave
I'm scared of what happens when you leave --
please don't leave...

i want to live
that's a lie
i want to die
it doesn't matter
the pain i feel
has become too real
the brightness in my life
has quickly gone away
the darkness
overcame me
the love in my life
slipped through my fingers
the sadness
took over
the light

  Nov 8 D A N E
ST Rossa

Love her at every point in time,
not just at your most raw state
when your begging her to stay.
Know that all your boyish confidence
will melt away
when she leaves you astray.

You're a fool who's nothing without her
but you won't play the part
until your heart starts acting up
because your both apart.

Love her, let her know that like her
there is none.
How you contemplate death
with every breath that shes away.

I gotta be a better boyfriend
D A N E Nov 7

She who's quiet all the time
But there are so many thoughts
consuming her mind.

She who is easily scared
But likes the darkness where
all of her secrets are shared.

She who is a catastrophe in reality
Yet in peace with her dreams
and out of this world fantasies.

She who is surrounded with people;
But her defenses are up; walls, high
Always have been scared to fall.

She who always try to understand;
Other people but never herself;
Now lost again and wants to be found.

She who knew what happiness like
Clouded by her own mistakes;
Fault and blame, that made her break.

She who needs someone
To sit with her in the darkness
Comforting words, waiting for the sun.

She, who wants to be seen
For who she really is,
To never give up and just believe.

She, the best she has ever been
Bright smiles and carefree laughs
She once had, now, slightly dim.

She, who wants to be fixed
Still trying on her own,
Still waiting to be held.

She, who desperately crying for help
A real mess inside her head;
Tears running, and now she sleeps.

Hoping it'll get better.
  Oct 3 D A N E
Liam Hunter

Your eyes
Are the most gorgeous shade
Of home,

Complemented perfectly
A smile the colour of love.

  Oct 3 D A N E
Rebel Heart

If there's any hope left
It's sewn in the edges of the stars
That sprinkle over the midnight sky
While I lay fitting perfectly
In your warm arms...

If there's any hope left
It's in the echoing sounds of the music
Dancing out of our guitars
While we strum and sing
Perfectly to the beat
Of our mending hearts...

If there's any hope left
I see it in your smile
And in the pool of your deep dark eyes
When you pull me close
Next to the cackling of the bonfire
And the sound of the gossiping woods...

If there's any hope left
I feel it in your lips
As they pull and whisper in mine
I feel it on your warm skin
As your fingers electrify my body
To spell out "I love you"
Over and over again
Till the morning wind
Blows on our fates
And washes the hope away...

A resurrected piece that makes me think of how much has changed since the autumn season when this was written. This particular poem was a bit longer and a lot more depressing at the end so here's a sneak peek. I guess I'm back to taking over RH's account so happy writing lovelies~BM
  Sep 30 D A N E
Haylee F Lilly

Her life is a book
but without enough pages for a happy ending

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