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His eyes, his lips.
His hair, his kiss.

Hand in hand,
Soul around heart.
How in the hell, did this all start?

Perhaps a single look, one word spoke.
Darling, our love has been awoke.

His soul, his laugh.
A word, his touch.

Baby, one glance, and I'll completely fall apart.

A kiss in the dark,
Hands through his perfect hair.

Does he have any idea how hard it is to not let him see me stare?

Two hearts, both know,
that with time, their love grows.

Who knows were this will lead them.

Just a stupid girl, dumb and in love.
Just a perfect boy, do you think he knows?

All she is, in her twisted, crazy, wild mind,
is thoughts of

Love is wild man...
Despite efforts to try to erase you from my mind
i still catch myself wondering how your day is going
who you talked to, whatever drama it is you have now
is this what love is? if so i have it for the wrong soul
if i can convince myself you never had a second thought about me
maybe i can get over this mountain of memories
Years and years ago she was all shattered,
Her heart was broken into pieces,
Each piece was a reminder related to her past.

But She survived, she pretended and she moved on.

Deep down inside her, each piece ached,
Deep down her wounds were not healing,
Every scar was telling a new story,
Every story was making her weak,

But She survived, she pretended and she moved on.

Deep down she was crying,
Screaming from the pain of never healing wounds,
She was trying to bring the broken parts back again, but scars never disappeared.

But She survived, she pretended and she moved on.

Every story inside her was leaving traces in her innocent soul,
Prints which will always make her cry from regret,
Prints which will then be a reminder of her past,
Prints which will hold her innocent soul and never leave.

But She survived, she pretended and she moved on.
Have you realized
How I always stop
What im doing
Just to talk to you?
I'd always free my time
Just to spend it with you

Have you ever felt
Like you're the last person
I want to talk to?
Like I have felt before
Sometimes because of you

Have you ever waited
For something that
Will never come but
You still wait anyway
Even if it takes days
years even

Have you felt
This insanity im feeling
Thinking about you
Every single day
When I only cross your mind
Some days.

Have you ever thought
About what im feeling
All this time?

Have you ever questioned love?
If this is what it's really like
Because im definitely starting to.
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