D A N E 7d

It's dark tonight.
Seems darker than
it usually does.
Or is it just the way
I see things now.

Lights are so bright.
From my view,
High above.
I keep looking down.
How high am I?

It's chilly tonight.
My feet are cold,
My soul follows.
Half naked but
fully exposed.

On the floor,
Sitting in front
Of the window.
I will fall
To reach the sky.

So long.
  Jan 10 D A N E
Harry Velez

I promise to love you,
I promise to care,
I promise to hold you when no one is there,
Promise to respect you and put you first ,
I promise to kiss were ever it hurts,
I promise I’m yours so promise your mine,
And I promise to love you till the end of time

  Jan 10 D A N E

i don't know
what hurts me more
your filthy words
of the mourn galore
or your hearts that grow
apart as the wind blow

i thought I've loved you dearly
too keep you happy
i thought summer's sunshine
won't fade away

but darling I've been so wrong
about you all along
now i am long gone
i am long gone

  Jan 10 D A N E
Lure Pot

I am still trying to find him
I am still crying for him
I can't stop caring about him
because I still love him!

I still miss him with school bag
I still feel his sweet loving hug
I still hear his melodious song
I just can't forget his first poem!

Oh sweetheart, where are you?
How are you doing now?
My tears still miss you
my heart can't erase your name!

I have loved you, love you still
I always have and always will
No one knows how I feel,
but I need to say to my mom.

D A N E Jan 10

I've always wonder
What it could be when
You said there is
Something about me.

You proved to me
That your feelings
Were genuine and real.

I fell, fell so hard.
How could that be?
You made me believe.
You made me so happy.

You changed, you left.
I was left bleeding.
I wish I didn't feel.

You're gone but
Im still holding on.

One day at a time.
I'll be alright.
(c) D A N E
D A N E Jan 1

I lived.
Before I met you,
I just lived my life.
I lived for books
and rainy nights.
I lived and took on
one day at a time.
I lived but I
get lonely sometimes.
Then I met you,
I lived with happines
by my side.
I lived with excitement
all the time.
I lived with purpose
in life.

I loved.
I loved living life.
I loved having you
by my side.
I loved the endless calls
and sleepless nights.
I loved you being there
when I get nightmares.
I loved every moment
that we shared.
I loved for the
first time in my life.
And I know,
I'm going to love you
for the rest of my life.

I lost.
I lost my perspective
and my will to live.
I lost my motivation
and the fight in me.
I lost the love of my life.
I lost you
and honestly?
I lost my happiness,
I feel like dying
every second that
passes by.

I died.
I died. I hurt. I feel.
I died. I cry. I scream.
I will die.
I die in deep slumber.
I die in endless sorrow.
I died when you left.
Silence in death.
Now all I know is
I'm dead.

  Nov 2017 D A N E

Hold my hand
sit near me
let me sink into your lap
just please don't leave me alone with my thoughts
or lack thereof

You see,
if you leave.
my head will not scatter into a million deadly shards
it will do quite the opposite
it will collapse

whatever you do, don't leave me,
not now.
you see if you leave
I lose my sanity
I lose my restraint

the second you turn your head and walk out that door
my eyes will well
my heart  will lose its rhythm
My hands  will shake
and my breath won't be able to claw its way up my throat anymore.

You don't have to say anything
you don't have to do anything
just please don't leave
I'm scared of what happens when you leave --
please don't leave...

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