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Jamie Jun 8
I wake up and I want to cry
I wake up and I want to hide
I wake up and pretend I’m fine

I tell myself

I will be fine as I hide my thoughts
I will be fine as I put on a fake smile
I will be fine as I try not to cry
Bad breakup. Just in case I’m not suicidal or anything just feeling hopeless
Jamie Jan 2021
In every corner
I have a memory
Of us together

Lying side by side
Talking the night away
With food nearby

It hurt knowing
You would never
Come back home
Jamie Nov 2020
I knew I had an issue with some people,
But I never thought I would struggle with you
Sometimes I don't know what to say
And it turns into you shouting at me
I just sit there and I take it
Because I don't wanna make things worse

One day I won't just sit there and take it
And I fear what will happen that day
You say you hate conflict
But it seems like I hate it more
So I sit there and I take it
Because I don't wanna make things worse
sometimes this is how I feel
Jamie Nov 2020
I’m getting tired of saying

I’m fine

I don’t want to talk to people to lie

I’m fine

I don’t want to pretend in meetings

I’m fine

I can’t take time off to lie to myself

I’m fine
Jamie Jul 2020
First hangover post lockdown
I don't think I've ever felt more alone
Maybe it's the hangover or
Maybe I finally I can say it

I don't know if, I would have felt
Any different if we had lockdown together
But you gave me everything
And I took you for granted

Maybe I would have noticed it more
All the things you did,
How you gave have me your heart
And you were always there

I don't know where you are
How you are
But I hope your safe
I hope you are happy
Jamie Sep 2019
I never understood
Why I can't be happy,

It always feels like happy is
Only ever a temporary thing.

Sometimes life drags you down
Life's really not bad yet it hurts,

It's so hard to sleep,
Even worse getting up.

Do I hate myself so much
I refuse to enjoy my life?
Seems like all weeks are tough lately, work is tough but I don't think it's just that.
Jamie Jul 2019
I feel like I am just,
Waiting for time to pass

I don't want anything,
I don't need anything

I want this period of time,
To just finish and be done

I'm not angry
Or empty nor sad

Yet it's hard to answer,
'Are you alright?'

Because I don't know how I feel

Guess I will go to the gym
Drink till I'm blind

And hope that soon
That I won't be so bland
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