Jamie Aug 3
After goodbyes were said and done.
Even in silence,
It's possible to still be in love.
Jamie May 19
I want that midnight stroll,
Under that moonlit sky,
With both of us blushing,
Not being able to hold a gaze.

With smiles from ear to ear,
Biting our lips so lightly,
Slowing our walking pace,
Until we stop.

With my hand on your waist,
Moving my hand towards your cheek,
Brushing that one hair from your face,
Being nervous before our embrace
Jamie May 12
Maybe 10 years from today,
Maybe only 1 year away,
Or even just 1 day,
I will be able to say...
Words that should be said
Jamie May 8
For whatever I am,
And whatever I,
May ever be,
In this lifetime and the next,
I'm forever yours!
Wrote this about my neice
Jamie Mar 6
I told my friends about you,
How you came in like a cannonball,

Changed me, back to old me,
Then how you left...

Am I allowed to say I miss you?
Out the blue?
Jamie Feb 26
When I was 24,
This was the girl
I dreamt of,
Coming in like a steam train,
And change my everything.

Now at 29,
You came in and fit into my hand,
Like it was there before,
But less than a month,
I am back to never have met you.

If you were older,
If I was younger,
We just might... have made it,
But you need time,
And I need patience.

But I can't spend,
5 years writing and waiting,
For someone who won't come back,
So I will end this,
The way "The One" ended it,
all those years ago.

Timing is a *****
5 years of looking for this kind of person. But now I have grown, I know this isn't what I want anymore
Jamie Feb 21
I wish I could be,
Like everyone else,
Not have feelings,
But have this backup.

Knowing that I **** up,
With someone new,
My backup will be there,
From time to time...

That's cool,
Until I think of,
Who is kissing you,
And who wakes up next to you.
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